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Pix, Faerie CompanionP
Help, Pix!E
Wild GrowthR
Win rate51.0%
Pick rate10.7%
Ban rate6.3%
Matches170 555-
Lulu Support has a 51.0% win rate and 10.7% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Based on our analysis of 170 555 matches, the best counters for Lulu Support are Sona, Leona, Skarner, Blitzcrank and Rell. On the other hand, Lulu Support counters Swain, Hwei, Ashe, Pantheon and Morgana.
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Support Support  Patch 14.12

Lulu counter tips

General advice on how to play against Lulu
These champs are strong against Lulu at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Lulu.
Laning Against Lulu

Laning Against Lulu

When playing melee champions, do not let Lulu bully you down with auto-attacks. When you’re not looking to engage, stand back so she cant auto-attack you.

Waiting for Lulu to use her Help, Pix!E before fighting or poking is a good way of coming out ahead. Try to bait this ability out and then play aggressive while it’s on cooldown.

Post 6 and when Lulu gets her Ultimate Wild GrowthR, her survivability increases a lot. Keep in mind that it’s going to be difficult for you to kill her when her Ultimate Wild GrowthR is up. Do not commit to the all-in unless it’s down or she’s out of mana.

Strategy VS Lulu

Strategy VS Lulu

In team fights, try to catch Lulu out of position or lock her down with CC. If you can take her down first, her ability to protect her ADC and her carries will be lessened. If you can’t kill her, you might be able to force herself to self-cast her Ultimate Wild GrowthR.

Lulu will often go to ward alone. You can look to ambush her and take her down while she’s isolated and then start a team fight with her team while she’s dead.

For AD champions, invest in an Executioner's Calling when Lulu and her team is ahead. This will reduce her healing and shielding capability on her allies.

Lulu Power Spikes

Lulu Power Spikes

Lulu is strong at level 6 as her Ultimate Wild GrowthR provides tons of utility and increases her or her ADC’s survivability.

Once Lulu has completed her first item, her protection and shielding ability will increase dramatically. At this stage, she will also do a hefty amount of damage when trading.

Lulu is very good in team fights as she will build items that buff her team up. Try and lock her down with CC or kill her when she goes to ward so she is unable to affect the team fight.