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Best Junglers For Season 14 Patch 14.5 of League of Legends

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This article is now outdated. Here’s the updated list of best Junglers to climb with in Patch 14.6.

OP Junglers to Climb With in Patch 14.5

The Jungle role is the most impactful in League of Legends this Season. You need to prioritise skirmishing and taking those grubs to gain bonuses for you and your team. This is why picking a strong champion in LoL is crucial to climbing.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best picks for the Jungle role in League of Legends. If you wish to master these champions or any others within the League of Legends roster, be sure to visit Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

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Nocturne is the first Jungler we recommend you pick if you’re looking to solo carry and dominate your opponents in LoL this patch. You will notice that just like Nocturne, every champion on this list can snowball and take over the game.

What makes Nocturne so strong is his ability to skirmish and fight basically anyone who tries to 1v1 him. He also has a lot of damage in the early game. This allows him to take the grubs which are very important in the current meta. Post 6, a good Nocturne will be proactive with their Ultimate and constantly look for picks when it is up.

Nocturne Mid-Patch Stats:

  • As far as I know, there are no buffs or nerfs to Nocturne this patch.
  • His win rate on patch 14.4 was 50.2%.
  • Nocturne had a 7% Pick Rate.
  • Players were banning Nocturne at a rate of 16%.
  • In Emerald+, Nocturne was played 103,000 times.


The only AP champion on this list is Brand. Brand is one of the best meta champions right now thanks to his high skirmishing power and his ability to fight enemy champions. While he is quite immobile and squishy, if you know how to play around his weaknesses, you will see yourself dominating the enemy opponents.

He is really good in team fights, thanks to his Ultimate. Getting a good Ult off on multiple enemies will deal a lot of AOE damage to multiple people at once. This is crucial as team fights are so important in LoL right now, and picking a strong team-fighting champion will increase your chances of winning games.

Brand Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Brand is getting some nerfs this patch. He will not be as strong, but don’t underestimate him. He is still will be a great pick in the Jungle role.
  • His win rate in patch 14.4 was 51.8%.
  • In the Jungle role alone, he had a 5.8% Pick Rate.
  • So Brand is really strong, and that’s one of the reasons he is banned so much. But, he is also played in the Support and Mid lane too, so his ban rate of 12.9% is slightly skewed.
  • In Emerald+, Brand was played 86,000 times in the Jungle role.


Bel’Veth is the next champion on our list. Bel’Veth is strong because her skirmishing power is very high, and she can fight any champion in the game. She also has great objective control, so if she focuses the objectives, she can provide her team with a large lead.

A good Bel”Veth will be looking to constantly skirmish with the enemy Jungler by invading them over and over again. Gaining a lead will generate a much stronger lead as the game develops if you keep going after the enemy Jungler and invading them repeatedly. Don’t forget though, you must keep applying pressure, securing those objectives and looking for picks.

Bel’Veth Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Bel’Veth is, unfortunately, receiving 2 major nerfs. The first is a bugfix, but the second is to her overall strength. While these nerfs are going to impact her, she is still going to be good.
  • Bel’Veth win rate in patch 14.4 was 52.1%.
  • She had a 6.9% Pick Rate.
  • Bel’Veth is one of the most picked and banned champions in the game. She had a 15.5% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Bel’Veth was played 102,000 times.


Briar is one of the newer champions to come to League of Legends, even though she has been out for a really long time. Briar is extremely potent in League right now due to her very high skirmishing power and ability to solo any champion she comes up against.

Another thing that makes her really strong his her Ultimate, which she can use to close the gap between her and her opponents. In team fights, she can use it on the enemy backline, taking out and focusing the enemy ADC and making the fight more favourable. Want to know how to get ahead early on Briar? Play around your R and look for ganks whenever it is up.

Briar Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Briar has managed to escape the patch hammer, and isn’t getting any direct buffs or nerfs.
  • Briar’s win rate on patch 14.4 was 51.9%.
  • She was also one of the most popular Junglers being played this patch, that is if you managed to play her! She had a 5.8% Pick Rate.
  • If you weren’t picking Briar, you were banning her. She had a 18.6% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Briar was played 86,000 times.


The final Jungler we recommend you pick (who is not even the worst Jungler on our list) is Kha’Zix. Kha’Zix is a very strong duelist with great carry potential. If you get one early kill on him, you can constantly look to fight the enemy Jungler and snowball from there.

Pre-6, Kha’Zix has good objective control with the grubs. He can easily take them, or fight the enemy Jungler for them. Outside of this, he can secure the 2nd Grubs, the Rift Herald and the Dragons. He doesn’t need much help when it comes to soloing objectives as his Q can make them easier to take down.

Kha’Zix Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Kha’Zix isn’t getting any major changes this patch. So he will remain a dominant force on patch 14.4!
  • His win rate on patch 14.4 was 51.7%.
  • Kha’Zix had a 8.3% Pick Rate.
  • While he is quite good, Kha’Zix only had a 5.6% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Kha’Zix was played 121,000 times.

Final Thoughts

In Patch 14.5, there are a ton of good Junglers you can play and exploit to climb. Make sure you pick one of these 5 champions or champions with similar skirmishing power and strength. We hope that this article has provided you with some inspiration to help you climb this patch!

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