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Best Junglers For Season 14 Patch 14.4 of League of Legends

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This article is now outdated. Here’s the updated list of best Junglers to climb with in Patch 14.5.

OP Junglers to Climb With in Patch 14.4

The Jungle role is one of the most dominant roles in League of Legends, so picking strong Junglers is crucial if you want to climb in LoL. If you pick a weak champion or someone not on our list, you may reduce your chances of winning the game and climbing in Patch 14.4.

This Mobalytics article discusses 5 of the best picks for the Jungle role in League of Legends. If you wish to master these champions or any other champion within the League of Legends roster, be sure to visit Mobalytics’ Champion Page..

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The first champion we recommend you play this patch is Bel’Veth. Bel’Veth has shown time and time again why she is one of the best Junglers in LoL. With her unique kit and skirmishing power, she can take over the game from minute 1. Her annoying to-play-against playstyle is very strong in LoL right now.

As we mentioned, she is a great skirmishing champion. This means she can invade the enemy Jungler and fight them whenever she sees fit. This is ideal in the current meta, as you must fight often to get an early lead. Not only that, but she also has great objective control. If you’re new to LoL, you might not know, but the objectives are super important, and you need to take them. Bel’Veth can do this easily.

Bel’Veth Mid-Patch Stats:

  • It doesn’t look like Bel’Veth isn’t getting any changes this patch.
  • Her win rate in patch 14.3 was 52.2%.
  • She had a 5.7% Pick Rate.
  • Bel’Veth has a 10.6% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Bel’Veth was played 91,576 times.


The second champion we recommend you pick up is Nidalee. This is the first time in a while we’ve recommended Nidalee in our list of the best picks, but she has been a good Jungler ever since the Season has started. It’s key to remember that there are a lot of Junglers who are good, so we could make this list a lot longer than 5 champions!

What makes Nidalee a good Jungler is her high skirmishing power and her skills that allow her to get in and out of fights, invade the enemy Jungler and take down any champion who tries to fight her. She is strong in the early game, so she can gank her allies often too. As we previously said, objective control is important. Nidalee can easily take the Grubs without any assistance.

Nidalee Mid-Patch Stats:

  • They are not getting any direct buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • Their win rate in patch 14.3 was 52.3%.
  • They also had a 6.1% Pick Rate.
  • Currently, Nidalee has a 7.1% Ban Rate in patch 14.3.
  • In Emerald+, they were played 101,285 times.


A champion we haven’t talked about for a while but who has shown a good performance for some time is Kayn. Kayn is a fun champion with great skirmishing power. The current nature of League of Legends is to skirmish early and a lot. Kayn naturally wants to do this so he can get his transformation.

He can use the terrain and the adjustments in both the Top and Bot lanes to get ganks off and chase down his opponents. With his E, he can ignore wards and get over walls. Another good thing about his kit is that he is very versatile, so you can be an assassin that one-shots champions or a tank that one-shots champions! The combinations are endless!

Kayn Mid-Patch Stats:

  • It’s unknown whether Kayn is getting any buffs or nerfs.
  • Kayn’s win rate in patch 14.3 was 51.3%.
  • He had a 9.1% Pick Rate.
  • Currently, Kayn has a 9.3% Ban Rate in patch 14.3.
  • In Emerald+, Kayn was played 145,102 times.


Jax is one of the easiest champions on today’s list. He is a strong Jungler with good kill pressure and skirmishing power. If you love to fight and outplay the enemy with your E, then Jax might be the champion for you. He is also one of the best beginner champions to learn the role.

You may have noticed, or if you’re playing League right now, you know how important skirmishing and taking major objectives is. Jax can take these objectives after level 4 and his first back. He can kill the Grubs easily, which is ideal to help your team get a lead. After the Grubs have died, he can prioritise the Dragon without help too!

Jax Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Jax doesn’t look to be having any nerfs or buffs headed his way.
  • Their win rate in patch 14.3 was 50.1%.
  • Jax had a 3.1% Pick Rate in the Jungle this patch.
  • It is important to note that Jax is a flex pick and can be played in multiple roles. He is also a strong Top laner right now, which contributes to his 16.7% Ban Rate in patch 14.3.
  • In Emerald+, they were played 50,836 times.

Master Yi

The final champion on our list is Master Yi. Master Yi is another simple champion that can help you learn the Jungle role. Don’t let his simplicity fool you, though; he is a very strong champion and has one of the best solo carry potentials in the game. One kill early could result in an extreme snowball.

Master Yi can take the 3 Grubs very early on with the help from his Q and E. These early buffs for his team will help them in the laning phase. After this, he has a good chance of taking the Dragon, and let’s not forget how strong of a ganker he can be. If he abuses the map terrain, he can gank his allies repeatedly and chase the enemy down the lane.

Master Yi Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Master Yi isn’t getting any direct buffs or nerfs this patch.
  • His win rate in patch 14.3 was 52.3%.
  • He also had a 7.3% Pick Rate.
  • Currently, Master Yi has a 13.4% Ban Rate in patch 14.3.
  • In Emerald+, they were played 120,022 times.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, climbing in Patch 14.4 can be made a lot easier by picking one of these 5 champions. Don’t forget that skirmish-heavy champions are OP right now, so pick one of these or another skirmish-heavy champion to find success in this patch.

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