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Best Champions to Climb With in Masters

Best Champions to Climb With in Masters

Being Masters is incredibly impressive. A big round of applause is in order for you to get this far. You’re within the top 1 percentage of players and you deserve tons of credit. Don’t let anyone, not even popular streamers or your friends disregard your rank or call you Low ELO- you’re far from it.

Whilst being this rank is impressive, we know that you want to step it up and get to the next level. It’s nice to always try to better yourself, but it’s going to be hard. We will give it our best to help you, and in this guide we will discuss 5 of the best champions to help you get there. This is the final part of our latest guide series. The stats we are using in this article are from patch 12.4!

As a quick disclaimer, the champions on all our lists are our opinion which is backed by data and current League trends. You may not get on with the champions we suggest, and that’s totally okay! You may find more success maining or one-tricking different champions instead! Sign up for a free Mobalytics account to help you improve your climb!

Best Champions to Climb With in Masters

  1. Camille
  2. Fiddlesticks
  3. Qiyana
  4. Zeri
  5. Senna


You know how important skirmishing is when you’re a very high ELO player. Mastering Camille’s skirmishing throughout the lane will make dominating the Top lane so much easier. She has excellent carry potential, and even a slight lead could snowball into a much more prominent lead.

Camille has very strong duelling power and can fight anybody who tries to stop her from split pushing during the mid-stages of the game. Even then, Camille can rotate and help her allies in the team fight, thanks to her E and Ultimate. If you’re looking for a strong laner who is amazing in 1v1’s, a good split pusher and a strong fighter, then Camille is definitely for you.


Fiddlesticks is an underrated champion in League of Legends. I think no one believes in Fiddle, then you get destroyed by him and then you’re like, “yeah, this champ is broken”. While players are very good at warding in high ELO, people underestimate his Ultimate from over the wall.

Another thing to keep in mind is objective control. Players need to prioritise objectives like the Dragon to win the game. Fiddle can take these objectives pretty quickly thanks to his W. He can do the same with the Rift Herald as well.


Qiyana is a versatile champion in League of Legends. With play seen in Top, Mid and the Jungle roles, Qiyana is a fantastic champion to add to your champion pool. Her early game is strong, and her mid-game can be even stronger.

When playing as Qiyana, you need to look to roam and impact your allies. Your team will quickly win the game if you can help them get a lead. When it comes to team fighting as Qiyana, you’re really good as your Ultimate can CC the whole enemy team if you fight around objectives and in the jungle.


While she is one of the latest champions to hit Summoners Rift, Zeri is a strong ADC with tons of outplay potential. If you’re looking for a new ADC to main, give Zeri a go as she is very strong right now.

Firstly, her kit is pretty unique, so it will take a little getting used to, but as you’re already this high of a rank, it shouldn’t take too long to add her to your pool. She has strong skirmishing power great against utility and healing/shielding Supports. She can easily take down any enemy who walks too far forward in the lane with her strong all-in potential.


Senna is the perfect Support when you’re trying to get with the top dogs. Senna is a lane bully who can constantly harass the enemy with her basic attacks and Q.

Post 6, Senna can use her Ultimate to save her allies while they’re skirmishing with the enemy, and she can keep up with the poke and harass as she will be getting lots of stacks on her Passive. All-in-all, Senna is a great, versatile champion who can solo win lanes thanks to her poke and harass.


This is the final part in our series of articles. We hope you’ve found them interesting and insightful. When you’re this high rank, you’ve already learned the basics and a whole lot more. Now’s up to you to be consistent and work on your ego! Hehe.

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