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Briar Abilities Revealed (League of Legend’s 164th Champion)

New Champion’s Abilities: Briar

Briar is the latest champion to make their way to Summoners Rift. This champion is the 3rd champion Riot has released in 2023. She could be making her way to Summoners Rift very soon, as she will be on the PBE in no time at all.

Briar will be a Jungler as her abilities and overall champion design favours this role the most. However, you may see her being played in the solo lane when she gets released as people try her out.

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Briar’s Ability Names:

  • Passive- Crimson Curse
  • Q- Head Rush
  • W- Blood Frenzy
  • E- Chilling Scream
  • Ultimate – Certain Death

Skin Spotlights Briar Ability Reveal

Briar’s Passive is Crimson Curse

Briar’s abilities and attacks apply a stack and make the enemies bleed. She heals while the enemy bleeds.

Her Passive is basic but can be strong. It’s nothing we’ve not seen before, as other champions have similar abilities; we just see this in her Passive form. Getting some early healing reduction is probably a good idea to help counter this.

Image from LoL Wiki

Briar’s Q is Head Rush

She leaps to a unit, stunning them and reducing their armor.

For her Q, it is a basic ganking tool. She will likely use this ability to close the gap between her and the enemy laners to get ganks off. It’s pretty essential she lands this ability on the right target so she can reduce their armour to make it easier for you to kill them.

Image from LoL Wiki

Briar’s W is Blood Frenzy

Dash while gaining attack speed and movement speed. Recasting this ability will heal her, and then she deals extra damage to them.

Her W is good because she can use it to get over walls and such. It is also a good tool to close the gap between her and her enemies so she can Q to them. It is a great tool for clearing jungle camps and something quite unique to League of Legends.

Image from LoL Wiki

Briar’s E is Chilling Scream

Disable your W and channel energy that slows and damages targets. While charging, she takes less damage and heals for a portion of her health. If it is fully charged, she knocks back and stuns enemies (if they hit a wall).

Briar’s E feels similar to a K’Sante channel, as they both charge/channel these abilities. This isn’t a unique ability to League, but my advice to fully utilise this spell is to use it when your W is no longer effective and when enemies are near a wall so you can CC them.

Image from LoL Wiki

Briar’s Ultimate is Certain Death

She dashes to the first enemy hit, and gains extra stats until either she or the target dies.

For her Ultimate, this is really where her kit is a bit OP. The range of this ability is quite far, which means she can gank from a distance. Think of it like Nocturne, but she doesn’t turn the lights out; she just knocks you out with a lot of damage. This is by far the stupidest ability Riot have released in a while- what is August cooking?

Image from LoL Wiki

So what do we think?

I think that this champion is beginner-friendly, which is good. However I think her kit will be a nightmare to play against as she has so many tools in her kit. I think that it’s not really justified why she has so many, but we will see how this kit works out when she hits the live servers and see how Riot handles her, especially her Ultimate.

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