LoLKing was a League of Legends site that primarily provided player statistics and hosted written champion guides for improving.

The site was able to give an opportunity to hundreds of summoners to express themselves through the champion guides.

The website was released in January 2012 – here, you can see one of the first versions of their website. Unfortunately, LoLKing was shutdown in October 2018.



Like many League of Legends players, we will always remember LoLKing, its cool features, and the community that grew around it.

Champion Guides

Hundreds of thousands of summoners spent millions of hours reading through champion guides and going through stats for their favorite champions.

The guides let summoners view their champion data along with item builds, runes, and masteries.

3D Model Viewer

For video content creators, the 3D Model Viewer was an essential resource to get champions and skins to use them in creative ways.

Members of our own team have utilized this feature in the past and were saddened by its removal.


One of our favorite things about LoLKing was that the majority of the guides were community driven. Writers were able to make a name for themselves with quality content.

BTW, If you were one of the guide creators and looking for a way to keep creating educational content for League, feel free to send us a note.

What we were missing in LoLKing and why we decided to build mobalytics

We built Mobalytics to help every summoner to understand their strengths and weaknesses as a League of Legends player.

For a long time, LoLKing was one of the most detailed websites for learning League of Legends. It was a place where you could easily find all the necessary info about the game, whether it was a champion you wanted to play, a skin you were thinking about buying, and much more.

However, based on our experiences as players, coaching players, and talking to players, having a good idea about your champion or even the matchup you’re going to face in your role is not enough to consistently improve and climb.

Mobalytics is all about teaching the fundamentals of League and building upon them. We created the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) to allow players to easily understand who they are as a player and their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Mobalytics GPI


LoLKing provided a way to learn how to play champions outside of game while Mobalytics acts as a personal coach that gives you the advice necessary to improve as an overall player.

LoLKing Champions Mobalytics Champions


It’s difficult to fully compare LoLKing and all of the features today since the website is not available anymore. The one that will always stick out in our minds was its strength as a learning resource.

We will always remember their in-depth champion guides that included item builds, skill orders, runes, and masteries.

Players were always able to use it as sort of a Wiki-like reference for how to best play their favorite champions.


Mobalytics and its GPI feature improve upon LoLKing by teaching summoners how to be a better overall player rather than just learn how to play a champion.

The eight fundamental skills that the GPI focuses on are Aggression, Consistency, Farming, Fighting, Objectives, Survivability, Versatility, and Vision.

Based on their unique scores, Mobalytics gives advice and resources to help players truly improve and climb consistently.


From day one, we were designing a solution to provide you with all you might ever need to get better and have more fun playing League of Legends.

Mobalytics Pre Game
Pre Game

Get The Best Plan For Winning Your Next Game

The Mobalytics Pre Game feature is designed to give you everything you need to secure a victory in your very next game. Our experts curate champion-specific matchup advice, power spikes, builds, and more to help you understand how you should strategically approach your match.

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Mobalytics Dashboard
GPI Icon Dashboard

Access All The Tools You Need Right At Your Fingertips

Mobalytics is comprised of many tools and features. They Dashboard is the central hub that ties it all together as you can see a summarized overview of what the rest of the platform offers, such as your recent GPI changes, your goals, LP progression and much more.

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Mobalytics Progress Analysis
less-plans-ico Progress Analysis

Truly Understand Your Development As A Player

Rank and LP aren’t enough to really understand the nature of your growth as a player. You may be “getting better” but may not be able to identify the reasons why. The Progress Analysis feature allows summoners to see how their specific skills have gotten better or worse over time.

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Mobalytics Match History
Summoner Search

The Ultimate Match History for League of Legends

Our Summoner Search feature differs from other stats sites because we collect and present ALL of a player’s match history. You can sort by champions, game mode, and even by patch. We even have a few unique features like Daily Activity and all-time Records.

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Mobalytics Champions
less-plans-ico Champions

Constantly Updated Champion Knowledge Base

Mobalytics curates dedicated resource pages for every champion. Players can find everything from item and rune build recommendations to tips, tricks, and combos. Similar to LoLKing, we allow community members to contribute, so let us know if you’re interested!

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