SKT Wolf Interview: Worlds 2017 Day 1

SKT Wolf Interview: Worlds 2017 Day 1

Hey there everyone, welcome to our Worlds 2017 Interview Series. As you may know, we have partnered with Travis Gafford and supported his trip to China to cover the games and get insights from the players. We will be sharing the interviews here along with their transcriptions. Enjoy!

Travis: Hey everyone and welcome back to the first day of Groups with coverage presented by Mobalytics. I’m joined right now by Wolf himself as well as Hommen is going to help translate. Is SKT going to win Worlds again? Because then I could just pack it up and go home if you can tell me this now.

Wolf: Of course as always, SKT will win Worlds… I hope so.

Travis: The end when you say, “I hope so”, makes it sound like it’s not going to happen maybe, or for sure.

Wolf: I wish [that] we can win Worlds.

Travis: Very good. Who you afraid of?

Wolf: This is wishful thinking and my prediction. I think we will play against Longzhu at the Finals and Longzhu who is the opponent that we’re most concerned of. This is mostly because we lost to them at LCK Summer Finals.

Travis: You know speaking of Longzhu, I was just speaking to Gorilla and I was asking him about the Ardent Censer meta. I won’t tell you what he said, but I’m curious what your thoughts on Ardent Censer are.

Wolf: As a Support, I would say it is really dull and boring for me. It just feels like I’m using it as a tool for the team. But overall, if I can use it as a tool to win the game, I can play that role.

Travis: Are you not normally a tool for the team to win the game?

Wolf: Back when I used to play Alistar and those aggressive champions, I was the one who was leading my team. Now during lane phase we all, the Supports, just sit back and wait until we earn all the gold needed for the Ardent Censer. Usually even for this match, if it’s Lulu versus Janna, it’s usually the Lulu who plays aggressively and puts a lot of masteries into offensive points and who try to make aggressive moves. But now it’s just like hey let’s sit back and give our ADC shields until we gather enough money. So overall I think it’s just rather dull.

Travis: I’ll let you leave in a second, but before the start of the interview, you told me that you were learning English in an unconventional way. Can you tell the audience how you were learning English?

Wolf: I was watching Game of Thrones season seven. I love the match of Jon Snow versus the Night King. I re-winded and watched it over and over again. Just know balls of night.

Travis: Last question – if SKT was Game of Thrones, which player is which character?

Wolf: So this is a really hard question but I’ll start with the easy ones. For me, I think I would be more of a House Tyrell and Faker definitely Lannister. Bang is Joffrey. Huni I would say is Khal Drogo, he has a strong impact but dies really early in the series. So Blank I can’t really think of, and Peanut…I would say the Second Son mercenary army.

Travis: Why?

Wolf: I would say Faker is Lannister because he’s strong and so mighty, but very stubborn and a very strong presence. I said Peanut is like the Second Son mercenary army because at first, it seems like he makes a really strong impact to this story and he conquers every city, but then he just fades out.

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Travis: Thank you so much. Anything you want to say to the fans?

Wolf: I can’t stress this enough. I want to say thanks to all the fans who always support us and cheer for us. Also, I want to say the weather is getting pretty cold these days so I want all my fans to tuck up and watch out for the cold, and even though I might look like Wolf as is right now, I’m in a very healthy state. I wish my fans would also take care of their health as well.

Thanks for reading/watching! For more Worlds coverage, you can see more interviews here, or at Travis’s Youtube channel