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Best Champions to Climb With in Gold

Best Champions to Climb With in Gold

Gold is the middle of the pack. If you’re a Gold player, you’re statistically better than 50% of the player base. You should be very proud of being a Gold player as you’re considerably better than a lot of League players. Regardless of this statistic, pretty much everyone wants to climb and get as high as they can, and in this guide, we will try to help you out.

In our third instalment of a 6 part series of guides, we will outline 5 of the best champions to add to your champion pool and who to play as in Gold. For our previous guide on the best champions to climb with in Silver, check this guide out! The stats we are using in this article are from patch 12.4!

As a quick disclaimer, the champions on all our lists are our opinion which is backed by data and current League trends. You may not get on with the champions we suggest, and that’s totally okay! You may find more success maining or one-tricking different champions instead! Master the champions we talk about in this guide by signing up for a Mobalytics account to help you improve your climb!

Best Champions to Climb With in Gold

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Urgot is a fantastic Top laner to as to your champion pool. He gained popularity as of late thanks to Tyler 1 being a massive fan of him. Urgot is great for a number of reasons, one of them being how effective his Ultimate is.

If you land your Ultimate on a key target like the enemy ADC or Mid, you can easily kill them quickly if you jump on them. Thanks to the follow-up CC it provides, landing it on a target and then executing them could be why you win the team fight.

Urgot had a 56.2% win rate in Gold during patch 12.4.


The DOG is one of the best lower-ELO Junglers in the game. He is excellent at all ranks but finds enormous success as a beginner Jungler for those who want to learn the role. If you’re new to the Jungle role or need a new pickup, Warwick should be your go-to.

He has excellent sustain in the jungle, thanks to his kit. He also has perfect objective control, which allows him to take objectives like the Rift Herald and Dragon without the help of his allies.

He had a 56.6% win rate in Gold on patch 12.4.


Anivia is a very good Mid lane champion to add to your champion pool. Her kit is straightforward to understand, which makes her an excellent pick for newbies or people who want to add a new champion to their pool.

Firstly, Anivia has a great wave clear with her Ultimate. She can keep waves pushed in and prevent the enemy from pushing and taking your towers in the mid-game. Secondly, you have excellent pick potential with your Q and great burst with your follow-up E. She is a fantastic champion in gold and will do wonders if you’re looking for a new champ to main.

In Gold, Anivia had a 54.7% win rate.


Whilst one of the hardest mechanically demanding champions in the game, Vayne is a good ADC to play and master in Gold. If you already know the concepts of the ADC role, she will be a grand champion to add to your champion pool.

Thanks to her W, she is a tank buster. Players start to understand team comps, and the enemy will start building proper compositions. Vayne is a great counter to champions who like to stack armor and defensive stats. She also has extreme all-in power and snowball potential. If you can get an early lead, you will stomp later on.

Vayne had a 57.4% win rate on patch 12.4.


Blitzcrank is a straightforward Support to play in Gold. You can capitalise on other Support picks by playing Blitzcrank as he is excellent versus utility Supports who are also great in the current meta. He can get kills in the lane while the utility Supports can’t always do a whole lot in the lane.

With that in mind, he has good pick potential throughout the game. Landing a Q on anybody who isn’t a tank outside of the laning phase will usually result in a massive swing in your team’s favour. He can constantly get stuff done and is a good champion to help you get out of Gold.

Blitz had a 53% win rate in patch 12.4.


That about sums up our guide on the best champions to play in Gold. Remember, if you’re Gold already, you are statistically better than 50% of the player base. Being Gold is something to be proud of. We hope this guide will help you get to the next level and help you unlock that sweet Platinum border. If you don’t think any of these champions suit your playstyle, have a gander at the Mobalytics Tier List to see who else is good in the current meta.

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