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Best Mid Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.6 of League of Legends

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This article is now outdated. Here’s the updated list of best Mid Laners to climb with in Patch 14.7.

5 OP Mid Laners for Patch 14.6

We’re well into Season 14 of League of Legends: somehow, Patch 14.6 is coming soon. In League of Legends, if you want to climb fast next patch, make sure you pick one of these 5 champions, as they will be strong in Patch 14.6 of League of Legends.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 of the best picks you can abuse this Patch in League of Legends. If you wish to master any of these champions or learn to play anyone else in LoL, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more!

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1. Twisted Fate

Even after Twisted Fate nerfs in recent patches, he is still a really good champion in the Mid Lane. He is good because he has great pick potential throughout all stages of the game with his Gold Card. He has an immaculate gank set up which means his Jungler can just repeatedly gank his lane and get kill after kill.

In the later parts of the laning phase, he can gank his allies with his Ultimate. His Ultimate is a great tool at getting more kills, even though he will not really use it in 1v1 skirmishes unless he is ahead or an enemy is over-extended and low. If you want to abuse TF this patch, ensure you’re playing around your Ultimate and looking to help your allies whenever possible!

Twisted Fate base Splash

Twisted Fate Mid Patch Data

  • Twisted Fate has undergone some pretty substantial changes in recent patches; however, on patch 14.6, Riot seems to be ignoring him.
  • At the time of writing this article, Twisted Fate has a 52.09% win rate.
  • In the current meta, TF is a decent champion in multiple roles. His pick rate is currently 4.77% in this Mid Lane alone.
  • Twisted Fate is strong in multiple roles right now, so expect his ban rate to be higher than usual. It is 14.52%.
  • In Emerald+, Twisted Fate in the Mid Lane was played over 132,000 times.

2. Ahri

Ahri has shown to be a great pick in recent patches after the buffs she has received. She is now a good S-Tier pick, and we recommend that everyone plays her. Not only is she strong with great pick potential (which is crucial in League right now), but she is also extremely customisable as she has so many skins!

What makes Ahri so strong right now is that she has a fantastic build (which you can copy below) that synergises well with her kit. During the laning phase, she has good poke with her Q and W and good all-in potential with her E and Ultimate. Outside of the laning phase, she can roam around the map and help her allies with her Ultimate. All-in-all, Ahri is the perfect mage and it is great to see her being strong again!

Ahri Base Splash Crop

Ahri Mid Patch Data

  • Ahri isn’t getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch. Recently, she received some buffs, which is why she is very strong at the moment.
  • When writing this article, Ahri has a 53.72% win rate. The buffs she received a few patches ago have done wonders for her!
  • Ahri is one of the most popular Mid-Laners in LoL right now. Her pick rate is quite high at 15.02%.
  • After her recent buffs, players are banning Ahri more frequently. She currently has a 7.32% ban rate.
  • In the Mid-lane alone, she had played a total of 418,000 games.

3. Kassadin

Kassadin is another strong champion in the mid-lane right now. With League games lasting a bit longer nowadays, it gives him more time to scale and become a late-game monster. He is great in team fights, and his ability to stick to targets is insane! However, his laning phase can be quite challenging, but if you understand how to survive, when to fight, and how to roam, then you should definitely play Kassadin on this patch!

He is a good counter to many of the current meta Mid-laners and he can win the majority of matchups he is in. Furthermore, as there are a lot of squishy champions being played right now (especially in the jungle or bottom lane), he can abuse them over and over again when he is ahead to pick up even more kills and snowball his lead further. Overall, I highly recommend Kassadin if you like his playstyle.

Cosmic Kassadin Splash

Kassadin Mid Patch Data

  • We don’t see any changes coming to Kassadin or his itemisation in this patch. I think it’s hard for Riot to balance him, as he is so strong when he receives buffs.
  • Kassawin has a 53.46% win rate on patch 14.5. He has proven time and time again to have a good win rate and people who main him tend to have a good overall win rate on Kassadin.
  • He doesn’t have the best pick rate around: it is only 5.30. This could be due to many reasons, but one being that if he falls behind its hard for him to get back in the game.
  • Kassadin has a high ban rate compared to some champions. It is 7.71% right now.
  • And in Emerald+, Kassadin was played over 147,000 times.

4. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a new champion on our list this week, but don’t let that scare you off from playing her. This champion is really good into those melee champions. She has a lot of poke and all-in damage, and it is not uncommon for her to gain a significant lead early on with her Q>E spam. Let’s not forget, that she is great in the top lane too, so if you master her, you can play her in either the top or mid lane.

She is really good at dealing consistent damage over time with her E-spam that melts targets. She can also use it in team fights to shred through those pesky tanks. Team fights are critical in LoL, and thankfully, Cassiopeia has tools in fights to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Her W is a great CC tool, and her Ultimate can make or break a fight if she lands it on the right champion.

Cassiopeia Base Crop

Cassiopeia Mid Patch Data

  • Cassiopeia has not been touched for quite some time! And on patch 14.6, she isn’t getting any buffs or nerfs, either!
  • Her win rate, at the time of writing this article, was 53.72%. This is pretty good, but she doesn’t have that much play time compared to the other champions on our list.
  • She only had a 1.77% pick rate. This has resulted in her win rate being slightly inflated.
  • There isn’t any point in playing Cassiopeia. I guess people ban her because they’re playing melee champions in either the Mid or Top Lane. Her ban rate was 1.54%.
  • In the Mid lane alone, she was played a total of 50,000 games in Emerald+. This would be higher if we used her Top Lane popularity too.

5. Sylas

There are many good champions in the mid-lane right now. Many of them have strong Ultimates that Sylas can steal. Sylas can be really strong depending on which enemy Ultimate he has stolen. For example, stealing away the enemy Amumu’s Ultimate could lead to an insane team fight.

Sylas can be really strong, but his play style is unique. But don’t let that deter you from learning about him. His laning phase can be solid if you play them correctly and learn the matchups. A good Sylas wants to fight frequently, playing around the enemy’s abilities to maximise his success and then looking to make plays around the map to help his allies and to net himself more kills.

Sylas Base Splash

Sylas Mid Patch Data

  • Sylas is in a pretty neutral state right now. In terms of buffs and nerfs, he isn’t receiving any of this patch. So, expect him to remain at roughly the same win rate this patch.
  • He has a good win rate of 52.55% in Emerald+ in the Mid Lane alone. Let’s not forget that you can sometimes find him in the Jungle too!
  • He has a 6.98% pick rate. Players have always loved Sylas ever since his release, so he always has a decent pick rate regardless of strength.
  • I am surprised on how much players ban Sylas. I guess his Ultimate can be extremely strong, and his playstyle can be annoying to play against. He has a 6.58% ban rate right now.
  • Finally, Sylas was picked a total of 195,000 times this patch!

Final Thoughts

And that’s another guide completed! We hope that this article has helped you know who is currently strong in LoL, and potentially inspired you to start that Ranked climb if you haven’t already.

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