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Rock SurfingP
Threaded VolleyQ
Seismic ShoveW
Unraveled EarthE
Weaver's WallR
Win rate47.6%
Pick rate0.1%
Ban rate10.1%
Matches1 059-
Taliyah Bot has a 47.6% win rate and 0.1% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked D tier. Based on our analysis of 1 059 matches, the best counters for Taliyah Bot are Tristana, Kog'Maw, Corki, Hwei and Ziggs. On the other hand, Taliyah Bot counters Karthus, Nilah, Miss Fortune, Ashe and Vayne.
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Bot Bot  Patch 14.12

Taliyah counter tips

General advice on how to play against Taliyah
These champs are strong against Taliyah at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Taliyah.
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Laning Against Taliyah

Laning Against Taliyah

She doesn’t do well in extended auto-attack trades. Wait for her to waste her Seismic ShoveW or Threaded VolleyQ and then use the cooldown to play aggressive and kill her.

Taliyah doesn’t gain access to a damaging Ultimate Weaver's WallR at level 6. If you’re a champion with a strong Ultimate, try to abuse her weakness at this time.

When trading with Taliyah, always keep behind at least 1 minion. This will make it very difficult for her to deal damage with her Threaded VolleyQ.

Strategy VS Taliyah

Strategy VS Taliyah

Taliyah will want to delay a team fight for as long as possible while she pokes you down with her Threaded VolleyQ. Try and force a fight as soon as you spot her.

Avoid splitting up and playing alone. Taliyah’s Ultimate Weaver's WallR will allow her to pick off enemies who are alone or isolated without assistance. Do not push up too far forward if you have no one nearby.

Taliyah has good pick potential with her Seismic ShoveW. If you don’t know where Taliyah is in the mid-game, do not walk around Summoners Rift alone and avoid areas without vision as she may be looking to set up a surprise attack.

Taliyah Power Spikes

Taliyah Power Spikes

Taliyah’s kill pressure doesn’t increase at level 6 but her ability to roam does. If you’re strong at level 6, try to abuse her.

After she has her first item completed, Taliyah can quickly push the wave with her Threaded VolleyQ. Ensure you’re always behind the minion wave or outside of it so she cannot push and poke at the same time.

The more items she gets the stronger Taliyah will be. Avoid letting her poke you down with Threaded VolleyQ as she will deal lots of damage to you. In particular, do not let her delay a team fight with her Threaded VolleyQ.