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Best Champions to Climb With in Platinum

Best Champions to Climb With in Platinum

When you’re in Platinum, you’re playing with really good players, some who have been playing for years and years. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make it to Platinum, let alone further. However, it is far from impossible. If you’re looking to get out of Platinum in Season 12, this guide is for you!

In our latest instalment of the best champions to climb with, we will discuss 5 champions who are excellent in Platinum and will help you take your gameplay to the next level. If you’re wanting to find out more, or if you’re in Gold and trying to hit Platinum, we recommend reading some of our previous work. The stats we are using in this article are from patch 12.4!

As a quick disclaimer, the champions on all our lists are our opinion which is backed by data and current League trends. You may not get on with the champions we suggest, and that’s totally okay! You may find more success maining or one-tricking different champions instead! Wanna climb faster? Sign up for a free Mobalytics account to get the edge over your opponent.

Best Champions to Climb With in Platinum

  1. Shen
  2. Nunu
  3. Ahri
  4. Jhin
  5. Soraka

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Shen is the perfect balance between a dom and a sub. He is the switch of all Top laners and the perfect Top if you want to get into or out of Platinum. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much kill pressure at six compared to other Tops, but don’t let that discourage you.

Depending on the situation, he can be safe and survive the laning phase, or dominate the enemy and become a huge threat to the enemy team. During the mid-game, he will look to split push while still contributing to team fights with his Ult. You can be anywhere and everywhere when playing Shen.

Shen had a 52.7% win rate in Platinum during patch 12.4.


Nunu is a strong Jungler with very strong skirmishing potential. This makes him a great champion in Platinum and above, as you need to pick a dominant Jungler who can gank and fight the enemy often.

Finding a healthy balance between fighting the enemy Jungler, farming and stealing the enemy’s jungle while also taking neutral objectives is vital. Don’t be afraid to repeatedly gank a lane if you find it suitable. Some of the best Nunu’s gank the same lane over and over within the space of minutes.

He had a 58.7% win rate in Platinum on patch 12.4.


One of the most popular Mid laners in the game, Ahri, is a great Mid laner to main if you’re looking to climb in Platinum. She is popular for many reasons, one being her very versatile playstyle and another being aesthetically pleasing.

Ahri is a great Mid laner and ticks many boxes you need to climb. Firstly, she has great pick potential with her E, which she can use to catch players out of position. Secondly, she has great wave clear with her Q, preventing the enemy from pushing objectives in the mid-game. Thirdly, she has great all-in and skirmishing power with her Ultimate.

In Platinum, Ahri had a 54.5% win rate.


The FOURth pick on our list is Jhin. Jhin is a fantastic ADC in Platinum who has great scaling, a great kick and tons of outplay potential. If you’re looking for a new ADC to play in Platinum, give him a go.

Jhin isn’t always the strongest ADC early, but with the right Support and the right matchup, he can be an absolute tyrant. He has good gank setup with his W and good pick potential with his W and Ultimate. Thanks to his final bullet, he takes towers down quickly (with items). The only major issue with Jhin is his lack of an escape tool: which you can prevent with itemisation.

Jhin had a 54.8% win rate on patch 12.4.


Raka is a good champion at all ranks, but it depends heavily on your playstyle. The best Sorakas in the world are hyper-aggressive and play around their basic attacks and Q to get a lead early.

In Platinum, she is good as she can abuse the enemy frequently. She doesn’t always have to win lane either, as she has tools to go even in the lane. At level 6, she has good map presence thanks to her Ultimate, which you can use to save your allies’ lives.

She had a 55.6% win rate in patch 12.4.


We’re over halfway through our series of guides and if you’re a Platinum player, we hope this article gives you some insight into the champions you could play to get you into Diamond. If none of these champions is good for you, check out the Mobalytics Tier List to see who else is good in the current meta.

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