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10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

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10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

In League of Legends, you should have a go-to ban. A champion you always ban, as you don’t want to play against them. The reason you ban them may differ from one person to another. For instance, you might not want to play against someone as they’re a direct counter to your champion, or you think they’re really strong in the current meta, or they have tools in their kit that frustrate you.

Whatever your reason for banning a champion is, you will see the same champions being banned over and over again in LoL, and in this guide by Mobalytics, we will list the 10 most banned champions on patch 14.6 in League of Legends. All the data we are using in this article comes from patch 14.6, is global and all servers, and is Emerald+.

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Blitzcrank (28.73%)

The first champion on our list is Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank’s play style is quite frustrating because he can constantly look for plays with his Q. If he can land one hook on you, you will either blow Flash, lose a lot of health, or die. League of Legends is such a snowball-heavy game that one death can make you fall far behind.

Another reason why he is banned so much is because he is so difficult to lane against when you do not have a dash or your Flash. With the increase in squishy and immobile champions in the bottom lane, people tend to ban him so they don’t get caught out over and over again.

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Smolder (26.40%)

The second most banned champion is Smolder. He is the newest champion in the game, and while his kit on paper seems very basic, he can become extremely strong as the game progresses. This is especially true when he gets his stacks and can execute enemies. He also has other good team fighting tools, such as a mobility tool and an AOE Ultimate.

Team fighting is a crucial aspect of League of Legends, where he truly shines. He can execute enemies over a certain percentage of health, so you either need to kill him first or back off in time (which can be hard to do). It is easier for people to ban this champion because he is so annoying to play against.

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Shaco (24.40%)

The first jungler on our list is Shaco. He is the go-to ban for many players due to how frustrating he is. His Q allows him to go invisible, which makes it really hard for you to track him. He can also ignore wards and has unique gank paths, which also makes it hard to ward against him.

Another thing that may be considered is how the current meta in the bottom lane has so many squishy and immobile champions. He can abuse these champions over and over again and get himself a significant lead. With only a small lead, he can snowball dramatically and take over the game. The only way of preventing him from getting a lead is by denying him kills which isn’t always possible in lower ranks.

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Volibear (22.86%)

Volibearis one of the surprising champions on this list. However, his banrate is slightly higher than some champions because he can be played in multiple roles. This negatively impacts his ban rate and makes it higher than it should be. Volibear can be played in the jungle and top lane.

Right now, Volibear has multiple good builds which makes him quite versatile. If he goes for a more poke-heavy build, he is going to constantly bully you down from afar and make it hard for you to lane against him. You can’t really all-in him either as he is quite tanky even with an AP build. All in all, people are banning him due to his annoyingness in the laning phase.

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Zed (22.11%)

Zed is one of the most popular champions in League. It should be obvious why he is so popular, but if there isn’t it’s because of his playstyle and the fact that he is a ninja. For the most part, all the ninja champions are popular. Zed, while not as strong as he once was, does see play in both the mid and jungle roles.

However, people banned this champion because they did not want to play against him. As an assassin, one kill can result in him snowballing and getting kill after kill. He is a great roaming champion; if your team does not back off in time, he will kill them. It can be difficult to lane against him due to his strong all-in potential. He can constantly run you down the lane and kill you repeatedly.

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Yasuo (20.45%)

Yasuo is another versatile champion who can be played in multiple roles, so again, that slightly influences his ban rate. He can be played in top, mid and ADC roles, and in the ADC role, he can be very hard to handle, especially when he is paired with an all-in support. Similarly, there are a lot of squishy champions in the game right now, so he can easily kill them.

Just like Zed, he can run you down the lane whenever he wants to. This can make it hard for you to play against him, especially if you are immobile. If you want extra protection, you need to keep the minion wave close to your side of the map, if you want to stand a chance of surviving against him. The best thing you can do against this champion, is to avoid feeding him and playing with your jungler to set him behind.

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Darius (20.05%)

Darius is one of the most frustrating champions to lane against. You cannot duel him because he will just out damage you with his Passive and his W. One auto-attack can deal considerable damage and make you lose a lot of health. The problem with him is, he is so strong in the current meta and has been a consistent S-tier pick for some time.

He is the go-to ban for many top laners purely because he is so annoying to play against, and honestly, I don’t blame anyone for banning him. We can only hope that Riot nerfs him soon, which will force players to stop banning him as often. That if you are interested in free ELO, why not to give him a try!

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Karma (19.13%)

I am surprised that players are still banning Karma. In previous patches, she was very strong in the mid-lane. She would just poke you down and keep pushing you under your tower. Even with the nerfs, she is still a high priority ban for a lot of players. I feel like there are better champions to ban than her right now.

Something to keep in mind is that she can be quite obnoxious to lane against, regardless of what role she is being played. In the bottom Lane, she has a lot of poke, and when paired with an equally aggressive AD Carry, they will look to bully you and push you under your tower. In short, people are banning her not just because of her strength, but because of annoying play style.

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Draven (18.62%)

It should be clear to everyone why this champion is on our list. One kill, and the game is over for you. Play safe and prevent him from getting a lead, and you’ll be in with a chance! Draven is one of the most snowball-intense champions in the game, and if you are an AD carry or Support main, he might be your go-to ban.

Due to his Passive, he can create a large gold lead just by getting an early kill. This can give him an early item advantage, making it impossible for you to lane against him. You can only handle him by locking him down in team fights, shutting down his early game, or defaulting to banning him.

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Hwei (17.38%)

The final champion on our list is Hwei. He is one of the newer champions in the game and can be played in multiple roles. One of the main reasons people ban him is that they don’t really understand what his kit does. It is quite complex, and I think this is one of the scary things about him.

He has a lot of poke, great wave clear, and is also very strong in team fights due to his AOE Ultimate. He has a lot of tools in his kit to bully you down and win trades, which makes it quite hard to play against. But also, when you don’t know what a champion does, you’re also at a disadvantage, which could be one of the reasons that people ban him.

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Final Thoughts

What do you think of this list of bans? Are any of them your go-to bans as well? If you don’t ban any of these champions, who do you ban? Right now, my preferred ban is either Draven or Smolder, as I think they’re broken in LoL right now!

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