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Best ADCs For Season 13 Patch 13.23

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This article is now outdated. Click here for Patch 13.24 recommendations.

5 Strongest ADCS to Carry With in Patch 13.23

In Patch 13.23, you will increase your chances of winning games by picking ADCs that are strong and are S-Tier. In this Patch of League of Legends, these ADCs are the best ones you can pick this patch.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will talk about 5 of the best ADC champions you should be playing this patch. We will break down why they’re good, discuss their build and give you some tips and tricks as we go along.

If you want to learn more tips on how to play as any of these champions, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

There are some other strong S-tier picks this patch. You can find more S-tier picks on the Mobalytics Tier List for Patch 13.23. Please note the data we are using is mid-patch data, all servers and all ranks.


As games tend to last a bit longer nowadays, this champion can come online and dominate the late game. Vayne can be an extremely dangerous champion to play again; the longer the game goes, the stronger the sheep becomes. Even though she’s known as a late-game monster, she is also so strong during the laning phase.

Regardless of whether she is paired with an aggressive Support or somebody who can empower her, Vayne can be extremely obnoxious to play against. She has very strong all-ins, and the longer trades go, the more damage she will deal thanks to her W. Unfortunately, she is extremely hard to play, but if you put time and effort into learning her, you will climb quickly.

Vayne’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 52.1% in 1,422,00 games.


Ashe is arguably one of the stronger picks on our list right now. Her simple champion design allows anyone to learn and master her quickly. The great thing about this champion is that she is great throughout all stages of the game thanks to her Ultimate.

A good Ash player will be looking for pics whenever their Ultimate is up in the mid and late game. It will be on a shortish cooldown which is great because you can throw it out quite frequently. You only need to land one good Ultimate on a key target and they will die. This is true throughout all stages of the game.

In Patch 13.23, Ashe achieved a win rate of 51.5% in 1,415,000 games.


Ezreal it’s the next champion on our list. He is one of the most popular champions in the game and because of this, Riot always have him in a favourable spot (he’s never super strong, but he is not weak either).

He is a great champion to learn because he is simple yet strong. He has good all-in potential with his E, which can be used aggressively or in a defensive manner. He is also good as soon as he is completed his first component item. The basic gameplay of playing Ezreal is to poke, poke and poke some more then all-in the enemy.

On Patch 13.23, Ezreal had 50.5% in 2,800,000 games.


Jhin works well with many engage champions, and as engage champions are meta right now, he is doing very well as well, which is why we recommend you pick him.

During the laning phase, he can layer his CC tool to increase the lockdown duration. This is important because it can increase your team’s chances of killing that target. Similarly, his ultimate is incredibly strong too. During the mid-game, he can use it to pick off champions who are overextended thanks to its damage output and the slow.

Jhin’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 51.5% in 1,725,000 games.

Miss Fortune

The next champion on our list is Miss Fortune. This champion can be pretty hit or miss, but if you pick her and adjust your build according to the enemy team composition, you will do just fine on picking her.

She can often out-poke and out-trade even the best champions in the lane. She has a lot of poke with her Q and E, and her auto attacks hurt a lot as well, thanks to her Passive. Pair her with an all-in Support Leona, and you are going to get at least one kill whenever your Ultimates are up.

And finally, Miss Fortune’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 52.5% in 1,297,000 games.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other roles, you must focus on picking good champions in this patch. And with that statement, we come to the end of this article. We hope you enjoyed it and that any of these 5 champions fits your play style.

You can find tips and tricks on how to play these champions on their Champion Page.