Reyna – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Reyna Overview

Reyna is the first Valorant character to be added to the roster since the game’s official launch.

She’s a vampire whose abilities feed off of getting kills (assists don’t count!), allowing Reyna to heal, gain buffs, and even turn invisible.

Her playstyle is very feast or famine as she only has one ability that doesn’t need to use kills to activate it.

If she isn’t getting kills consistently, she won’t be able to contribute much to her team compared to other agents.

However, when she’s rolling, she has more momentum than any other agent and can win a round singlehandedly.

reyna splash

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Reyna’s Abilities

Leer (C – 200 credits)

Most of Reyna’s abilities focus on empowering herself, however, the one ability that can help her team, Leer, is incredibly powerful and versatile.

Leer equips and fires a purple eye (kind of like the eye of Sauron) that Nearsights all enemies who see it.

Nearsight is the same status effect as Omen’s Paranoia, here’s what Leer looks like when used against you:

c blinded pov reyna

Here’s what the effect looks like when Leer is used against enemies:

long c all c blinded

Here you can see that because Raze, Brimstone, and Sage are facing the eye, they have the effect over their faces.

Viper is on the side of the orb and Jett is facing away so they are unaffected.

The eye can be destroyed. Depending on the gun, this can take a few shots – guns like the Operator kill it in one shot.

destroyed c

Similar to Paranoia, Leer can also be fired through walls so be sure to take advantage of that.

Overall it’s an amazing tool on offense because your team is unaffected. Just imagine how good Phoenix’s flashbang would be if he didn’t have to worry about blinding his teammates.

On defense, it can be used to zone or delay a push or to win a fight when you look to flank.

Devour (Q – 100 credits, shares resource with E)

Devour is one of the two abilities that use the Soul Orb mechanic, meaning that it cannot be cast until Reyna gets a kill (assists do not count).

It shares charges (up to four total per round) with Dismiss, the other ability that uses Soul Orbs.

Using Devour casts a self-heal on Reyna that is much faster than Sage’s heal.

It continually heals throughout its duration and can Overheal up to 150 (max health + 50).

You can grab Soul Orbs from very far away, here’s an example below:

q healing tether

Overall, Devour helps Reyna remain as a healthy threat as long as she’s getting kills.

She can take out an enemy, take a breather to get rest, and then rejoin the action good as new.

When Reyna’s ultimate, Empress is active, Devour will automatically cast when you get a kill.

Below, Reyna ults, uses Devour and is able to survive through the Brimstone ult:

using q empress brimstone ult

You can see that she stays pretty healthy as she escapes the blast.

ult healing through brimstone

It can make her incredibly tanky and let her survive situations other agents couldn’t.

Dismiss (E – 200 credits, shares resource with Q)

The other ability that requires Soul Orbs is Dismiss.

It works nearly identically to Devour in terms of the mechanics of getting a kill and collecting an orb – the difference is that instead of healing, you become intangible for a short period of time.

Intangible means that you cannot be harmed. In exchange, you cannot fire or use abilities while intangible.

You can cancel your intangibility at any time by pressing the button again.

during untangible

Dismiss is basically a get out of jail free card. You can get a kill and then retreat back to cover in situations where you’re still in danger.

Here’s what intangibility looks like when you’re facing an enemy Reyna:

reyna e intangible

Similar to Devour, you can also use an upgraded version of Dismiss when you use it in combination with Empress.

This makes Reyna become intangible AND invisible, and doesn’t expend Soul Orbs.

We’ll show you an example of this below in the Empress explanation so hold tight.

Empress (X – 6 ultimate orbs)

Reyna’s ultimate, Empress, buffs her by increasing her firing rate, reload speed, and the speed of switching between guns and abilities.

It’s basically a button that lets her go absolutely HAM – when used properly she can often take out multiple enemies by herself.

Outside of her buffs, she also outlines enemies similar to how Viper does when within her Viper’s Pit ultimate.

This makes it easier to hunt down enemies as you can see them more clearly from far away and behind corners.

red outline long range

Speaking of Viper’s ult, when Reyna has Empress activated, she can see Viper just as clearly as Viper can see her.

Just check out this sequence below that showcases how much Reyna can pop off when using Empress.

After killing Raze, Reyna activates Empress and then uses Dismiss to turn invisible and enter Viper’s Pit.

reyna raze kill

Within the Pit, Reyna slips by unnoticed past the Viper due to her invisibility…

invisible E while ulting

…and easily kills her from behind.

invis behind kill viper

After killing Viper, she can refresh the invisibility and then pop up behind another enemy to kill them and repeat.

If she kills the Viper and no one else is around, she can choose to use Devour to heal any previous damage and be ready for the next battle.

Reyna Tips and Tricks

1. When using Leer, be sure to communicate and coordinate with your team to get the most value out of it. Compared to other initiation abilities like Breach’s Fault Line, it can be an even more effective engage tool since it doesn’t negatively impact your allies.

2. You can make life harder on your enemies by casting Leer up into the air or far away from you as you peek. This will force them to split their gaze and increase the distance between trying to destroy the orb and then flicking to shoot you.

3. The big decision Reyna players constantly have to make is whether to use Devour or Dismiss. A good rule of thumb is to base it off of how much time you have. If you win a fight and have time to take cover and reset, choose Devour so you can heal back to full and return to the action. If you get a kill but it’s a messy fight with enemies still around, it’s probably better to use Dismiss so you can reposition.