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Best ADCs For Season 14 Patch 14.6 of League of Legends

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This ADC tier list is now outdated. Click here for the best ADCs to carry with in Patch 14.7.

5 Strongest ADCS to Carry With in Patch 14.6

The ADC role is one of the most popular roles in League of Legends. There are many fun and strong champions in the bottom lane you can play to climb in Patch 14.5. But which champions are the best this patch?

In this article by Mobalytics, we will recommend 5 great ADCs you should be playing this split and this Season in League of Legends. All these ADCs are great on Patch 14.6, so you abuse them while they’re strong. For extra tips to play any of these champs, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

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1. Ashe

The first champion on our recommended picks for patch 14.6 is Ashe. Ashe has been a reliable ADC for quite some time now. She is great during the laning phase with her empowered auto-attacks and her Q. She has good poke with her W, and good gank-setup and pick potential with her Ultimate.

Outside of the laning phase, she has multiple utility tools that can help her team get picks and secure kills. Her E is extremely good at finding the enemy before your team enters a trap. Using it on objectives can help you save your ally’s lives! Her Ultimate is also really strong when it is on a short cooldown. If she can land her Ultimate on an immobile or key target, she can singlehandedly win her team the game.

Sherwood Forest Ashe Splash

Ashe Mid Patch Data

  • Ashe is not getting any direct buffs or nerfs this patch. So she will remain a potent champion in this patch in both the ADC and Support role!
  • Today, she has a 53.66% win rate in Emerald+ in the ADC role alone.
  • Ashe is one of the OG characters in the game and has been out for a very long time. She is one of the more popular champions in the ADC role, which is why she has a 7.32% pick rate.
  • It is important to note that Ashe is dominant in both the ADc and Support role, so her ban rate is slightly increased due to this. She has a 3.44% ban rate right now.
  • Finally, in Emerald+, Ashe has been played 136,000 times.

2. Jinx

The second champion on our list is Jinx. Jinx is a very popular and famous LoL champion. You may have seen her in Riot Games’ Netflix show, Arcane. Jinx has great synergy with the overwhelming majority of League of Legends characters. She works great with utility champions who can empower her and tank champions who can start fights.

If Jinx is able to get a small lead early, she can quickly snowball and carry from there. She is a real monster in the mid and late game, and if she can get a kill and become empowered, then she will dish out even more damage. The key with her though is to not fall behind. Jinx unlike most of the other champions on our list needs to at the very least go even if she wants to stand a chance in the later stages of the game. If she is behind, then it will be hard for her.

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Jinx Mid Patch Data

  • Jinx isn’t geting any buffs or nerfs right now. I don’t think she needed any buffs anyway as she is really good in her current position.
  • At the time of writing this article, she has a 53.51% win rate, which is really good. She is one of the highest win rate ADCs in LoL right now.
  • Jinx is also a fan-favourite ADC, and people love to play her due to her hyper-carry potential. This is why she has a 12.39% pick rate.
  • Unsurprisingly, people do not really ban Jinx. She is not ban worthy as there are so many other strong champions to band. She has a 0.79% ban right on patch 14.5.
  • Jinx is one of the more popular ADCs right now. She has over 230,000 games played.

3. Twitch

Twitch has shown to be a promising champion to League in the ADC role, and we recommend that you play him if you haven’t already. A good ADC right now needs to be good throughout all stages of the game, and Twitch fits that category. He is great in all stages of the game. He can win 1v1s and 2v2s thanks to his poison, and in team fights he deals a lot of AOE damage so he is great in that stage of the game too.

If you’re looking to pick up Twitch this patch, I would recommend you try to play aggressively frequently and look to make plays quite frequently. Good times to fight on Twitch in the early game are after levels 3 and 4, and especially after you’ve got your first component item. Furthermore, the more points you have in your E, the stronger you will be.

Twitch mafia Splash

Twitch Mid Patch Data

  • Twitch is quite a hard champion to balance in my opinion. If he is too strong, her will be a pick or ban, and we would see him in multiple roles such as the Jungle, Mid and ADC role.
  • In the ADC role alone, Twitch had a very good win rate of 54.15%. This is quite good especially as he is not one of the first choice ADCs to play or learn.
  • Considering his high win rate, he does have a decent pick rate for an ADC too. It is currently 5.9%
  • Twitch has a 3.76% ban rate right now. It is important to note that he is also a Jungler, so his ban rate is slightly increased due to this.
  • In Emerald+, Twitch had over 110,000 games played in the ADC role.

4. Seraphine

The only AP champion on our list, and one of the few decent AP champions in the bottom lane right now is Seraphine. Seraphine received some significant changes in recent patches, but that hasn’t really taken away her strength in this lane.

Seraphine is a good champion with lots of damage and utility. During the laning phase, she has good poke with her Q. This can help her clear waves quickly and poke the enemy down. Post 6, her Ultimate is powerful in team fights as she can CC multiple enemies simultaneously. Even when she is behind, she is good as she can build more utility, and her Ultimate, E and W will always be useful in fights.

Faerie Court Seraphine Splash

Seraphine Mid Patch Data

  • Seraphine received some changes in a previous patch, and I think they did a good job on her. Unless there are surprise changes, it doesn’t look to be that she is getting any other changes.
  • Seraphine has a 53.23% win rate at the time of writing this article. This isn’t too shabby in all honesty.
  • Furthermore, she has a 1.25% pick rate. After her changes last patch, she is not as popular but she is still good!
  • Even though Seraphine can be played in 3 roles (Mid, ADC and Support), she has a very small ban rate of 1.19%
  • In Emerald+, Seraphine was played in the ADC role at least 23,000 games.

5. Vayne

The final champion on our list is going to be Vayne. Vayne has received some nerfs in recent patches, but she is still a decent ADC in the right hands. She still has great snowball potential, and if you can get 1 early kill on her then you will quickly find yourself slowballing and gaining a significant lead over your opponents.

In the current state of League of Legends, there are a lot of tank champions, and Vayne is known to be a great tank buster due to her W which can let her bust through the enemy’s armor. She is also a great scaling champion and strong in team fights too. Games in LoL tend to last a bit longer, so she has time to become a monster. But the issue with her is that she is one of the hardest champions, so you need to practice her more than the other champions on our list.

Vayne Mid Patch Data

  • Vayne also received some changes a few patches ago, so she is a bit weaker compared to before, but Riot thinks she is in a good spot so she isn’t getting any buffs or nerfs.
  • Out of the 5 champions on our list, Vayne has the worst win rate, but let’s remember that she is quite hard to play, and she was recently nerfed, so her win rate is only 51.87%.
  • In the ADC role, Vayne has a 7.07% pick rate. She is popular in both the ADC and Top role, so her pick rate could be much higher.
  • So as we said, she is quite annoying to play against and she once was really strong. This is why she has a higher ban rate of 12.38%.
  • In Emerald+, Vayne was played a total of 130,000 times. This is only accounts for her ADC role, and not the Top lane too!

Final Thoughts

What do you think of our list for this patch? Let us know in the comments below. As always, you should pick champions you are good at and enjoy over playing an ADC that doesn’t suit your playstyle.

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