Cypher – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Cypher Overview

Cypher is a Valorant character that uses a network of spy gadgets to gather intelligence for his team and catch enemies in traps.

None of his abilities deal damage but they make up for it with the pure amount of utility they provide.

Many of his gadgets can be repossessed and placed elsewhere so his playstyle rewards being able to both think ahead and adapt.

He’s one of the Valorant agents that excels at holding down a site on his own or helping to defend multiple sites at once.

cypher character select

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Cypher’s Abilities

Trapwire (C – 200 credits)

Places a tripwire that tethers and reveals enemies that walk through it.

cypher tripwire

After walking through, they have a chance to destroy the device – if they do not, they’ll get dazed.

The tripwire remains invisible until an enemy becomes very close to it. At that point, it’ll reveal itself through sight and sound.

recall tripwire cypher

Cypher is able to recall his tripwires as long as he has line of sight of them and can place them again during a round.

Cyber Cage (Q – 100 credits )

Places an invisible trap on the ground that Cypher can choose to trigger from anywhere as long as he’s looking toward it (even works through walls).

cypher cage outside

Once triggered, it creates a ring of smoke and slows enemies walking through it. Enemies walking through also create a noticeable sound.

cypher q blocking sight

Just like other smoke abilities in the game, it’s useful for deterring enemy advances or helping your team approach.

Spycam (E – free, can recall to recast)

Throws an invisible spycam that you can switch to the POV of to watch areas.

cypher camera pov

The camera remains invisible until turned on, so your enemies will be able to see and hear it when you’re looking through it.

It has a spydart that will reveal an enemy until the stop to pull it out (sort of like Lesion’s traps from Rainbow Six Siege).

reveal location camera cypher

The dart reveals the enemy in periodic ticks, so keep in mind that you’ll have to do some predicting in terms of their movements.

Neural Theft (X – seven ultimate orbs)

Cypher tosses his hat onto the corpse of an enemy that recently died to grant a brief reveal of where all remaining enemies are.

throw hat cypher ultimate

It isn’t the most impactful ultimate but can help give you enough information to clutch out a round.

cypher ultimate reveal

Cypher Tips and Tricks

1. Your camera can be used like Sova’s Owl, either to help your team scout an area before pushing or to bait the eyes of a peeker so your ally can shoot them while they’re distracted.

2. Prep time is everything for Cypher. Know what you want to do ahead of time in terms of buying your weapons for a round and then quickly go to set up your traps.

3. Information is everything so be sure to communicate with your team in terms of where your traps and camera will be placed.

This will help your team collectively understand which areas are protected and which may be vulnerable blindspots.

4. Although Cypher’s kit is more easily understood as a defender, he definitely has his uses on offense.

Use your tripwires and camera to cover flanks and rotations from enemies.

Save your smoke traps to cut off sniper sightlines or protect your spike planter.

Remember that Cypher is one of the few agents whose abilities do not have friendly fire.