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Stage PresenceP
High NoteQ
Surround SoundW
Beat DropE
Win rate50.9%
Pick rate4.8%
Ban rate0.9%
Matches10 275-
Seraphine Support has a 50.9% win rate and 4.8% pick rate in eloName and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 10 275 matches, the best counters for Seraphine Support are Poppy, Sona, Zyra, Shaco and Pyke. On the other hand, Seraphine Support counters Taric, Tahm Kench, Zac, Hwei and Camille.
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General advice on how to play against Seraphine
These champs are strong against Seraphine at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Seraphine.
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Laning Against Seraphine

Laning Against Seraphine

Keep an eye on how many empowered stacks she has. If she has 3, play safer as her next ability will be much stronger.

Once she hits level 6, expect her to either look for kills in lane or set up her Jungler for ganks. Her Ultimate EncoreR is a strong tool that offers her extra kill pressure.

Whenever she uses her Surround SoundW, she will be vulnerable to an all-in. It has a really long cooldown, so try to abuse it if possible.

Strategy VS Seraphine

Strategy VS Seraphine

Avoid team fighting around major objectives if Seraphine is nearby. Grouping closely together is going to benefit her and allow her to get a good Ultimate EncoreR off and CC your whole team.

Similarly, avoid fighting in the jungle as your team will be grouped together which can allow her to get another good Ultimate EncoreR off. Try to fight in the open and split slightly apart so she cannot CC your whole team.

Seraphine will often go to ward alone during the mid-game. You can use this to your advantage to fight and pick her off. While she’s dead, you can look to take the Baron, a Dragon or look for a team fight with the numbers advantage.

Seraphine Power Spikes

Seraphine Power Spikes

At level 6, Seraphine will unlock her Ultimate EncoreR. This makes her more of a threat and she’ll be able to set up her Jungler quite easily.

Seraphine is good in team fights thanks to her Ultimate EncoreR. Avoid grouping closely together so she is unable to get a strong Ultimate EncoreR off.

Once Seraphine has completed her first item, her High NoteQ damage will increase and so will her kill threat. Make sure you avoid getting hit by her High NoteQ’s.