OPGG is the most popular statistics website for League of Legends. The Seoul-based company combines a robust database with a simple UI to help summoners track their stats over time and research the performances of others.

Their website was released in January 2013 and quickly became the default place to go for stats for millions of Summoners around the world. Here you can see the first version of their website.



Like many League of Legends players, we’ve used OP.GG for a very long time.
Here are some of the features that we think really shine.

Summoner Stats

One of the first and most used features that OPGG really nailed down was their summoner stats.

They were able to bring a clean and compact interface to the data that was available from the Riot API and became the standard for all stats sites.

Live Game

OPGG’s Live Game functionality always comes in handy when you’re tracking high-level players like pros and one-tricks that play your champion.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how a build really works so seeing it in action before you try it yourself can make the learning process smoother.


Whether it’s win rate, pick rate, or ban rate, OP.GG does a great job of letting you research stats on champions.

We love how you can find champions for every role and have an idea of their standing in the current meta based on the tiers given by the site.

What we were missing in OPGG and why we decided to build mobalytics

We built Mobalytics to help every player of any skill level find out their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with advice for how to improve.

Despite OPGG being an amazing resource to see your match history, summoner info, and champion stats, it can be difficult to understand how to really improve your performance outside of “die less” or “farm better”.

We’d often see players sharing their OP.GG profiles in places like League of Legends Reddit asking higher-level summoners to help them understand their stats and how they could get better.

Our team felt that every player should be able to learn and improve from their play without always needing help from another person. With this problem in mind, we decided to create the first version of the Mobalytics Gamer Performance Index (GPI).

Our goal was to help every summoner, whatever level they are, to understand and visualize their performance.


OP GG provides you with all type of stats while Mobalytics helps you understand your data and gives you personalized advice for how to improve.


OP.GG focuses on giving summoners statistics based on their individual match history and champion pool.

Players can find summoners across most servers and even see the leaderboard of the top players for each region.

Overall, the site focuses on providing straightforward information in a simple and easy-to-consume format.


Mobalytics interprets all of a summoner’s games and stats in order to display their unique playstyle as a player.

The Gamer Performance Index (GPI) makes it easy for anyone to understand their strengths and weaknesses since they are displayed with a simple graph.

Once they receive their GPI analysis, players are given specific advice for how they can individually improve.


While designing the GPI for ourselves, we decided to take it even further and build some additional cool features that we hope you find useful.

Live Companion

Get Everything You Need Before a Match Begins

OP.GG’s Live Feature focuses on finding games and spectating. Our Live Companion helps players get ready for their very next game by providing information on every summoner in their match as well as matchup advice and build recommendations.

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less-plans-ico Tier List

Dominate the Meta with Expert Recommendations

Every patch, Mobalytics experts analyze every buff and nerf to champions and items to rank the best champions for both low ELO and high ELO. The champions are also categorized by how difficult they are to learn. It’s a very useful tool for building a summoner’s champion pool.

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See Your Big Picture Development as a Player

The GPI is designed to give you an idea of who you currently are as a player and how your skills have progressed overtime. Within any skill, you can see the ups and downs of its progression to help you focus your practice and efforts.

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See ALL Your Games With The Ultimate Match History

The Mobalytics Profile offers all the standards like runes and builds that OP.GG has, but also includes unique features like a Daily Activity calendar that makes it easy to understand your most effective days for playing and the win rates for each.

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less-plans-ico Champions

Get All Champion Knowledge at your Fingertips

This is your all-in-one shop for learning about champions! We include everything from rune and item builds to combos and advice. If you want to learn more, we even include links to resources such as champion communities.

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