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Blade's EndP
Noxian DiplomacyQ
Assassin's PathE
Shadow AssaultR
Win rate50.8%
Pick rate1.7%
Ban rate1.3%
Matches11 483-
Talon Jungle has a 50.8% win rate and 1.7% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 11 483 matches, the best counters for Talon Jungle are Rumble, Karthus, Hecarim, Nocturne and Wukong. On the other hand, Talon Jungle counters Sejuani, Naafiri, Nunu & Willump, Rengar and Amumu.
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Jungle Jungle  Patch 14.12

Talon counter tips

General advice on how to play against Talon
These champs are weak against Talon at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Talon.
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Laning Against Talon

Laning Against Talon

Place vision over walls and around his jungle entrances to spot Talon before he is able to jump over a wall with his Assassin's PathE and gank a lane.

Talon has good invade potential and can 1v1 most Junglers. Ensure your team has good vision of him at all times. If he invades you, back away unless you have a clear advantage.

Talon doesn’t have amazing Dragon or Rift Herald control in the early game. If you can, try to take these objectives before he is able to get help from a nearby lane.

Strategy VS Talon

Strategy VS Talon

When teams are grouping, make sure you ward your flanks to spot Talon before he is able to jump over the wall and assassinate your team.

As soon as Talon engages, try your hardest to burst him down before he is able to disengage and deal lots of damage.

As Talon is an assassin, expect him to look for picks with his Ultimate Shadow AssaultR. Avoid walking around Summoners Rift alone. Do not walk in unwarded areas of the map if you know Talon is nearby.

Talon Power Spikes

Talon Power Spikes

The more gold Talon gets, the stronger he will be. Even with one kill, he can easily snowball his lead. Avoid giving him kills when possible.

Once he has completed his first item and when he’s unlocked his Ultimate Shadow AssaultR, Talon’s power increases dramatically and his skirmishing strength will be unstoppable. Avoid fighting 1v1 unless you have an advantage.

Talon has the same power spikes in the jungle as he does in the mid lane.