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Best Solo Carry Supports for Season 12

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Best Solo Carry Supports for Season 12

A good Support can take over the map by dominating the lane and rotating and moving around the map. When you’re versus a good Support, it can often be hard to do anything as they seem to be anywhere and everywhere.

When you’re trying to climb in LoL, it’s better to play champions that do not rely on your team as much as other champions. The champions on our list are pretty good for Solo Queue and give you more chances of impacting the game and winning it for your team.

You can find more information about all the champions on today’s list via the Mobalytics site.

1. Thresh

The first champion on our list today is Thresh. Thresh is notorious in Solo Queue, and he is a great champion for anyone who wants to learn to solo carry. Thresh is really good, and even the worst of Thresh players can single-handedly win the lane or the game.

Thresh is so good in Solo Queue because he has a variety of tools to empower himself and his team. He can pick champions off with his Q and E, and he can save his allies with his W and R. This makes Thresh a great team player.

Because of his Q and E giving him pick potential, he is great in Solo Queue and good for carrying because he can make plays for his team and get them kills. This pick potential and CC also offers him potential roam opportunities to help other laners out.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Thresh has very good roaming potential once he has Boots of Mobility. Look to roam often once you’ve purchased these Boots to get a lead.
  • Bait out dashes or abilities that can be used to dodge your Q to make landing abilities much easier.
  • Place vision around objectives to try and get picks before sieging or taking an objective. One good Death Sentence on a target can turn the game around.

2. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is the next champion. Blitzcrank is a fantastic, easy-to-play champion who can carry games with his Hook. Landing a good Hook on someone will result in their death. Time after time, landing a good Hook on someone will result in kills, especially in the mid and late game.

Similar to Thresh, Blitzcrank has a lot of pick potential and can make plays with his Q. He can snatch people who are out of position and kill them with his team. In the late game, one pick like this could bring his team to victory.

Blitz is also good at peeling for his allies: using his Q to create distance and pull enemies off his carries, or using his E to knock them up, which can provide time for his team to reposition. All-in-all, he is a good solo carry champion.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Holding off from using your E until the enemy has used a dash or their movement ability will make landing your Q easier.
  • In team fights, don’t Hook the enemy tank if possible. Try and Hook a squishy champion or carry instead. Especially don’t Hook somebody who can engage or who has CC like Amumu.
  • Know your matchups. When laning against someone who can engage like Alistar, Leona or Nautilus, never try to Hook them. Hooking them will make it easier for them to get onto your ADC. Try and Hook the ADC instead.

3. Bard

Bard is the next champion on our list, and he is arguably one of the hardest Support champions to play. While he is very difficult, if you’re able to master Bard, you can carry so many games thanks to your ability to be anywhere and everywhere at any given time.

First off, he is an insane roaming champion with his Passive and his E. Thanks to these two abilities alone, he can move around the map faster than Usain Bolt. While he is roaming, he can pick up more chimes and gank his allies without his ADC getting themselves killed.

He is one of the few champions on our list who will be building damage and can one-shot targets. He generally has an off-tank AP build that empowers his auto attacks on hit. So he is somewhat tanky (while being squishy mind you), and able to catch out enemies with his empowered autos. Bard deals a considerable amount of surprising damage.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The best time to pick up nearby Chimes is when there are no minions in lane about to die. Otherwise, you’ll fall behind in XP trying to pick them up.
  • When playing against melee champions, try to use your empowered auto-attack on them every time they walk forward to last hit minions.
  • Do not place your health shrines W in a position where the enemy can easily take them. But don’t place them too far away from where you can’t get to them quickly. Place them slightly behind you and the ADC.

4. Brand

When your team lacks damage, who do you call? That’s right, Brand. Brand is an AP Support who deals tons of damage. He has a very strong laning phase and can dominate the lane with the poke from his W and E.

Brand is basically the champion you play when you’re a Mid laner who got put off role. You deal damage and blow enemies up. Brand is amazing in team fights, thanks to the AOE on his Ultimate. Getting his Ultimate to bounce between enemies is not only satisfying but will enhance your damage output and increase your chances of winning the fight.

However, he is one of the squishiest Supports around and easy to take down. So you need to keep an eye on your positioning so you don’t get killed often. If you master it, then he is going to be a solid pick for Solo Queue.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try and poke as often as you can with your W, but make sure to keep an eye on your mana pool.
  • In team fights, try to cast your Ultimate when the enemy is bunched together so it can bounce between multiple champions and deal more damage.
  • If you’re struggling to lane against a champion with a hook or engage tool, the best time to harass them with your W is when their CC ability is down.

5. Zyra

If Brand isn’t your champion, then Zyra might be. Zyra is similar to Brand as they both have lots of AP and damage. She is a very good carry who can get kills during the laning phase to snowball. With a few kills, she is just as strong as any Mid laner in LoL.

She has a lot of pushing power and when she is paired with another champion who likes to push, the two of them can earn a lot of gold through tower plates and get kills too. This makes Zyra a great champion to pick with early game-dominant champions.

Like Brand, she is squishy, great in team fights, deals lots of damage and is a great champion to pick when your team already has multiple AD champions.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Seeds will not spawn or show your location if you’re in a bush. Hide in bushes and wait for the enemy to walk past before collapsing on them.
  • Try using your Q or E first before using your W so the enemy doesn’t destroy your Seed W or run away.
  • You can look to cheese kills and take objectives with ease if you can assassinate and blow someone up. Hide in an unwarded bush in a high traffic area and burst the unlucky enemy who walks nearby.

6. Leona

Leona is a very tanky champion with a lot of CC. Because she has so much CC, she can pick off and lock down enemies for a long period of time. She has 3 different CC tools: her Q, E and her Ultimate.

Leona is good in solo queue because of her ability to get picks with her allies. She can catch enemies out of position with her E and R, which allows her team to get kills and a potential lead. In team fights, she is good at peeling with her those abilities and her Q too, which will help keep her allies alive.

Like all tanks in League, Leona will only be as good as the player. You need to be proactive to get kills. You need to be aggressive to make full use of Leona’s kit.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can use your AA Q AA combo to quickly destroy wards to deny vision.
  • Try to keep the minion wave even or closer to your side of the map as it will be very hard for you to engage in the early game if your lane is constantly pushing.
  • If you’re unable to get kills in the bottom lane post 6, don’t be afraid to roam and help other lanes. As your Ultimate is a very good tool that can help you snowball, whenever it’s up, try to roam and help your mid lane.

7. Lux

We’re over halfway through our list, and it’s about time we mentioned Lux. Lux is one of the poster children of the game. Lux is a flex pick and is usually played full AP when she is played in the bottom lane.

She is a good champion in the Support role as she (generally) builds AP, which allows her to deal damage and impact team fights. She will also have short cooldowns during the mid and late game, which allows her to empower and protect her team.

Lux Support is similar to Lux in the Mid lane. They both deal a lot of damage and are both extremely good carries and huge threats to the enemy when they’re ahead.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Stick with your team at all costs so you can siege together and poke together. Do not isolate yourself in a side lane, as you’ll be an easy target for most enemies.
  • Before initiating a team fight, try to poke the enemy as much as you can with your abilities. Lux is a poke champion, and the more damage you can do beforehand, the easier team fighting will be.
  • When playing against champions who can engage like Alistar or Thresh, do not use your Q aggressively unless you’re 100% sure you’re going to hit it. Lux is rather defenceless when her Q is down, so you need to keep it available for as long as you can.

8. Nami

Nami is the next champion on our list. Nami is a fantastic champion for anyone who wants to climb in Solo Queue. She is good because she has multiple CC tools which she can use to get picks on the enemy team.

A good Nami player is reactive, proactive and a true carry. They actively look for plays with their Q and Ultimate and are constantly trading with the enemy: attacking with their W, E and autos. To master Nami, you need to play aggressive.

She isn’t like a lot of utility Supports. Nami can actively make plays and get picks with her abilities. She relies less on her team to make plays as she can make them herself, which is good for Solo Queue.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try and be as obnoxious as possible in the early game to get a lead. Abuse the enemy with your basic attacks and W.
  • If timed correctly, you can use your Ultimate in sync with your Q to double CC the enemy. Once they’re knocked up, throw out your Q to keep them locked down.
  • In team fights, make sure you stick with your team and stand in the backline, so you do not get killed at the start of the team fight.

9. Morgana

Morgana is the next champion on our list. Morgana is a must-ban for many champions because she directly counters them. She counters many champions with CC tools thanks to her Black Shield. However, that’s only one of the reasons why she is so strong.

Morgana has lots of options in her kit. Of course, her Black Shield to protect her allies, but also her Q to get picks, her W for poke and wave clear, and her Ultimate for multi-target CC. Her kit itself is extremely versatile, and she is a very solid pick.

I would recommend everyone to at least play Morgana and have her in your champion pool. She is a great counter to lots of champions, and just by understanding how to play her, you can often hard counter the toughest of matchups.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Morgana is good at setting up picks around objectives thanks to her Q. Place vision around the map and wait for an immobile enemy to walk past before engaging on them.
  • To avoid wasting your Binding Q, look to engage after the enemy has used their dash or escape ability. If they’re holding on to it, walk up to them and bait it out.
  • When you’re against champions who have a strong level 1 like Alistar, Blitzcrank, Leona or Nautilus, start E first instead of Q or W.

10. Pyke

Even after his recent mini-rework, Pyke is still a fantastic champion in Solo Queue. He has great pick potential with his Q and E, and of course, his Ultimate is incredibly useful in team fights.

A good Pyke will snowball his lane and look to roam elsewhere to get himself more kills. Which makes him a good solo carry as you can impact the map and roam and help your allies. If you can help them get kills, your chances of winning the game will increase.

Pyke is quite difficult to play, though. He does have a hook which can be hard to land, and he is quite squishy (depending on his build). So you need to keep this in mind when playing Pyke. Expect to put in a lot of work trying to master him.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Track the enemy’s cooldowns and use your Ultimate accordingly. If they have Flash, expect them to Flash away from your Ultimate.
  • Wait for the enemy to use any dash or mobility spells before initiating with your Q. This will severely reduce their ability to dodge your Hook Q.
  • Pyke is a really good roaming champion. Don’t be afraid to leave your ADC alone in lane to help your Jungler or Mid laner.

11. Sona

The 11th champion on our list is Sona. While she isn’t the healthiest or tankiest champion in the game, Sona is very strong and versatile. She has lots of damage with her basic abilities, and she can keep her allies topped up on health with her heal.

She has a lot of healing and a lot of damage throughout the early game. If you’re constantly harassing and bullying the enemy, you can be a real pain to deal with. At level 6 you become even stronger and can look for constant picks whenever your Ultimate is up.

However, she is very, very, very squishy and easy to kill if you miss position. Keep this in mind and avoid standing in the open. One hook from any enemy and you’re pretty much dead.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use your Passive to the fullest by always auto-attacking after a trade.
  • Set up picks with your R around objectives like the Baron or Dragon. Hiding in an unwarded bush and ambushing the enemy is a great tactic for Sona.
  • Watch your positioning at all times. Stand next to your ADC at all times, so you do not get picked off before or at the start of a team fight.

12. Yuumi

The final champion on our list is Yuumi. Yuumi is extremely strong in Solo Queue, and she’s even useful when she is behind. If you have one carry on your team who is fed, then you can attach to them throughout the game and just win by healing and empowering them.

Yuumi is a great pick for Solo Queue as she is relatively easy to understand and play for a beginner. You don’t need amazing mechanics to play her at a low level, but if you want to master her then you’ll need to play her a lot.

She is very forgiving, which is good in Solo Queue. As we said, she is even good when she is behind, but she is extremely obnoxious when she and her allies are ahead.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Whenever your Passive is up and when it is safe to do so, try to auto-attack the enemy, so you get a shield. This will protect your ADC from future incoming damage.
  • Keep a constant eye on your mana pool as your E costs tons of mana. Avoid using it too often, so you don’t run low.
  • Be prepared to attach W yourself to a different champion other than your ADC. Buffing up a different carry will make them unkillable in team fights.


That about sums up our picks for the best solo carry champions for season 12. What do you think of our list? Do you agree, or do you think there is much stronger solo carry champions out there? Let us know. If you liked this guide and found it interesting, you can find more articles like this one by going to Mobalytics!