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Spirit of DreadW
Devastating ChargeE
Onslaught of ShadowsR
Win rate49.8%
Pick rate5.5%
Ban rate3.2%
Matches89 541-
Hecarim Jungle has a 49.8% win rate and 5.5% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 89 541 matches, the best counters for Hecarim Jungle are Ivern, Xin Zhao, Gragas, Wukong and Taliyah. On the other hand, Hecarim Jungle counters Sejuani, Master Yi, Jax, Vi and Zyra.
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Jungle Jungle  Patch 14.12

Hecarim counter tips

General advice on how to play against Hecarim
These champs are strong against Hecarim at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Hecarim.
Laning Against Hecarim

Laning Against Hecarim

Hecarim is a strong duelist in the early game and will try to solo kill you early on. Do not underestimate his early game damage as he will usually come out ahead.

Look at what Summoner Spells Hecarim has taken. If he’s taken Ignite, he will be looking to play ultra-aggressive early to get kills. If you’re low, do not try and trade with him as he will finish you off with Ignite.

Hecarim has good Dragon taking ability and can solo it early on thanks to his AOE heal from his Spirit of DreadW and short cooldown RampageQ. Make sure you have vision on the Dragon at all times. If you can, try to take it away from him.

Strategy VS Hecarim

Strategy VS Hecarim

Do not group very close together as it will allow Hecarim to get a multi-person Ultimate Onslaught of ShadowsR which will help him and his teammates win the fight.

Hecarim’s Ultimate Onslaught of ShadowsR is roughly the same width as the paths inside the jungle. Try and avoid fighting in the jungle as it will allow him to get his Ultimate Onslaught of ShadowsR off on your whole team.

Hecarim may try to flank in team fights so he can get on to the backline with his Ultimate Onslaught of ShadowsR. Ward the flanks so you can spot him before he engages.

Hecarim Power Spikes

Hecarim Power Spikes

Hecarim spikes at level 6 as that allows him to unlock his Ultimate Onslaught of ShadowsR which is a great duelling tool which will help him win team fights and 1v1’s.

He is a snowball heavy champion and can easily get ahead just from a kill or two. Try to not feed him or gift him kills as he can quickly snowball out of control.

When Hecarim completes Trinity Force, his duelling power intensifies. Avoid 1v1s with him unless you’re ahead.