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15 Best Solo Carry Champions for Season 12 Solo Queue

15 Best Solo Carry Champions for Season 12 Solo Queue

When it comes to climbing in League of Legends, you’ll have more success picking strong champions in their preferred roles rather than playing a champion in an inadequate or off-meta role.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss some of the best champions to solo carry in League of Legends.

We will discuss 3 champions per role, and make sure you have one of these champions in your pool if you’re looking to climb the LoL ladder!

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Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Season 12

Top Lane

The best Top Laners to solo carry with in Season 12 are Riven, Tryndamere and Irelia. Each of these champions has good skirmishing power throughout the game and if they’re able to get an early kill- they can quickly snowball it into a much larger lead.

These champions have good outplay potential thanks to the dashes in their kit, but don’t let their dashes fool you. If you master your trading patterns and learn when you should and shouldn’t trade on them, you’ll find yourself skyrocketing up the ranks.





The strongest Junglers around right now are Kha’Zix, Diana and Hecarim. These Junglers are skirmish heavy, early game monsters and with a small lead they can quickly take over the game.

All these champions rely less on their team and more on themselves to play aggressive early and get kills. Each is great at invading the enemy, and if they can invade the enemy frequently, they can solo carry the game.

Similarly, as enemies in low ELO tend to walk around Summoners Rift alone, these champions can assassinate them and pick them off, which could allow their team to take objectives like the Baron or Dragon.




Mid Lane

The best Mid Laners in Solo Queue is Talon, Fizz and Sylas. What do these champions have in common? Strong early games with great kill pressure throughout the game. Talon and Fizz have notorious early game strength, and Sylas has great kill pressure too.

Mid laners need to roam and impact other lanes. These champions can do it very easily as they’re great roamers and have great pushing power which allows them to push the wave and roam quickly.

Furthermore, in low ELO players tend to run around the map alone: Fizz, Talon and Sylas can capitalize on this to get picks.





Some of the strongest and best Solo Queue ADC’s in League of Legends for Season 12 are Draven, Vayne and Twitch. They scale incredibly well which makes them good in low ELO as games tend to go longer.

They’re also mechanically demanding, which allows you to outplay the enemy if you’ve mastered your footwork and positioning.

While these are technically good scaling champions, they all have early game dominance in common too. Getting an early lead on any of these champions could allow you to hard stomp the lane and get an easy victory.





The best Solo Queue Supports for Season 12 are Bard, Pyke and Blitzcrank. Do you notice what all these champions have in common? They all have great trading power and pick potential.

Each of these champions Q can start a skirmish and pick the enemy off in lane. If you can land your Q, you can go for favourable trades and gain a health advantage over the enemy laner.

Similarly, these champions are great at roaming too and can impact every lane on the map with ease. As roaming and map pressure is so important in Season 12, picking someone who can move around the map will heavily increase your chances of winning the game.





And that wraps up our guide on the 15 best champions to solo carry in Solo Queue for Season 12. If you don’t like any of the champions on our list, don’t worry! You can climb easily when you have a champion you like, enjoy and are good at!

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