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How to Play New Ahri Season 13

How to Play New Ahri Season 13

Ahri’s upgrade and update are finally here! After delay and delay due to unforeseen circumstances, the long-anticipated Ahri VSU is finally hitting Summoners Rift in patch 13.3! This long-awaited change was initially announced sometime in early 2022, so it has taken a long time to finalise these changes and for them to officially come through to the live servers.

Even though Ahri wasn’t changed too long ago, Riot has wanted to upgrade their poster child to make her more up to date and make her animations more clearer. In this Mobalytics article, we will break down some things you need to know about Ahri to make playing her when she is reworked a lot easier.

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What is a VSU?

Before we get into this article, it is important to know what is meant by “Ahri VSU”. A VSU is changes to a champions artwork and the “Art & Sustainability Update”. The artwork is pretty simple to understand: they want to make her new and bring her animations and character more up to date and easier to see.

The sustainability update is a little harder to understand. Still, it is basically a positive change to make it easier for developers and Riot to create skins for champions as some of the older champions are quite hard to develop skins for.

I get why they wanted to make her more up-to-date, but I don’t really understand why they say that this will make adding skins for her easier, I mean, I get it, but they make so much money from her skins already, and she has more skins nearly every champion in the game. So, clearly, it’s not that difficult! I’m just playing, but she has got a ton of skins, and we should expect more in the future if they make it easier to make skins for her as people love Ahri!

ahri splash 3

Ahri New Abilities

Ahri’s abilities are pretty much the same as her previous abilities. However, their icons have changed, and so have their animations.

Ahri’s Passive is Essence Theft

Occasionally, Ahri gains a heal and deals additional damage.

Ahri’s Q is Orb of Deception

Ahri throws an orb forward that deals damage to anyone it hits. On its return, it deals true damage.

Ahri’s W is Fox-Fire

She gains movement speed and deals damage to some nearby enemies. If she hits the enemy with her E, the flames will prioritise that enemy.

Ahri’s E is Charm

She blows a kiss in a direction that charms the enemy, bringing them towards her.

Ahri’s Ultimate is Spirit Rush

Spirit Rush allows Ahri to dash 3 times. She can gain additional recasts with Essence Theft.

Ahri New Build

This is the best build for the new Ahri. You can import this build directly into the client with the Mobalytics App!

Ahri Rework Tips and Tricks

Here are some basic tips and tricks to play Ahri in the mid lane. If you’re already an expert on Ahri or played her a lot before her slight update, then you are good to go and you can skip this section! Here’s 5 tips to play the reworked Ahri in Season 13.

  • To get the most out of your Passive, use your Q as you can get multiple heals from it rather than just one which you might get from your W or E.
  • Look for flanks in team fights with your Ultimate as you can get in and get out again after getting a kill as you can have multiple stacks on your Ultimate.
  • If you can’t get a kill in the mid lane, look to roam around the map and help your allies. You have good pushing power with your Q and can easily push the wave and roam to get kills.
  • When using your Ultimate, try not to get super close to the enemy as it makes it easier for them to turn the exchange around. Keeping a safe distance while being close is key.
  • If you’re uncertain you are going to kill the enemy with your Ultimate, save at least 1 cast so you can back out after going in. It is not only good at shortening distance but gaining distance too.

ahri Splash 3

Final Thoughts on The Ahri Changes

I think that updating Ahri is the right call as she does look slightly chunkier compared to some other champions in the game. However, I don’t really understand why she was chosen over some other champions when there are more offending champions out there.

With that in mind, if it makes the artists’ and developer’s job easier, then i’m all for these changes. But I feel like their excuse that it’s hard to make skins hasn’t stopped them from cashing in on her popularity and making a ton of money for them.

Either way, her animations are soo much cooler now, and she does look prettier overall. The new splashes look great, and I am happy with what they did to change her.

ahri Splash 6


Ahri’s rework hits the live servers on patch 13.3 so be on the lookout for the new 9tails champion hitting summoners rift soon! If you have any other tips to play her, or want to ask us any questions, leave a comment and let us know!

As always, you can find more information to play Ahri or any other champion in League of Legends with the Mobalytics App.