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How To Be A More Aggressive Laner

How To Be A More Aggressive Laner

A more dominant player in League of Legends will generally win lane as they can get kills and start a snowball. If you’re aggressive, you can often dictate the pace of the lane through favourable trades and small margins which you can use to your advantage.

This Mobalytics guide is aimed at anyone who feels like they’re too passive in League and want to learn how to be more aggressive. Behold, the SIGMA mindset, the carry mindset, the mindset to win!!!

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6 Tips to Be More Aggressive in LOL

  1. Your Music Choice
  2. Learn the Matchups
  3. Play Early Game Champions
  4. Abuse Enemy Cooldowns
  5. Abuse Enemy Spells
  6. Watch The Map

1. Your Music Choice

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of lofi, a bit of German hip hop, and some classic throwbacks, but whenever I am playing any music that is supposed to relax me, I find that I am always playing much more passive and not taking every advantage that is thrown my way.

Your music choice can set your mood after all. Theres a reason many people listen to “hype music” when they go to the gym or when they go running. While you will find people who listen to the occasional classically music when doing reps, they’re few and far between.

The best music to listen to when trying to climb and play more aggressive is music that makes you feel energetic and hypes you up. Slow music isn’t good because it slows you down! Search on Spotify for gaming music, or workout music and listen to that!

2. Learn the Matchups

There are 3 types of matchups in League of Legends. Winning, losing and even matchups. When you’re in a losing matchup, there’s not much you can do except try to survive. When you’re in an even matchup, it can go either way where one of you can come out victorious if you use everything we say in this guide.

Aphelios Matchups

When you’re in a winning matchup, you should look to abuse the enemy as much as possible to get a lead and snowball. For instance, you could turn 1 kill into a huge gold lead, or 1 kill into 2.

Identifying your matchup is key to understanding if you’re winning, losing or going even. One way you can do this is by looking at the Mobalytics champion pages and looking at our advice on the matchups. We provide tips to help you in matchups, which often indicate if you’re going to be winning or losing.

Other ways you can do this is by understanding what every champion does and by playing the game more. The more you play, the more you start to see patterns in gameplay and you’ll remember how matchups should be played out.

3. Play Early Game Champions

Early game champions are very good in the early game, that’s why they’re called early game champs! When playing as an early game champion, you should have a stronger laning phase and more chances to play aggressively over the enemy champion.

By playing just early game champions, you can master the art of trading and learn how to truly dominate the enemy in the lane. After some time, switching back to your usual champion pool or champions who aren’t as strong will allow you to comfortably transition and start playing aggressive on them too.

Some strong early game champions include Nami, Talon, Tristana and Pyke.

4. Abuse Enemy Cooldowns

Abusing the enemies cooldowns is one way of being more aggressive. Do you see them use an ability recklessly in the lane? You could use the long cooldown to play aggressive and try to kill them.

A great example would be Ezreal versus Blitzcrank. If the Ezreal uses his E to proc his W or uses it to dodge the enemy ADC damage, the Blitzcrank could use the cooldown to look for a hook.

Ezreal E

There are tons of different cooldowns you can abuse, but the thing you need to do is pull the trigger and commit. Once the enemy uses an ability, assess the situation and then play aggressive if it is possible. Do not over-commit to doing so if you’re unsure it will backfire.

5. Abuse Enemy Spells

This tip is similar to our last. If you know that the enemy doesn’t have Flash, or is lacking a defensive spell like Heal, you should try to abuse this cooldown and look for aggressive plays while it is on cooldown.

Keeping track of spells is really important in general, but if you’re able to track them you can get more kills in the lane. Furthermore, you can even set up your Jungler to gank defenceless or Flashless enemies.

If you have Ignite up, don’t be afraid to go for kills. If the enemy doesn’t have Flash, they can’t escape all-ins. Keep the wave closer to your side of the map and then chase them down the lane and kill them.

6. Watch The Map

Playing aggressive is all about taking calculated risks and weighing up the odds. Risk versus reward is something everyone must be aware of, regardless of your role or rank. When wanting to improve your aggression in LoL, you need to keep a constant eye on the minimap at all times.

When you see the enemy Jungler somewhere else on the map, you could use this knowledge to play aggressive and get kills in your own lane. For instance, if you see the Jungler top, you could all-in the enemy bot lane.

You need to be proactive when you see the enemy Jungler elsewhere on the map. Keep in mind that they cannot impact your skirmish, just don’t take forever before going in as it could give the Jungler time to make their way down to your lane.

Tracking the enemy Jungler is key. Here’s a separate guide we’ve written in the past that will help you learn how to track the enemy Jungler.


It’s easy for us and other players to just say “go in” or “play more aggressive”, but it’s not always possible. Work on it, and keep trying to be more aggressive over time. We’ve outlined some good tips to help you increase your aggression and we’ve talked about some timings in this guide too. Now it’s up to you to put in the hard work. Good luck Summoner.

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