10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

Banning the most annoying or strongest champions in League of Legends is something you should do in every game you play. I would always advise to ban a champion rather than ban nothing, but each is to their own.

Some champions receive more bans than other champions in the game. This may be due to several issues ranging from overall strength in the current meta, how annoying they’re to play against, or how easy it is to carry on them.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will list 10 of the most banned champions in League of Legends on patch 12.1. This list is in order from most banned to least banned. We are also using stats from around the globe, at all ranks. The number is also rounded to the nearest whole number. Sign up to Mobalytics for more tips to improve your climb!

Top 10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

  1. Zed
  2. Morgana
  3. Yasuo
  4. Master Yi
  5. Yone
  6. Vayne
  7. Blitzcrank
  8. Shaco
  9. Irelia
  10. Tahm Kench

1. Zed (50%)

Zed is the most banned champion in the game. This is due to his popularity and overall strength in the mid and jungle roles. He also has excellent solo carry potential, which is excellent for solo queue.

He’s also a ninja, and many gamers like ninja’s in general, which is another factor to consider.

Learn how to play Zed by checking out Zed’s champion page.

2. Morgana (33%)

Morgana is very strong against champions and team comps with a lot of CC. Morgana’s Black Shield is excellent as it can prevent an ally from being CC’d. She is a go-to ban for many Blitzcrank, Thresh and Leona players.

She is tough and frustrating to deal with because of her Q duration. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another deciding factor.

Learn how to play Morgana by checking out Morgana’s champion page.

3. Yasuo (30%)

Yasuo Yasuo Yasuo, what do we say about him? It’s pretty obvious to see why Yasuo is in the top 3 champions banned on patch 12.1. He is frustrating to play against, heartbreaking to play with, and whenever he is on your team, he’s a potato, but when he’s on the enemies team, he’s a Challenger smurf.

His mobility and all-in potential is another thing to consider when it comes to banning a champion. I’m not too fond of his mobility personally.

Learn how to play Yasuo by checking out Yasuo’s champion page.

4. Master Yi (30%)

Master Yi is a very strong Jungler with great carry potential. I think it’s justified to see Master Yi on our list due to his popularity and his overall strength in the lower ranks. He can be tough to play against, even with the smallest of leads.

An easy champion with strong carry potential is deadly in League. No wonder people ban him an awful lot.

Learn how to play Master Yi by checking out Master Yi’s champion page.

5. Yone (28%)

You couldn’t have one without the other, right? Yone is the 5th champion on our list. He is pretty strong in the current meta, thanks to the synergy between him and the Lethal Tempo Rune. Mixed with his obnoxious laning phase, Yone can be a real pain to deal with.

Although he is pretty hard to master, he feels a lot easier and more forgiving than Yasuo… Yeah, let’s keep banning this champ.

Learn how to play Yone by checking out Yone’s champion page.

6. Vayne (26%)

Vayne is a solo queue monster with great carry potential with a slight lead. In addition to this, as games generally last longer nowadays with the introduction of the new drakes, she can be a real problem as the game goes along.

She’s a tough one. She can be easy to handle or an absolute menace. Her carry potential is the issue, in all honestly.

Learn how to play Vayne by checking out Vayne’s champion page.

7. Blitzcrank (26%)

Blitzcrank is obnoxious and strong. One well-timed hook can cost you your life and the laning phase. Many ADC mains or players who love utility champions vouch to ban this champion every single game because of his Q alone.

As a Support main, I don’t usually ban Blitzcrank, but I do switch up my ban if I play against him and get stomped by him… Whoops.

Learn how to play Blitzcrank by checking out Blitzcrank’s champion page.

8. Shaco (26%)

Shaco is very strong in the current meta and can solo carry games. Firstly, he is powerful in 1v1s and can escape poor skirmishes freely with his Q. Furthermore, Shaco has so much mobility that he can be anywhere at any given time.

Above all, he is more annoying than anything, but that makes him stronger to play against. Frustration can make or break a champion in LoL.

Learn how to play Shaco by checking out Shaco’s champion page.

9. Irelia (23%)

Irelia can be annoying to deal with when she is ahead. Her Passive and Q makes her extraordinary in skirmishes. I’m not entirely sure why she is in the top 10, though; maybe I’m missing something? Why do you think she’s one of the most banned champions in League?

Despite this, Irelia is one of the most mechanically demanding champions in the game. Proper use of her Q can save her life, win her trades and help her dominate. One Q wrong, and she loses the trade or dies.

Learn how to play Irelia by checking out Irelia’s champion page.

10. Tahm Kench (21%)

Tahm Kench is a powerful duelist who doesn’t even need to get kills or be ahead to be annoying. I’m sure this ban is for the top lane as he is hardly ever seen in the support role nowadays.

It’s nice to see the frog being picked up so much after his rework. Let’s hope his popularity remains and people still enjoy him after his changes.

Learn how to play Tahm Kench by checking out Tahm Kench’s champion page.


Did any champion on our list surprise you? Do you think there should be someone else on our list too? Let us know your thoughts! For more articles, head to Mobalytics!

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