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5 Easiest ADCs to Play in LoL

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5 Easiest ADCs to Play in LoL

The ADC meta right now consists of the same ol’ champions that have been played all year round. ADC in general has one of the smallest pools of champions to learn, but that doesn’t make it the easiest role to master.

When starting off playing the ADC role, it will be highly beneficial if you pick one of these 5 champions as they’re some of the easiest champions on the ADC Tier list. They’re strong in the current meta and are great for beginners.

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1. Ashe

Ashe is a great beginner champion to learn in League of Legends. She is great in both the Support and ADC role. Not only is she easy, but she is good in the current meta, and always seems to handle some of the toughest matchups easily.

Ashe has good poke during the laning phase with her empowered auto-attacks and her W. She can use her W to push and poke the enemy simultaneously. Post 6, Ashe can use her Ultimate to make plays, set up ganks, and get picks, too. During the mid and late game, her Ultiamte will be on a short cooldown, so she can start fights and get picks with her allies too.

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2. Sivir

The second easiest ADC to learn in Season 14 is Sivir. Sivir is a great champion for many reasons. First off, she is quite forgiving as she has a spell shield that can block CC and incoming damage. Sivir also has good poke and wave clear with her Q and W.

Post 6, Sivir can chase the enemy down the lane and use her Ultimate to close the gap between her and the enemy. Outside of the laning phase, she can use her utility spell to buff up her allies so they can quickly collapse on the enemy or escape an ambush. She is probably the most utility-based ADC in the game!

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3. Caitlyn

The third-best beginner ADC in League of Legends is Caitlyn. She is one of the best ADCs to learn who, just like Ashe, seems to always be in the meta. Her long-range allows you to harass and bully the enemy for free. She can also teach you the basics of the role.

Not only is Caitlyn a great champion, but she is also extremely fun, as her play style really lets you test your limits. Limit testing and knowing what you can and can’t do will help you to climb further in the long run, assuming you take on board what happens in your future games.

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4. Ziggs

Ziggs is the only AP champion on our list, and is one of the easiest ADC champions in the game. He is a flexible champion who can be played in either the ADC or Mid lane roles, so if you learn him here, you can also play him in the ADC role.

What makes Ziggs so easy is that he has good poke and wave clear. All of his abilities are easy to land, and he doesn’t really auto-attack like the other ADCs. After you’ve got your first item, you can use your abilities to last hit and poke the enemy ADC or Support at the same time.

Here’s some info to help you play Ziggs in Season 14:

5. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is the last champion on our list. MF is a great starter ADC because she is somewhat forgiving. Her basic attacks deal more damage than other champions, which makes last hitting much easier.

Furthermore, you don’t have to set up the minion wave when it crashes into your tower thanks to this additional damage. You can just hit them after the tower hits them and get all the gold. Miss Fortune also has a lot of poke with her Q and E, which is great during the laning phase.

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The ADC role is one of the most challenging roles in League of Legends because of the number of champions in the bottom lane. This can make it hard to learn the role. By playing easier champions to begin with, you can focus on other things in the lane rather than your mechanics.

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