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Best Supports For Season 14 Patch 14.7 of League of Legends

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5 S-tier Supports in Patch 14.7

The Support role is one of the most diverse in League of Legends. On patch 14.6, there were many Support changes regarding itemisation and gold income. This has made some early-game champions less strong, and the Support meta has shifted slightly. You may have seen some different Support characters, like Camille, being played in the Support role lately.

In this article, we will outline 5 of the best Supports you can play in the upcoming patch to climb with in LoL. If you wish to master any of these champions or learn to play anyone else in LoL, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more!

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Janna is the first champion on our list today. Time and time again, Janna has proven herself to be one of the best Support characters around. She is very consistent and has good sustain and shielding power. She can peel and protect her allies throughout all stages of the game with her Q, W, E shield, and Ultimate’s heal.

The only problem with Janna is that she is incredibly squishy and easy to kill. So, if you want to play her, you need to be careful not to take too much damage and put yourself in a position where the enemy can kill you. Similarly, as she doesn’t deal much damage or make plays, she relies on her team to carry her. So you need to always empower your allies so they can carry.

Janna Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Janna is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Janna has a great win rate in LoL right now. Her win rate is 54.33%.
  • She is also one of the most picked Supports in LoL. She is also the go-to Support for those who are off-role too. She has a 10.69% pick rate.
  • Janna has a low ban rate. There isn’t any point in banning Janna in LoL. Her ban rate is 8.86%.
  • In Emerald +, she was played 190,000 times.


pyke Splash 1

The second champion on our list is Pyke. Pyke is a strong Support with high carry potential. Thanks to his Q, E, and Ultimate, Pyke can be a strong lane opponent and constantly look to make plays in and outside the laning phase. He can carry team fights by pressing R at the right time to execute enemies.

Pyke can be hard to handle when he gets ahead, as he deals a lot of damage unlike other hook Supports like Blitzcrank or Thresh. So he just needs to land 1 Q and then all-in the enemy. Let’s not forget that he is a great roaming champion, too. He can easily roam around the map and help his Jungler or Mid Laner out. Love hook champions and want to carry? Give Pyke a try on this patch.

Pyke Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Pyke is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Pyke has a really good win rate too. His win rate is 52.71%.
  • Pyke has an average pick rate. He is definitely picked more than some champions, but it is only 7.47%.
  • But, Pyke does have a really high ban rate. It is at 17.03%. People do not like laning against hook champions.
  • In Emerald +, he was played 133,000 times.


Brand Base Splash

While Brand’s jungling ability has slightly decreased, he remains a top Support in the meta right now. If you love playing poke Supports with good carry potential, then Brand is the champion for you. He is great in team fights thanks to his AOE abilities and Ultimate. He can force his Ultimate to bounce to enemies while they’re grouped in team fights.

During the laning phase, he has strong poke and can poke from afar with his W and E. He can constantly harass and bully the enemy whenever they walk up to farm. Gaining a significant health advantage in the lane will result in the Brand getting a large lead and a lot of gold. Brand is a carry Support and a flex pick, so you can also play him in the Mid or Jungle roles.

Brand Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Brand is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • In the Support role, Brand has a good win rate of 53.08%.
  • Brand is not picked as much as he used to be, but it is still good at 3.24%.
  • Considering he is played in multiple roles (supp, mid and jungle), he only has a 5.32% ban rate.
  • In Emerald +, he was played 58,000 times.


The fourth and final hook champion we recommend picking is Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is the arch-nemesis of most players in LoL. Playing against a Blitzcrank is extremely frustrating, as one hook often results in your death. If you have previously blown your Flash, you have to play much safer so you don’t die repeatedly.

Blitzcrank is a fantastic roaming champion and can often roam around the map to help his allies pick up more kills. Outside the laning phase, he can look for picks with or without HexFlash to get more kills. Landing 1 good hook on someone in the mid or late game could result in your team being able to take the Baron or Dragon.

Blitzcrank Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Bltizcrank is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Blitzcrank also has a great win rate in LoL right now. His win rate is 53.37%.
  • Blitzcrank has a decent play rate. There are a lot of hook champions to pick from. That is one of the factors to why his pick rate was 7.42%.
  • However, Blitz does have a very high ban rate. As we said, no one likes playing against a hook champion, so everyone tends to ban him. His ban rate is 28.38%
  • In Emerald +, he was played 132,000 times.


Rakan base Splash

The final champion in our recommendation for 14.7 is Rakan. Rakan is the final playmaker and hard-engage champion on our list. He has proven to be a very strong Support in every patch this season. If you love playing play-making champions with strong all-in potential, Rakan might be for you!

Rakan synergises well with many different top-tier ADCs right now, so you can pick him with basically anyone. Even if you don’t do too well in the laning phase together, outside of the laning phase, Rakan can make plays with his W and Ultimate. Rakan can be extremely strong, in team fights getting picks and peeling and protecting his allies with his E and Q.

Rakan Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Rakan is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Rakan has a good win rate in LoL right now. His win rate was 52.77%.
  • He does have a good play rate too, but it isn’t as high as some champions in this role.
  • There is no point in banning Rakan at all. He only has a 1.24% ban rate, and there are so many better bans out there.
  • In Emerald +, he was played 105,000 times.

Final Thoughts

In League of Legends, you will climb faster on champions that are strong, but you’re also comfortable with. If I was learning the Support role, I’d probably pick either Janna or Blitzcrank to play as they’re simple and easy to learn. Want more recommendations? Head over to the Mobalytics Tier List for patch 14.7.