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Best ADCs For Season 14 Patch 14.7 of League of Legends

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5 Strongest ADCS to Carry With in Patch 14.7

Patch 14.7 is the first patch after major changes to some of the most dominant ADCs were nerfed. In this patch, we expect to see some different ADCs coming into the meta and remaining strong after the 14.6 patch. The ADC role is one of the most popular roles in the game, and there are quite a few good ADCs you can play and abuse to climb in patch 14.7.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 of the strongest ADCs you should be playing on patch 14.7. If you wish to master any of these champions or learn to play anyone else in LoL, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more!

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1. Twitch

Twitch is the first champion we recommend you pick up this patch if you haven’t started playing him already. Twitch is a great champion throughout all stages of the game. Given some time, he can deal a lot of damage and out-trade basically any lane opponent when his E is stacked.

Twitch can dish out a considerable amount of damage in team fights with his Ultimate. During this stage of the game, his E would be maxed out, and he would have a lot of attack speed, damage, and items, which means he would be very strong. As teams will be grouped during this stage, he can deal a lot of AOE damage. If the enemy doesn’t group, he can abuse his Q to sneak up on over-extended targets.

Twitch Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Twitch is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Twitch has quite a good win rate in LoL right now. His WR is 53.88%.
  • He has never been a fan favourite ADC, but he is still played quite a lot. He has a 8.30% pick rate.
  • Twitch is played in multiple roles. Considering this, his win rate is quite low at 7.94%.
  • In Emerald +, he was played 147,000 times.

2. Jinx

Cafe Cuties Jinx Skin Splash Crop

Jinx is the second champion on our list. She is one of the most popular ADCs in the game and has remained that way ever since she was released all those years ago. In the current meta, Jinx is in a strong position, which is one of the reasons why we recommend you play her! One thing that must be considered is a champion’s viability with the Support role. Jinx has great synergy with the majority of good met Supports.

During the laning phase, she isn’t the strongest, but once she has some time to come online, she can be really strong and can snowball quickly. During the mid and late game, she becomes really strong, and if she gets empowered by her allies, then she can dish out a ton of damage. Also, if she gets one kill in a fight, she gains a lot of benefits, which only increases her damage output further!

Jinx Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Jinx is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Jinx is one of the strongest ADCs right now. Her win rate is 54.41%.
  • She is a fan favourite ADC, so she has a high pick rate of 27.31%.
  • Everyone who mains ADC knows how strong Jinx is right now. She has a 13.04% ban rate as players don’t like playing against her.
  • In Emerald +, she was played 487,000 times.

3. Ezreal

While Jinx’s one of the most popular ADCs in the game, but in fact Ezreal is the most popular ADC around. He is one of the most consistent ADCs in the game and he is simple too. If you want to learn a forgiving ADC to teach you the role, then Ezreal might be the champion with you.

Ezreal’s kit is really good as he has his Q, which he can use to last hit minions and poke the enemy down. He has his E,, a dash that can be used as a self-peel tool to help him engage or disengage from a fight. His Ultimate is a great tool that can deal AOE damage to any enemies it encounters. The hardest part about Ezreal is that he has a lot of skill shots.

Ezreal Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Ezreal is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Ezreal has a severely average win rate right now. His win rate is 50.47%.
  • This champion is one of the most popular, fan-favourite champions in LoL. Ezreal always has a high pick rate of 14.87%.
  • Compared to other champions like Smolder, Draven or Yasuo, he has a much lower ban rate of 5.99%.
  • In Emerald +, he was played 265,000 times.

4. Ashe

Ashe is the fourth champion that we recommend you main on patch 14.7. Ashe has been a very reliable ADC for quite some time. She is popular in both the ADC and Support role, too. She has great poke throughout the laning phase with her Q, W and basic attacks. Post 6, she also has great gank setup and pick potential with her Ultimate.

When paired with an aggressive Support that deals damage, they can get kill after kill in the laning phase. Outside of the laning phase, she has multiple utility tools to help her team get picks and secure kills. Her Ultimate will be on a low cooldown, so she can keep throwing it out and catching mispositioned enemies.

Ashe Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Ashe is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • She doesn’t have the greatest win rate of any ADC, but it is still pretty good at 53.36%.
  • Ashe isn’t as popular as she once was. She was only picked 8.30% times this patch.
  • Considering she is played in both the ADC and Support role, her ban rate is only 3.91%.
  • In Emerald +, she was played 149,000 times.

5. Zeri

Zeri Splash 1

The final champion on our list is Zeri. Zeri always feels like a weird champion to me, as she is either feels quite strong or quite weak. This patch, we feel that Zeri will be a good champion to play in LoL. First off, she has a lot of all-in and carry potential, so pair her with a Support who wants to engage and then the 2 of them will work well with one another.

Zeri’s kit is also pretty good. She has a mobility tool that can help her get in and out of fights and reposition away from the enemy. Her Ultimate that is an AOE tool that deals damage which can also destroy shields. This is really important as the popularity and strength of utility Supports has increased. All-in-all, Zeri is a great champion for anyone to play who loves the ADC role. Put in the practice and you’ll soon see yourself climbing in LoL.

Zeri Mid Patch Data

  • According to the patch preview, Zeri is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Zeri has a really good win rate at the time of writing this guide. Her win rate is 51.99%.
  • Her pick rate is on the rise. She had a 13.42% pick rate last patch.
  • Zeri is quite a strong champion, so people are banning her so they don’t come up against them. Her ban rate is 6%.
  • In Emerald +, she was played 239,000 times.

Final Thoughts

The ADC role is very popular and heavily contested. It is important that you play a strong ADC when playing this role, or else you will need help to carry. Weak ADCs consistently get outclassed, so pick someone who is strong, like any of the 5 on our list. Want more recommendations? Head over to the Mobalytics Tier List for patch 14.7.