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Best ADCs For Season 14 Patch 14.1 of League of Legends

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5 Strongest ADCS to Carry With in Patch 14.1

This ADC tier list is now outdated. Click here for the best ADCs to carry with in Patch 14.2.

Season 14 has now begun, and it’s time to get those climbing belts on and try to climb at the very beginning of Season 14. There were a lot of changes that have directly impacted the ADC role, such as item and map changes.

In this article by Mobalytics, we will recommend 5 great ADCs you should be playing this split and this Season in League of Legends. All these ADCs are great on Patch 14.1, so you abuse them while they’re strong. For extra tips to play any of these champs, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

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Vayne is the first champion on our list. Vayne is a dominant ADC in League of Legends who scales incredibly well into the later parts of the game. In the late game, she is unmatched and can win every 1v1 with any ADC in LoL.

Her strength relies in extended trades with the enemy. Thanks to her W, she can deal a lot of damage to one target. In team fights, she can use her Q to reposition and escape the enemy frontline. She is known as a tank buster as she can shred through tanky enemy champions.


Ashe was a strong champion in season 13, but with the item and map changes in season 14, expect her to be a bit stronger this season with some of the good item changes heading her way. Post 6, Ashe is a real monster thanks to her Ultimate.

During the laning phase, she can win extended trades thanks to her Q and W. Post 6, she can use her Ultimate to set up her Jungler, and make plays elsewhere on the map. Ashe is quite immobile, even though she has CC in her kit. Just watch your positioning and avoid getting caught out while over extending.


This champion is one of the most popular champions in LoL. He has been consistently on the top end of the ADC role in League of Legends and is really good in patch 14.1. If you want to learn or play Ezreal, it’s a good idea to try him out he is simple and easy to play.

Ezreal is a lane dominant champion. He can keep poking and harassing the enemy with his Q to get them low. When the enemy is low, Ezreal can all-in a target with his E. Ezreal is also one of the safer ADCs in the game, which allows your Support to roam around the map and make plays else where.


The only AP champion on our list is Karthus, but there are so many good AP champions you can play in the bottom lane. Karthus is a good champion as he is simple but extremely effective throughout all stages of the game.

Karthus can match most champions with his Q damage. He will not win auto-attack fights, so as long as you avoid them in the lane, you will deal a ton of damage via poking. Post 6, look to use your Ultimate (out of range of the enemy Supports CC) and pick up kills across the map!


The final champion on our list is Twitch. Twitch is a strong ADC that is great in the later parts of the laning phase and team fights. His Ultimate is a powerful tool that can shred through the enemy when grouped together.

Twitch is very good in team fights as he will have a lot of attack speed while also dealing a lot of damage. These paired with his Ultimate, will allow him to deal a lot of damage to any target. The problem with Twitch is that you need to get ahead early to really melt the enemy team.

Final Remark

The ADC role is one of the few roles where you have to stick to the meta, otherwise, the enemy will pick an S-tier champion, and you’ll fall flat against them. A strong, S-tier pick is crucial to playing this role.

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