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Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Patch 12.4

Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Patch 12.4

Season 12 is underway and players are grinding day and night to climb the ladder. While many have taken a step back from the grind to play Lost Ark, League is still incredibly popular right now and it’s important that you stay up to date with the meta regardless if you’re playing every day!

In this Mobalyttics guide, we will discuss who the best champions are in League of Legends right now on Patch 12.4! If you’ve not played in a while or if you’re coming back from Lost Ark, make sure you add one of these champions to your champion pool! Psst, we make Lost Ark articles too!

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Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Patch 12.4

Top Lane

The best Top laners on this patch are Riven, Urgot and Gwen. Each of these champions has insane carry potential that can help them win lane and win the game. They are strong champions with great duelling and outplay potential too.

With a small lead, they can get kills over and over again in lane. Even when they’re behind, they can focus on split pushing and casually take over the map and draw pressure while your team does something elsewhere.





Junglers need to fight early in the current meta to get ahead. Skirmish heavy champions like Hecarim, Viego and Xin Zhao are incredibly strong on Patch 12.4.

To climb in League of Legends, you need to get ahead early and do as much as you can to earn gold, XP and get items to win the game. If you play an early game, skirmish heavy Jungler and constantly look for ganks while finding a healthy balance between farming, taking objectives and invading, you will find yourself climbing very quickly.



Xin Zhao

Mid Lane

Strong Mid laners in Patch 12.4 are Ahri, Neeko and Anivia. You may not think these champions are great right now, but they’re all hidden gems. They’re all very good in lane, have great wave clear and are also very good in team fights.

The best Mid laners are champions that can get kills, do well in the lane and be able to do stuff around the map in the later parts of the game. These champions fulfil all these criteria. Similarly, wave clear is really important in League, and each of these champions has AOE abilities that can prevent the enemy from pushing you into your tower.





The best ADC’s for this patch are Jhin, Jinx and Vayne. Each of these champions can singlehandedly carry a game if they get a slight lead early on. Their itemisation is very good in the current meta, and they all synergise well with the current Support meta.

If you’re looking to transition to the ADC role from any other role, you’ll find these champions pretty easy to pick up, but it will take a long time to master them. If you’re in for a challenge, maybe give them a go?





Support meta is incredibly versatile right now, but the best Supports are Janna, Senna and Blitzcrank. You can basically get away with picking any Support style and do really well in League.

As long as you play aggressive, look for plays with your team and avoid getting caught out with poor positioning, you should do fine playing any of these champions. A word of warning though, all these champions are very squishy and immobile, so if you get locked down with CC, you’ll probably die.





That sums up our recommended champion picks for every role in League of Legends for Patch 12.4. If you’re getting back into the game or just starting ranked for the first time, try and pick one of these champions to add to your champion pool to help you dominate Summoners Rift.

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