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How to Play Briar (Abilities, Builds, and Tips)

How to Play Briar in League of Legends

Briar is the 164th champion in League of Legends, and she is expected to hit the live servers on Patch 13.18 along with other significant changes coming to the game. She is the third and potentially the last champion who will be joining Summoners Rift in the 13th Season of LoL.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will provide you with a range of information to help you start playing her as soon as she hits the live servers. As this is a beginner’s guide and she is new, this guide will cover the basics, but stay tuned as we may make an in-depth guide in the future!

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Here are the things we will be covering in this guide:

  • Briar Ability Breakdown
  • Briar Build (Runes and Items)
  • Fights and Skirmishes
  • Beginner Tips

Briar Ability Breakdown

To start any new champion guide, we should break down the abilities first. Please note that the numbers in this article are based on PBE stats. All of these pictures are taken from the LOL Wiki.

Briar’s Passive is Crimson Curse

Briar’s abilities and attacks apply a stack and make the enemies bleed. She heals while the enemy bleeds.

Briar’s Q is Head Rush

She leaps to a unit, stunning them and reducing their armour.

Briar’s W is Blood Frenzy

Dash while gaining attack speed and movement speed. Recasting this ability will heal her, and then she deals extra damage to them.

Briar’s E is Chilling Scream

Disable your W and channel energy that slows and damages targets. While charging, she takes less damage and heals for a portion of her health. If it is fully charged, she knocks back and stuns enemies (if they hit a wall).

Briar’s Ultimate is Certain Death

She dashes to the first enemy hit and gains extra stats until either she or the target dies.

Briar’s Rune and Build Page

This is the recommended Briar’s Rune Page and Build right now. Unfortunately, as she is still on the PBE, this may not be the best build around as not everyone has access to the PBE to try out different setups on her. Check back in the future, as we may have updated this build!

Fights and Skirmishes

Briar is a skirmish-heavy champion who is good in fights and 1v1s. However, she does need some time to come online. Her damage output is relatively high which is good. She also has a lot of built-in sustain thanks to her Passive, which she can abuse to win said fights.

Post 6, a good Briar will constantly look to abuse the range of her Ultimate to gank her allies. She should look to gank as much as physically possible when she hits 6 to get the most out of her Ultimate.

As she is a great ganker, you should try your hardest to gank as much as possible, and try to take Dragons as you’re pretty good at taking them too.

In team fights, you should look to go in with your allies. Let the tanks go in first, then follow up with your damage and Ultimate. You must go in at roughly the same time and follow up. You shouldn’t go in alone as you will get targeted and focused by the enemy team and die.

You’re also good at getting picks with your Ultimate, especially on the Support as they go to ward alone. So don’t be afraid to pull the trigger and try to get a catch.

The final remark I wish to make about fighting is that fighting in the jungle and around dragons is really good on Briar as she has tools to knock players into the wall (which makes it easier for you to kill them).

Beginner Tips and Tricks

Here are some mental beginner tips and tricks to help you start playing Briar.

  • Once you hit level 6, try to gank a lane. Whenever your Ultimate is up, you need to abuse the range to get yourself kills.
  • Don’t be afraid to Ult isolated targets during the mid-game, especially if they’re squishy.
  • Try to fight in the jungle, as you can push enemies into the wall and CC them.
  • Focus ganking lanes with strong follow-up and damage. You synergise well with these sorts of champions, and it’s easier to get kills with them.
  • A good rule of thumb is to always start each camp with your E so you can push them into the wall for additional damage and CC.

Final Thoughts

Briar will be hitting the live servers very soon, and we hope that this article will help you play her once she is released! Please remember that this is just a beginner’s guide and not intended to be super in-depth.

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