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5 Champions That Counter Reworked Dr. Mundo

How to Counter Dr. Mundo (Rework) Guide

Dr Mundo is getting reworked on Patch 11.12. The new and improved Mundo is very similar to the old Dr. Mundo, but he is much more of a threat than he once was. Do you think he is in a better place after his rework, or do you prefer the old Dr Mundo?

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down some tips and tricks to help you beat the reworked Dr. Mundo in the Jungle role. While Dr. Mundo can be played in the Top and Jungle role, this guide will be for Jungle only.

If you want to find more tips and tricks to play Dr. Mundo, check out Dr. Mundo’s champion page, which has his new runes, builds, jungle paths, and much more. Not tried the new Dr. Mundo yet? Check out how to play the reworked Dr. Mundo guide!

5 Champions That Counter Reworked Dr. Mundo (Top & Jungle)

  1. Gwen
  2. Ivern
  3. Morgana
  4. Nunu
  5. Rek’Sai

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1. Dr. Mundo vs Gwen

Gwen is one of the strongest champions in the game right now. She is also very good in the Top and Jungle role. Gwen can counter Dr Mundo as her early game is better than his. Furthermore, her Passive and Q makes her incredibly good in 1v1s.

“Don’t waste a minute!” Check out Gwen’s champion page to learn how to play as her!

4 tips to counter Dr. Mundo as Gwen

  • When duelling him, ensure that you use your Q only when you have more than 4 stacks. You are free to use it beforehand in dire situations, though.
  • Get some Grievous Wounds as soon as you can. It will give you an upper hand in duels, especially after level six.
  • Use your W or E to dodge Dr.Mundo’s Q in this matchup. The slow will otherwise allow Dr.Mundo to catch up to you, and you will be forced to duel him.
  • When fighting him, try not to play around choke points. It becomes a lot easier for Dr.Mundo to all-in you in such a situation. Be prepared to counter gank him and use your W with the utmost discretion.

2. Dr. Mundo vs Ivern

Ivern is a gank heavy Jungler who can save his allies in team fights. Ivern also has lots of CC in the form of his Q, E and Ultimate. Ivern is also incredibly mobile, so as long as he can dodge Dr Mundo’s Q, he will be able to get in and out of his jungle with ease.

Ivern looks easy, but he’s not as easy as many players think. Learn the basics of Ivern Jungle by checking out Ivern’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Dr. Mundo as Ivern

  • Avoid getting hit by his q in this matchup. You don’t want to get slowed as you will not be able to stop Dr.Mundo with your Q if his Passive is up.
  • Dr.Mundo’s early clears are a bit slower. You should always try to invade his jungle and take his buffs to slow down his growth in the game. Your Passive will help you massively with this.
  • Counter ganking him will be essential in this matchup. Otherwise, he will become a lot tankier during the mid-game, and keeping him under control will become really hard.
  • Keep track of Dr.Mundo in this lane and always be there to help your team. Your E shield should only be used once Dr.Mundo gets too close to a target.

3. Dr. Mundo vs Morgana

Morgana is powerful in the current meta. She can counter Dr Mundo because of her Q and her Ultimate. Morgana has reasonable objective control and can clear the jungle quickly. Overall, Morgana is a good pick into Morgana.

Morgana is one of the best Junglers around right now. Play her before she gets gutted! Find the recommended Runes and build for Morgana checking out Morgana’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Dr. Mundo as Morgana

  • Don’t use your Q on him when his Passive is up. If he tries to all-in you, just E yourself to mitigate his Q slow and getaway.
  • His early clears aren’t as quick as yours. You may want to invade him and poke him out with your W before going in for a kill.
  • Counter ganking Dr.Mundo will be critical as it will let you foil his plans, and you may be able to get a few kills in the process. Get some Grievous Wounds early on.
  • Ensure that you use your AoE zone control and your quick clears to secure as many neutral objectives as possible. An Elder Dragon makes it really easy for your team to take down Dr.Mundo.

4. Dr. Mundo vs Nunu

One of the biggest counters to Dr Mundo is CC and slows. Even with his Passive, there is no way he can protect himself from everything. Nunu has lots of CC and is great in team fights. Nunu also has good objective control and good ganks.

Learn the latest and greatest Nunu builds by checking out Nunu’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Dr. Mundo as Nunu

  • Always try to CC Dr.Mundo using your W and E. This will let your team burst him down really fast. This should also be your primary strategy during team fights.
  • Your Q will be instrumental to securing a lot of neutral objectives during the early game. Just ensure that you don’t get hit by Dr.Mundo’s Q and then picked off by the enemy.
  • You will want to counter-gank Dr.Mundo as much as possible. This is vital to your success as your kit capitalizes on counter-ganks, and your team will be able to get a massive lead this way.
  • Try to get some Grievous Wounds as this will help your team take Dr.Mundo down during significant fights. You should also use your Ultimate carefully as it can catch the entire enemy team off-guard.

5. Dr. Mundo vs Rek’Sai

Rek’Sai has good ganks early, so she can out gank Mundo in the very early game. Furthermore, she has excellent objective control like many of the other champions on our list. Rek’Sai can also invade Dr Mundo, steal away his camps and escape with ease.

Find the best jungling routes for Rek’Sai by checking out Rek’Sai’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Dr. Mundo as Rek’Sai

  • You should look for early duels with Dr.Mundo, as your E will always give you an upper hand in this matchup. Amplify the dueling potential with a Grievous Wounds item.
  • Your Passive should let you detect Dr.Mundo with ease. This will be really helpful when it comes to letting your teammates know about Dr.Mundo’s whereabouts. It will also let you deep ward the enemy jungle safely.
  • You should have an easy time trying to gank enemies with your E as it can allow you to catch them off-guard and burst them down. Just make sure that Dr.Mundo is not nearby; else, you may not be able to pull off the gank successfully.
  • During team fights, always try to target the enemy backline and kill at least one enemy’s carries. It will also let your team deal with Dr.Mundo efficiently should he decide to go in solo.


That about sums up our guide on how to counter Dr Mundo. If you see him locked in by the enemy Jungler, pick one of these champions to make playing against him easier.

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