Raze – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Raze Overview

Raze is the first new Valorant character to be added since the beginning of the Closed Beta.

With grenades, a rocket launcher, and an exploding robot on wheels, she’s an explosive expert with tools that excel in sieging on offense and controlling space on defense.

She has the ability to use her bombs to help her jump to high ground so she’s similar to Overwatch’s Junkrat in the aspect.

raze agent select

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Razes’s Abilities

Boom Bot (C – 200 credits)

Equips and sets down a Boom Bot (a robot that looks like Roomba) which goes in a straight line and then bounces off walls it runs into.

boom bot

If a Boom Bot detects an enemy in front of it, it will lock on and act like a homing missile, exploding when it gets to its target.

Like other drones in Valorant, the Boom Bot can be destroyed by an enemy.

Blast Pack (Q – 200 credits)

Throws a Blast Pack which will stick to a surface until you detonate it again or its timer runs out.

Upon detonating, it deals AoE damage and displaces other agents in its radius (it does not damage Raze).

pre jump raze

Raze can use this ability to launch herself onto high ground.

higher ground raze

You can buy up to two charges.

Paint Shells (E – free, resets after two kills)

Throws a grenade that detonates into smaller cluster explosions after a short delay.

cluster bomb

It has two different throwing options, left-click quickly throws the grenade in a straighter arc while right-click is more of a lob.

higher ground raze

You get one cast for free each round and you’ll receive another charge after getting two kills/assists (similar to Jett and Phoenix)/

Showstopper (X – 6 ultimate orbs)

Fires a rocket launcher that causes a massive explosion upon impact, dealing devastating damage to everything around it.

rocket launcher

It’s basically Jinx’s rocket in Valorant form!

explosion rocket

Raze Tips and Tricks

1. Although Raze’s kit is focused on damage output, it does offer a solid amount of utility.

Boom Bot is a great tool for clearing out an alley or hallway before you enter, you can use it somewhat similarly to Sova’s Owl or Cypher’s camera.

Blast Pack is not only useful for helping her reach high ground, but it also interrupts spike plants and defusals due to its displacement effect.

2. Try to pair Raze with agents that have crowd control effects like Breach and Sage.

With the help of her bombs, she can easily decimate immobile enemies.

3. Blast Pack and Showstopper both have timers as soon as you activate them.

A good thing to keep in mind is that you can switch to other weapons and still use them before the timer runs out.

For example, you can throw a Blast Pack, switch to Paint Shells and throw that, then return back to your gun and then detonate the Blast Pack while your gun is out.

Likewise, you can pull out your rocket launcher, pull out your guns and other equipment, and then back to your rocket launcher in time to fire it before the timer runs out.