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Best Mid Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.4 of League of Legends

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This article is now outdated. Here’s the updated list of best Mid Laners to climb with in Patch 14.5.

5 OP Mid Laners for Patch 14.4

If you’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends lately, you would’ve seen a lot of different champions being played in the middle lane. There are more strong mid-lane champions than any other role right now. That has its positives and negatives, though, as it can be hard to know who the best champions are.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 of the best picks you can abuse this Patch in League of Legends. If you wish to master any of these champions or learn to play anyone else in LoL, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more!

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The first champion on our list today is Akshan. Akshan is a ranged champion who has strong all-in. Akshan can abuse some of the strong melee mid-laners with his superior range. This will allow him to gain a significant lead early on, which he can then abuse to gain a large lead.

Akshan is a good choice if you’re looking for a new champion. The reason for this is that he is a flex pick. He can be played in 3 roles, but most notably, he is played in either the Mid or Top lane. If you can master Askhan in one of these lanes, you’ll perform well in the other role, too. So why not give Akshan a chance this patch?

Akshan Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Akshan is not getting touched this patch.
  • Akshan’s win rate in patch 14.3 was 52.5%.
  • He had a 2.7% Pick Rate.
  • It’s important to consider that he does get played in multiple roles, so his ban rate is slightly higher compared to other champions. He had a 4.6% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, he was played 61,806 times.

Twisted Fate

The second champion on our list today is Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate has had an amazing Season so far! The changes he recently received have made him an either better Mid Laner in League of Legends. So what makes Twisted Fate so good? It’s because he has a lot of tools in his kit that can help him in so many different scenarios.

During the laning phase, he might not be the strongest champion, as he is prone to all-ins. This is not ideal, especially as the mid-lane has become longer. But Twisted Fate has a good gank setup with his Gold Card. He also has an Ultimate that can help him roam and help his allies. Roaming Mid Laners are so strong, so picking someone who can roam and make plays is also highly effective. Furthermore, he can get picks with his long-range W in the mid-game.

Twisted Fate Mid-Patch Stats:

  • He is not getting any buffs or nerfs.
  • His win rate in patch 14.3 was 52.6%.
  • He had a 10.9% Pick Rate. This is a bit higher compared to last patch.
  • Twisted Fate has a ban rate of 22.5%.
  • And finally in Emerald+, he was played 252,288 times in the middle lane. This patch in particular, he has quite a good win rate and play rate in multiple roles.


Yone is a really controversial pick in LoL. Right now, players have a love hate relationship with him, especially in the Top Lane. However, Yone can be a really dominant Mid Laner too due to his strong all-in potential. Just like Akishan, he is flexible, so if you learn him in one lane, you can play him in the other too.

What makes Yone so strong is that he can go for all-in after all-in, and constantly look to fight his opponents. With the increased length of the middle lane, he can chase the enemy down the lane and fight them whenever they walk up to get farm. His dash is pretty much a get-out-of-jail-free card too. If you love frustrating your opponents and love skirmishing, Yone should be a champion you look to pick up.

Yone Mid-Patch Stats:

  • He isn’t getting any buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Yone had a win rate on patch 14.3 of 49.5%.
  • He had a 7.8% Pick Rate in the Mid Lane this patch.
  • Yone is really annoying to play against. Unsurprisingly, he has a ban rate of 14.9%.
  • In Emerald+, Yone was played 181,047 times.


The fourth champion on our list today is Kassawin, also known as Kassadin. Kassadin is one of the best scaling champions in League of Legends. The longer the game goes, the stronger he becomes as his Ultimate is quite strong at level 16 when he puts 3 points in it. With games tending to last a little longer nowadays, it allows him time to scale.

While Kassadin is far from the strongest early-game champion, as long as he doesn’t fall behind or get killed over and over again, he will be a real monster in the mid and late game. Kassadin just needs time to come online, so if you understand wave management fully, and are good at managing those waves, then I recommend you pick up and give Kassadin a try this patch!

Kassadin Mid-Patch Stats:

  • They are not getting any direct buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Their win rate in patch 14.3 was 52.8%.
  • They also had a 3.9% Pick Rate.
  • Currently, Kassadin has a 5.2% Ban Rate in patch 14.3.
  • In Emerald+, they were played 89,748 times.


The final champion on our list of some of the best Mid Laners you should be abusing on patch 14.4 is Katarina! Katarina is another strong all-in champion who can get kill after kill during the laning phase. Katarina can be quite hard to play against due to her strong skirmish power and mobility. She can also all-in the enemy if they walk up a little too far. You may have noticed every champion has either strong all-in or pick potential so far.

If you’ve ever seen your allies play as or against a Katarina and they pop off, it’s because her kit allows her to get in and out when attempting risky plays. One early kill can result in Katarina taking over the game as she also has strong roaming power, and can make plays around the map. With the increased length of the middle lane, she can also chase down and all-in the enemy when they walk up.

Katarina Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Katarina isn’t getting any buffs or nerfs this patch!
  • Her win rate in patch 14.3 was 51.2%.
  • She had a 8% Pick Rate.
  • Katarina is one of the most frustrating Mid-Lane champions to play against. No wonder she has a 13.6% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, she was played 184,945 times.

Final Thoughts

That about sums up our guide on the 5 Mid Laners we recommend you play if you want to climb this patch. Please remember that there are a lot of good champions, and these are not necessarily the 5 best. What do you think of the Mid lane meta right now? Let us know below.

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