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How to Play Reworked Dr. Mundo

How to Play Reworked Dr. Mundo

After a long time, Riot has finally reworked Dr Mundo on Patch 11.12. They’ve been talking about changing Dr Mundo for a very long time and as an avid fan of Dr Mundo, it’s sad to see him get changed, especially after his recent success in Season 11 being a top tier Jungler for an extended period of time.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss some things to help you get started to learn the new and “improved” Dr Mundo.

We will break down his new abilities, Runes and build, jungle path, and much more. Please note this is not going to be an in-depth guide. It is a basic guide to give you some tips to play him once he launches on the live servers.

Here are the things we will be covering in this guide:

  • Dr Mundo’s New Reworked Abilities
  • Build (Runes and Items)
  • Jungle Path
  • Beginner Tips
  • Final Thoughts on the Rework

Dr. Mundo’s New Reworked Abilities

Dr. Mundo’s abilities have changed slightly. Some of them are still the same, but with different animations.

Overall, his kit is very similar, but there are some notable changes. Let’s break down each of Dr. Mundo’s new abilities and his new Passive.

Dr. Mundo’s Passive is Goes Where He Pleases

Reworked Dr Mundo PBE P

This image and ones similar are taken from the LOL Wiki page.

Periodically, Mundo gains immunity to an immobilizing effect. Upon resisting one, he loses 7% of his current health and drops a canister. If he picks up this canister, he heals himself for 8% of his maximum health and reduces his Passive’s cooldown. If an enemy walks over it- it is destroyed.

He also regenerates 2% of his maximum health every 5 seconds.

  • The Passive is quite similar in some regards, but obviously, the big difference is the canister drops. Overall, this is a pretty exciting change for his Passive. At first, I thought it was very similar to Zac blobs

Dr. Mundo’s Q is Infected Bonesaw

Reworked Dr Mundo PBE Q

Dr. Mundo throws his Bonesaw in a target direction, dealing damage and slowing the target. If the target is a champion, he heals himself for 100% of the cost. If it hits something that isn’t a champion like a minion or monster, it refunds 50% of the cost.

  • The Q is pretty much the same. No real changes to it. I am happy that they kept this ability the same because landing the Q is one of the most satisfying things on Dr Mundo, and it would’ve been a shame to see it change

Dr. Mundo’s W is Heart Zapper

Reworked Dr Mundo PBE W

Mundo deals damage to nearby enemies while charging a defibrillator. When he reactivates this ability, he detonates the defibrillator and heals himself for 100% of the damage stored if he hits an enemy with it. If he doesn’t hit an enemy, he heals for 50%.

  • The W is one of the big changes. Previously, the W could be used in various ways and would help you with trading and farming. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can rely on your W as much as old Mundo. However, the new W seems better for trading.

Dr. Mundo’s E is Blunt Force Trauma

Reworked Dr Mundo PBE E

Passive: Mundo gains bonus AD, plus additional AD depending on his missing health.

When he activates this ability, he empowers his next ability, gaining range and dealing additional damage. If he kills the target, the corpse is flung in a line, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through. This ability remains an auto-attack reset.

  • The E is still an auto-attack reset, but it is pretty versatile. With the potential to throw a minion at the enemy, this will be an interesting change. To be honest, this is a good change, and it only looks better with the Corporate Mundo skin.

Dr Mundo’s Ultimate is Maximum Dosage

Reworked Dr Mundo PBE R

Mundo heals himself for a percentage of his missing health while gaining additional damage and movement speed.

  • His Ultimate is pretty much the same. He will still get a ton of sustain out of it and be incredibly tanky.

As you can see, all his abilities are somewhat similar to traditional Dr. Mundo. However, there are added things to his kit to make him less- basic.

You can find more information regarding Dr. Mundo’s abilities by checking our Dr. Mundo’s champion page.

Dr. Mundo’s Build

We’ve done some testing on the PBE to find which Runes are good for Dr. Mundo, and this is the setup we have come up with. The best build and Rune page may not have been found yet because not everybody has access to the PBE to test new builds for him.

Runes + Items

This is a test build for Dr. Mundo. Like we talked about previously, there is no “best setup” for him yet. However, his new build is going to be similar or the same as his pre-rework phase. Check back frequently to see if this build has changed for Dr. Mundo.

Reworked Dr Mundo Runes and Build

Stay up to date with the latest champion builds and get them directly imported into your client hassle-free with the Mobalytics app.

Jungle Route

This will be the recommended jungle route for Dr. Mundo. As you can see, it’s the standard route that most Junglers are currently taking. I recommend sticking to this route to begin with and then slowly moving on to alternative routes once you become more confident with Dr. Mundo.

Please note that this is not the only route that Dr. Mundo can take. This is just one of the good routes that he can potentially take.

“Anyone Seen Mundo’s Brain Scissors?” No? Maybe you could find them over at Dr. Mundo’s guide page, along with additional jungle routes.


Blue side clear for Dr Mundo Jungle.

Beginner Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to give you the heads up over the enemy. We will add more tips and tricks over time.

  • Like previous Mundo, always auto-attack before using your E as it is an auto-attack reset.
  • It’s better to cast your Ultimate before you need it and before it’s too late. Just press the R button as it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • In team fights, unless you have someone who can go into the backline with you, go in and then peel for your carries. As you don’t deal too much damage, it will be hard for you to win the fight if you’re not ahead and your carries die at the start.
  • Prioritise objectives like the Dragon and Rift Herald: they are powerful in the current meta.
  • When activating your W, try to hit a champion with it, so you get 100% of the health back.
  • Try your hardest to pick up Passive drops- it will increase your survivability and improve your chances of winning a skirmish with the enemy.

Dr Mundo Mundo Mundo Skin REWORKED

Final Thoughts on the Rework

I think Dr. Mundo has now been brought up to scratch with a lot of the other champions on Summoner Rift. His kit feels way more modern and reminds me heavily of other skirmish heavy champions like Zac, Sion, and Tahm Kench. I think that Riot made an excellent job of his rework. Will he be better after the rework? Probably. The changes will benefit him more in the Jungle role than Top though.

While I think the rework is good, I don’t think the model is great: he doesn’t feel like a monster at all. Regarding his base skin, I think it’s terrible- so you’ll need to play him with a skin for sure. The skins look good, as so do the splash art.

Like I’ve talked about previously, it’s sad to see Mundo getting changes, but I think it’s somewhat justified. I wish that they didn’t change him because I loved the old Dr Mundo and he was doing good in the Jungle in season 11.


Dr. Mundo hits live servers on Patch 11.12. What do you think of the reworked Mundo? Is he better now, or do you pref the clunky doctor that we have been used to seeing?

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