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The Best Champion Synergies With Briar in League of Legends

5 of the Best Champions Who Synergise With Briar in League of Legends

Briar is now out on the live servers, and if I am completely honest, I am surprised she made it through with her kit practically intact. She is a strong Jungler who loves to skirmish with her enemies and gank her allies.

As she is a Jungler, it is a good idea to duo or play champions that synergise well with her playstyle and want to achieve the same things that she does. In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down 5 really good picks you can pair with Riot Games’ latest champion Briar

Before we begin, these champions may not be statistically the best, but they have resources that can help the Briar. If you want to learn how to play any of these champions, head to their Mobalytics Champion Page.

5 Champions Who Synergise Well With Briar in League of Legends

  1. Malphite
  2. Renekton
  3. Kennen
  4. Lissandra
  5. Alistar

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How to Play Briar Champion Guide

How to Counter Briar In League of Legends

1. Malphite

The first champion on our list is Malphite. It might seem like a strange pick because Malhite doesn’t really fight a lot; however, we find that he’s actually not a bad pick with her. First off, he will poke the enemy down with his Q while abusing the power of Arcane Comet. Then when he hits level six he can initiate a fight with his Ultimate.

If they rinse and repeat this over and over again, not only will Malphite be making great use of his Ultimate by consistently using it when it comes up, but they will put the enemy top laner or mid-laner way behind.

Our advice is that if you’re playing this match-up, keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map, especially early, so she can gank you. If you’re constantly pushing, it is a bit harder for both of you to dive unless the enemy’s really low.

Malphite Splash

2. Renekton

Renekton is a very strong skirmish-heavy champion who can be played in the Top Lane. His dominating laning phase can be hard to handle and if he gets a few kills he will overrun the enemy during the mid-game.

Post-six, Briar can gank the Top Lane and then rotate to the Rift Herald or vice versa. They can then spawn the Rift Herald top and then quickly snowball from there. Let’s not forget that Renekton also has great gank set up with his E and his W.

Renekton will also have the ability to follow up in team fights to help her take down the squishy targets. He is also pretty tanky, so he will be able to soak incoming damage for her, which will increase her chances of staying alive as there will not be as much damage coming her way.

3. Kennen

Kennen in theory, is another good pick with Briar. Kennen can be an annoying champion to play against during the laning phase because he usually has the range advantage. He also has tools to engage or disengage any single skirmish.

In team fights he will deal a lot of AOE damage which will help both of them get kills. As he will go deep in team fights, she will not be alone and will probably not get focused by the enemy team. This increases her chances of staying alive.

The only problem with Kennen is that his early laning phase is not strong and he does need some time to come online. It would be good if they had another engage champion on their team so Kennan doesn’t go in alone before Briar can make it into the fight.

Kennen DWG Skin

4. Lissandra

The next champion is Lissandra. Lisandra is a great champion in general, and I feel like she is undervalued by a lot of the community. She has so many tools to empower and be a real threat in the lane and phase and in a team fight.

During the laning phase, she can set up the Jungler to get easy kills as she has multiple forms of CC. Just like Malphite, the two can play around the Ultimate cooldowns to consistently get kills in the Mid Lane.

In team fights, Lissandra can lock someone down with her Ultimate or lockdown multiple members of the enemy team with her W. Once again, like many other champions on our list, Lissandra will want to go deep into the team fights which is just ideal when paired with Briar.

Lissandra Splash

5. Alistar

The last champion on the list is Alistar, but realistically pair any hard engage Support, and you’re pretty good to go. Alistar is great because he can engage and start fights in the bottom lane. This is ideal because she will not go in alone and potentially die.

In team fights, he will also go in with her, which will help keep her alive because he can soak damage while she dishes out damage. Furthermore, she will not be the only target going deep, increasing the likelihood of her surviving the fight and coming out ahead.

Generally speaking, the laning phase will be pretty similar to any other Alistair lane. You just need to remain healthy so she can gank your lane and also avoid pushing too much, just in case she doesn’t want to dive.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, there are a lot of champions that synergise well with Briar, the 164th champion in League of Legends, but here were a few of our favourites. Please remember these may not be the statistically best champions, but they have tools that favour Briar.

Like always, you can find more tips and tricks to play any of these champions with the Mobalytics App.