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Adaptive DefensesP
Precision ProtocolQ
Tactical SweepW
The Hextech UltimatumR
Win rate51.9%
Pick rate5.8%
Ban rate6.0%
Matches48 123-
Camille Top has a 51.9% win rate and 5.8% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Based on our analysis of 48 123 matches, the best counters for Camille Top are Teemo, Zac, Kayle, Mordekaiser and Vladimir. On the other hand, Camille Top counters Smolder, Garen, Yone, Jayce and Olaf.
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Top Top  Patch 14.14

Camille counter tips

General advice on how to play against Camille
These champs are weak against Camille at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Camille.
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Laning Against Camille

Laning Against Camille

Try and stand in the middle of the lane at all times. This will make it harder for her to land her HookshotE in a trade. Don’t get close to the walls as this will give her the opening to engage.

If you’re playing as a ranged champion, try and harass Camille with basic attacks whenever she tries to last hit. Camille lacks sustain in the early game, so you can poke her out of lane easily if you keep auto-attacking.

If Camille uses her HookshotE in lane, she will be vulnerable while it’s on cooldown as it’s her main way of disengaging from ganks. Bait out her HookshotE prior to your Jungler arriving in your lane to reduce her chances of survival.

Strategy VS Camille

Strategy VS Camille

Try and stay closely grouped as a team when playing against Camille to make it very hard for her to engage. Camille will want to lock down an isolated target with her Ultimate The Hextech UltimatumR, but by standing close together it will reduce her ability to do so.

Camille will often hunt vulnerable targets who are isolated walking around the map. Stick with your team to reduce Camille’s assassination attempts.

In addition to grouping closely, Camille cannot easily get on to the backline by running at the enemy. Instead, she will try to flank from the side. So whenever you’re sieging an objective or fighting in a lane, make sure you have sufficient ward coverage to the sides so you can spot her before she engages.

Camille Power Spikes

Camille Power Spikes

Camille may look for an all-in at level 3 or 4 once she has access to her core abilities. Try and not lose too much health prior to hitting level 3 otherwise it is guaranteed that she will look for the all-in.

Whenever Camille has her HookshotE available, you need to be careful with your positioning as it will provide her with an opportunity to engage if you’re stood by a wall. Stand in the middle of the lane as much as possible.

At level 6 Camille will gain access to her Ultimate The Hextech UltimatumR which can be deadly if you’re low and overextended. Respect her all-in and do not push without vision as her Ultimate The Hextech UltimatumR can also be used to set up her Jungler.