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Best Supports For Season 14 Patch 14.6 of League of Legends

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This list is now outdated. Click here for the best Supports to climb with in Patch 14.7.

5 S-tier Supports in Patch 14.6

The Support role can have the most impact throughout the game when picking a dominant Support. Unfortunately, there are so many good Supports you can play right now that it can be tricky to know who the best Support to pick is truly.

In this article by Mobalytics, we will discuss 5 of the best Supports you can play to help you get climb in Patch 14.6. If you want to learn more tips, such match-up advice and more, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page!

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1. Zyra

Zyra is back on our list of Supports that we recommend you play in LoL patch 14.6. Zyra is a great AP lane bully who can constantly push and poke the enemy. If you play Zyra, you will not only frustrate the enemy but also pick up some really cool skills you can use on many different Supports in LoL.

She is an AP and poke Support who wants to constantly bully and harass the enemy with her Q and E and her plants. A good Zyra will look to bully the enemy in the laning phase constantly. Outside of the laning phase, she has excellent pick potential with her E and Ultimate. Hide in a bush and try to blow someone up who walks nearby!

Cystral Rose Zyra Splash

Zyra Mid Patch Data

  • It doesn’t seem that Zyra will be getting any buffs or nerfs in this upcoming patch. I am happy with this as I play a lot of Zyra, and I feel she is in a good place right now.
  • Right now, Zyra has an impressive win rate of 53.88%. I would highly recommend anyone pick her up while she is still strong.
  • Zyra has a 5.56% pick rate, too.
  • I am a little surprised by her 6.58% ban rate. There are a lot more annoying Supports around right now, so I don’t see why people are banning her.
  • She was played a total of 129,000 times this patch! She is not one of the most picked Supports: far from it actually. But don’t let that discourage you from playing her while she is strong.

2. Brand

At the beginning of the Season, this champion was picked or banned. He was incredibly strong in multiple roles and remains a decent Support. This champion is Brand. Brand is quite like Zyra in many regards. They are both great in team fights, have great poke throughout the laning phase, and deal a lot of damage.

His solo carry potential makes Brand such a strong pick for people who want to climb in LoL. He has good damage output with his abilities, and as he has a lot of AOE damage with his W, E and Ultimate, he is a great team-fighting champion. He is also a flex pick, so if you like playing him in the Support role, you might also enjoy him in the Mid or Jungle role.

Brand Base Splash

Brand Mid Patch Data

  • Brand received some major changes in recent patches, but he isn’t getting any changes in this patch.
  • Even though Brand is not as strong as he once was, he still has a respectable 52.45% win rate. This is really good, considering he everything that has changed to him lately.
  • Brand is a flex pick and can be played in multiple roles. In the Support role alone, he had a 3.23% pick rate.
  • Brand was heavily nerfed in the Jungle role, so he isn’t banned as much right now. If we were using peak stats, it would be much higher than it currently is, at 6.84%.
  • At the time of writing this article, he was played a total of 75,000 times in Emerald+.

3. Pyke

The third champion we recommend you play this patch is Pyke. Hook champions and champions that can make plays are good for climbing in the Support role, as you don’t have to rely on your allies as much. So a champion with CC and kill pressure like Pyke is excellent.

Pyke can be a real nuisance in the lane as he can constantly look for picks with his Q whenever the enemy ADC over-extends or mispositions. If his ADC keeps the wave closer to his side of the map, Pyke can also look for plays with his W and E. Pyke is also a fantastic roaming champion, so if you understand roaming routes and how to roam effectively, then you can also make plays around the map.

pyke Splash 1

Pyke Mid Patch Data

  • At the time of writing this guide, Pyke had the second-highest win rate of any Support. Surprisingly, Riot is not nerfing him this patch.
  • He has a 53.11% win rate on patch 14.5. This just proves our point that he is a great carry Support with good pick potential and play making opportunities.
  • He has quite a high pick rate for a Support. It is currently 7.81%. He is usually the go-to off meta Support for people who want to play engage or carry.
  • Back in the day, Pyke used to be my go-to ban. I hate laning against hook champions, and many players agree. He had a 14.80% ban rate on patch 14.5.
  • Finally, Pyke was played a total of 180,000 times in Emerald+ at the time of writing this article.

4. Rakan

Rakan is another playmaker/hard-engage champion, just like Pyke. If you want to master Rakan in this patch, you need to look for those moments where you can engage and take the enemy down. You must try to make plays whenever possible when playing someone like this.

Aggressive Supports that can make plays are really good at the moment, and as we said earlier, if you want to climb on them then you need to be looking for plays. Look for plays when the enemy over extends or walks too far forward. For instance, you can W when they walk up to last hit, and you can also abuse fog of war or bushes to get suprise engages off to. Like Pyke, try to roam and make plays elsewhere too.

Rakan base Splash

Rakan Mid Patch Data

  • Even though I feel Rakan is really strong, he isn’t getting any changes this patch, which is great if you want to abuse him still.
  • Rakan has a 52.23% win rate on Patch 14.5. Considering he is a hard engage champion who can feed a lot, he has a pretty good win rate.
  • He has a 5.51% pick rate. This is quite high compared to some champions in LoL. He is often picked as a counter to some utility or immobile champions.
  • If I am honest, I am surprised at how low Rakan’s ban rate was- it was only 1.08%.
  • Rakan was played a total of 128,000 times at the time of writing this article.

5. Janna

The final champion on our list is Janna. She is the only non-playmaker Support champion on our list, and she relies on her allies more than everyone else. But don’t let that discourage you from playing her. Champions who are purely utility-based still have a good chance of climbing on this patch. But maybe you’ll want to ban one of these other strong picks if you plan on playing her.

Janna can provide a lot of protection to her allies during the laning phase: using her shield to protect them from incoming damage, her Q and Ultimate to knock away or interrupt engages and W and basic attacks to bully the enemy down. In team fights, Janna is also really strong, as she can keep her allies alive for longer while they dish out damage. But you need to be really careful with your positioning, as Janna is vulnerable and squishy.

Prestige Janna CyberHalo Skin Crop

Janna Mid Patch Data

  • Janna is not getting any buffs or nerfs on this patch, which is a good thing.
  • She has a 54.56% win rate. This is the highest win rate of any Support right now.
  • Currently, Janna has a 10.48% pick rate. This isn’t the highest, as there are some more popular champions but she is the go-to Support when people are auto-filled as well.
  • Janna has a ban rate of 5.40%, which is quite high considering there are many better Support options you could ban instead.
  • She has the most games played right now, sitting at over 240,000 games played on Emerald+.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, climbing can be much easier if you pick one of these 5 champions. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and take our advice to help you climb this Season.

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Table of contents