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How to Play Jhin Support

How to Play Jhin Support

With recent shifts in the meta and recent ADC buffs, Jhin has seen more and more play in more roles than 1. Jhin has started to be played in the Support role and has even been picked up in professional League of Legends.

While it is unclear how long this bubble will last, Jhin is now a half-decent Support who can bully and harass the enemy throughout the laning phase and set up picks for his team in the mid and late game. With a unique build path, Jhin is a tanky damage dealer who is pretty good at securing kills and peeling for his carries.

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Why is Jhin Support a Thing Now?

Jhin was released in early 2016 and has been a favourite fan ADC ever since. While there was discussion back in the day about Jhin being a Support, he never really caught on in this role due to the nature of the lane.

However, with recent meta shifts and tank/ engage Supports being picked less and being weaker overall, the Supports that counter Jhin have taken a knock which lets him thrive. In short, Jhin was always Support ready, but what makes him a good Support?

What is Jhin Support Good At?

There are a few things that make Jhin Support good. However, it is important to note that in 13.1b, Jhin was buffed, with his mana costs being better off. This ADC-directed buff has a good knock-on effect for Jhin in the Support role.

  • Long auto-attack range and abilities. This lets him bully champions from afar.
  • He is an AD champion, so he wins auto-attack battles with enemy Supports.
  • He has multiple CC abilities and utility which lets his team get picks and kills in the laning phase and during the mid and late game.

Jhin Support Runes and Build

Here’s the recommended build for Jhin in the Support role. You can get this build imported into your client directly with the Mobalytics App.

How to Play Jhin Support

Jhin Support is very similar to ADC Jhin in the sense that you have the same playstyle and gameplay, except you do not focus on last-hitting minions but instead on last-hitting champions!

His gameplay is very similar to Sennas. Focus on harassing the enemy with basic attacks as much as possible: taking great care with his 4th shot to deal extra damage to the enemy. Try to auto-attack the enemy as much as possible with your basic attacks and Q.

During the mid-game, stay with your team and place vision around the map. If you see one of your allies making a flank attack, start the fight by using your W to follow up on your team’s CC. Alternatively, you can use your Ultimate to slow down and deal damage to the enemy to provide time for your team to get into position and go in.


When to Pick Jhin Support

Jhin Support is a good counter versus short ranged champions as he out ranged them and can bully them from afar. Similarly, because he is an AD champion, he beats utility Supports in auto attack battles.

Generally speaking, you should pick Jhin Support into utility Supports, and Heimerdinger. He is picked in pro play alot to counter Heimer as he destroys the turrets faster. So, pick him into these case scenarios.

Avoid picking Jhin into hard engage matchups as he is immobile and easy to kill. Remember, his play style is similar to when he is played in the AD role, so he has the same issues regardless of his role.

Jhin Support Synergies

Jhin is good with long ranged champions who can bully the enemy. He is also good with team comps that have lots of tanks as they can engage and he can use his utility to follow up on their CC.

Jhin synergises well with Varus, Caitlyn and Ziggs.

He is good in team comps with champions like Maokai, Poppy and Amumu.


And thats about it. If you want to learn more about Jhin in the ADC or Support roles, make sure you check out Jhin’s champion page and sign up for a free Mobalytics account to help improve your climb in Season 13.