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Best Solo Carry Top Laners for Season 12

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Best Solo Carry Top Laners for Season 12

Champions that rely less on your team are generally better to play in Solo Queue as you do not have to put too much faith in your allies to win the game for you. While you have to rely on them to do certain things, playing any of these champions we list in today’s guide will help you carry more games in League of Legends.

The champions on our list vary from late-game monsters, lane dominant tyrants and champions who need to get ahead early. Regardless of the champion’s archetype, every champion has one thing in common. They’re great for Solo Queue.

This is part one of a five-part series where we list some of the best champions in each role that can solo carry in League of Legends. Learn the ins and outs of each of these champions and master them today with the Mobalytics App.

You can find more advice for each of these champions, or if you’re not much of a reader with our Mobalytics video!

1. Nasus

Nasus is one of the strongest solo and late-game champions in the game. He is incredibly strong because he scales very well. Games in lower ELO tend to go for a long time, so he can just keep stacking and be highly obnoxious and strong in the late game.

Furthermore, he will just be split pushing after the laning phase has ended, which means he can apply pressure and secure objectives while his team fights elsewhere on the map. As long as you don’t overextend when you’re allies are not applying pressure elsewhere, you will split push just fine!

As a Nasus player, you just need to focus on stacking your Q during the laning phase, avoid fighting very early on and die as little as possible. Learn wave management and matchups if you really want to shine on Nasus.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Stacks mean a lot for Nasus, but surviving the laning phase is more important. Be prepared to give up a few stacks in order to keep your health bar topped up.
  • As Nasus isn’t very strong in the early game, try and avoid fighting. If you get killed early on or blow Flash, you’ll be vulnerable and will fall behind.
  • Nasus is a late-game monster and should look to split push during the mid and late game. But, if your team needs you in team fights, be prepared to group and help your team.

2. Camille

Camille is arguably one of the hardest champions on our list, so if you can master her, she can be an insane carry champion. She is a high risk and high reward champion who is a very good duelist.

Her strengths rely on her duelling the enemy and mastering trades. Abusing your cooldowns to get health leads over the enemy while simultaneously not dying to ganks or being denied CS and XP. If Camille falls behind, she will struggle to get back into the game.

Camille players generally need to play safe into hard matchups early, but once they have some levels beneath them, they can start looking for aggressive plays and get kills. Make sure you don’t take poor trades early or you’ll have a really hard time getting back into the game.

Tips and Tricks:

  • In team fights, don’t run directly towards the enemy. The best way to team fight for Camille is by flanking the enemy from the side and then using your Ultimate on a carry.
  • Before using your E aggressively, check the map to see if the enemy Jungler is nearby. It’s important that you do not engage if they’re nearby.
  • If you’re not able to get any kills in the top lane post 6, you could look to roam and help another lane out with your Ultimate.

3. Yone

One of the toxic duets, Yone is another insane carry Top laner in League of Legends. He is strong for many reasons, but one of the most impactful things is his insane duelling power with his basic attacks, his Q and his Ultimate.

In the mid and late game, Yone’s Ultimate will be on a short cooldown which allows him to look for picks frequently on the enemy team. A good Yone will look to use his Ultimate often so he can get more gold and pad his KDA.

Yone in the right matchup can literally take over the game through early trades with the enemy. Looking for constant trades with basic attacks, his Q and abusing his E will make it really difficult for a weak champion to lane against Yone.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Don’t forget you can reactivate your E early to escape/ dodge incoming damage or CC.
  • In team fights, before using your Ultimate, check the location of your allies. They will need to be in a position to help you when you go in to avoid going in 1v5.
  • Your Q damage does stack up early. After landing a few Q’s, commit to an all-in with your E to get an early advantage.

4. Urgot

Urgot may not be the champion that comes to mind when you think of strong Top laners in LoL, but rest assured, he can be extremely strong. From the get-go, his laning phase can be obnoxious if you’re a weak melee Top Laner.

Urgot’s kit is just incredibly strong when he’s ahead. He can get kills over and over again with his Ultimate post 6 as long as the player is aggressive. At level 9, his W will be maxed as well, which means he can keep it on full time.

In team fights, his Ultimate is very good and getting a good Ultimate off could win your team the whole team fight as you can execute someone. The follow-up CC could also be the game-changer.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Your Fear Beyond Death is slow-moving and easily dodgeable. Wait until the enemy has either used Flash, their escape ability or until they are close by before throwing it out.
  • In team fights, activate your Ultimate on the target your allies are focusing down to make it easier for you to execute them. Be prepared to use Flash so other nearby enemies get feared.
  • Continuously move and kite the enemy to get more damage down onto them with your Passive’s explosive legs.

5. Quinn

Birds are pretty cool, and so is Quinn. Quinn is a very strong champion in Solo Queue because of her duelling power and her roaming potential. If you are good at roaming or know the basics to roaming, you will definitely be a good Quinn player.

She is a ranged champion, so she can directly counter melee champions in the Top Lane, you just need to auto-attack the enemy as often as possible. Unfortunately, her level 6 power spike isn’t very good compared to most Top laners, but what she lacks in damage she makes up for elsewhere.

You need to be proactive and roam frequently during the later parts of the laning phase. Help your allies by roaming and pick up kills for yourself and your team. During the mid-game, you will be split pushing and use your duelling advantage to fight anyone who tries to stop you. You can then push, and if you can’t kill the enemy, activate your Ultimate and roam to your team and flank the enemy.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use your range advantage when against melee champions to get a lead.
  • You can use your Ultimate to roam from base to assist your other lanes. While helping them, check back in your own lane and be prepared to move back top if the enemy is pushing.
  • Quinn is a great split pusher. During the mid game, focus on split pushing and avoid team fighting. If you need to team fight, flank from the side.

6. Singed

Have you heard the term don’t chase Singed? Well, theres a good reason for you to not chase a Singed. Singed can solo carry games by applying pressure and being a nuisance for the enemy team. One of his main goals throughout the game is to draw circles around the enemy.

Traditionally, Singed will proxy farm frequently in the early game. Picking up tons of gold and CS and XP, while wasting the enemy’s time if they try to chase or deny him. He keeps this act up frequently throughout all stages of the game while his team applies pressure elsewhere on the map.

Singed can be incredibly strong in Solo Queue and can carry his team to victory by applying pressure. But, he takes a lot of overall game knowledge and awareness to play Singed to his full potential and for him to really abuse the enemy.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try to proxy the first few waves to get a lead from the get-go. Don’t be afraid to return to lane instead of suiciding if the enemy laner tanks the minions instead of letting them reach their tower.
  • When trading with the enemy, activate your Ultimate as early as possible. It lasts a long time and will help you come out ahead.
  • When proxy farming, always check the minimap to see where the enemy is. Be prepared to die to tower if you spot the enemy collapsing on you. Placing vision inside the enemies jungle will make proxy farming safer and easier.

7. Fiora

Fiora is a lane dominant champion who can get kill after kill on the enemy throughout the laning phase. She relies on the player to fight frequently and try to get kills. You cannot and shouldn’t really play Fiora if you’re not looking to play aggressive.

While aggression is her go-to, she needs to take calculated trades. Fiora isn’t always the strongest early game laner, so she may need some time to come online. A few levels under her belt, or her first component item will heavily increase her trade potential and strength.

In the mid and late game, she may look to split push and fight anyone who tries to stop her. She will apply pressure around the map and solo objectives with ease if the enemy doesn’t stop her from pushing.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Fiora doesn’t need to look to team fight. She is a great dueler. Sit in a side lane and siege objectives or duel anyone who tries to stop you.
  • The best time to trade with the enemy is when they waste one of their abilities. Once a core ability is down, you can look to chase them down with your Q.
  • Extended trades work in your favour, so try to go for extended trades whenever possible.

8. Irelia

Irelia is one of the hardest champions on our list, but she can be one of the strongest once mastered. She can be played in multiple roles, and finds success in both the Top and Mid lane. Her strength really relies on timing and awareness of your surroundings.

Irelia is very strong and can all-in the enemy over and over again with her Q to close the gap. Keeping an eye on the minions and using them to stack your Passive then all-ining the enemy when they walk near low health minions is a favourable strat for many.

On top of that, when she has a small lead in the early game, she can be a real problem in the mid and late games. If she focuses on split pushing and if she is left uncontested, she can take towers very quickly; especially if she stacks her Passive on minions prior to attacking the turret!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Look to trade when your Passive is up as it gives you an increased amount of attack speed which will help you when it comes to trading.
  • It’s tempting to use just your Q to farm with. While the mana cost is small, it racks up in the end. Try and focus on using your basic attacks to last hit with.
  • Before engaging or looking for an all in, check the minimap. If you go in just as the enemy Jungler approaches, you will end up dying for it.

9. Kayle

In my opinion, Kayle is a very underrated champion in LoL. She is a very strong scaling champion who just needs some time to come online. After level 6, she gets her first upgrade and becomes ranged. At this time, her pressure in the lane increases and so does her survivability.

Kayle can be really obnoxious if you know how to manage waves correctly and understand optimal trading patterns. If you can abuse this, then you’re going to be extremely good on Kayle. Just make sure you don’t fall behind to be useful later on.

She scales incredibly well, and with a little lead, her late game will be extremely strong. When Kayle is fed, her auto-attacks will deal so much damage to targets. Her kiting will be insane, and she can keep somebody alive with her Ultimate.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Kayle is a weak early game champion until she gets her Ultimate as it provides her with range and increased survivability. Play safe until you’ve unlocked your Ultimate.
  • Whenever your Ultimate is on cooldown, you should play a little safer as you’re rather squishy and can easily die if you’re caught without your Ultimate to protect you.
  • In the early game, keep the wave closer to your side of the map to increase your survivability and reduce the enemy’s ability to set you behind.

10. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is a fantastic low ELO champion. He is very good at getting kills in the early game and snowballing from there. His mobility is incredibly strong and he can chase anybody down who overextends in the lane.

A good Tryndamere will be able to split push frequently during the mid and late game and use his insane duelling potential to fight anyone who tries to stop him from split pushing. If you are strong and ahead, you can solo win the game just by splitting and fighting whoever tries to stop you.

He is very simple as well which makes him a great pick for many Top Laners who are learning the role or who want to get free and easy wins. You’ll just need to learn how to trade effectively and avoid tunnel visioning on the enemy.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When your resource bar is full, try to look for an extended trade with the enemy when they’re overextended. Having more Fury will make the trade more favourable for you.
  • Your goal is to split push and duel whoever comes to stop you. Ignore team fights if you’re not 100% sure you can win them.
  • Whenever your Ultimate is down, play slightly safer. Avoid committing to 1v1’s unless your Ultimate is up.

11. Garen

The 11th champion on our list is Garen. Garen is a strong champion who is good even when he is behind. He is good from behind because he has a versatile build path. He can go full damage, full tank, off-tank- pretty much anything and perform well.

At level 6, his kill pressure increases, and at level 9 he will max his first ability. Although, a good Garen player will get multiple kills prior to reaching either of those levels. In bad matchups, he can just chill and farm, and then adapt his build depending on his team’s needs.

Garen is a very easy champion to play just like Tryndamere albeit their playstyles are different. If you’re looking for a strong Solo Queue Top laner who is easy and somewhat forgiving, then make sure you give Garen a try.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you’ve been bullied heavily by the enemy champion, hold back and wait for your Passive to kick in to gain some health back.
  • Use your W as a tool to avoid CC or burst when trading. You do not want to be caught without it when the enemy Jungler ganks your lane, so only use it when you’re committing to a trade.
  • You can cancel your E early and finish the enemy off with basic attacks. Keep this in mind if you are planning on using your Ultimate to execute the enemy.

12. Riven

The final champion on our list is Riven. Riven is a very difficult, high-risk high reward champion who can solo carry and snowball with a small lead. Her ability to all-in the enemy over and over again when they walk up too close to the minion wave is unfeasible.

At level 6, she can often get solo kills as her Ultimate enhances her damage output and makes her a lot stronger. Whenever her Ultimate is up, her kill pressure increases too. All-in-all, Riven has tons of kill pressure and can get a lot of kills in the laning phase.

Outside of the laning phase, Riven is pretty strong as well. She is a good split pusher and she can apply pressure to side objectives and push them down fast. Her strong duelling power can make it hard for the enemy team to stop her pushing without sending multiple champions.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Weave auto-attacks while using your abilities (in particular, your Q) to deal increased damage thanks to your Passive. Look at the indicator and auto-attack to consume the stacks.
  • Riven will get kited quite easily in team fights so she needs to get onto the enemy before she can be pushed away. For this to happen, she should flank the enemy and attack from the side.
  • As Riven is a strong dueller, make sure you’re playing aggressively throughout the laning phase. In particular, going for trades when the enemy is unable to trade back with you.


And that about sums up our article on the best solo carry champions in the Top Lane right now. Don’t forget that you can play basically anyone and you should play champions you enjoy rather than the ones we suggest if you don’t like them! For more educational content to help you climb, head over to Mobalytics.