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TFT Set 9 – Runeterra Reforged: Region Portals Guide

TFT Set 9 Mechanic: Region Portals Guide

Set 9: Runeterra Reforged is bringing a bunch of new mechanics to TFT, and this guide will focus on Region Portals.

Region Portals harken back to Set 3: Galaxies, where a special rule was applied to the game to spice up how the game is played. Region Portals will add a rule that can drastically change your strategy in every game of TFT.

In this short guide, I’ll cover how Region Portals work, and all of the Region Portal effects we know so far.

How Region Portals Work

TFT Set 9 Region Portals

Region Portals are replacing the opening carousel of the game. Instead of rushing to pick up your favorite starting item, there will instead be three portals on the floor. These portals correspond to a special rule that can be added to the game.

Every player will be able to move their Little Legend onto the portal, and “cast their vote” for that portal. The game will randomly select one player or Little Legend, and the game will commence with the Region Portal they are standing on.

Furthermore, each Region Portal corresponds to a different region in Runeterra such as Noxus, Ionia, Shurima, etc. This will affect Ryze, a 5-cost Wanderer, whose ability is determined by the Region of the game.

Every Region Portal in TFT

Now that you know how Region Portals work, here’s a list of all of the Region Portal effects we know so far. Remember that the Set isn’t released yet, so these effects can still be changed, or more might be added. Some might even be removed if there’s too many bugs affecting the game.

Bandle City

  • Scuttle Puddle Every PvE round is replaced by scuttle crabs that give extra loot
  • Yuumi’s Zoom Zone Player combats last 20 seconds instead of 30 before overtime starts.
  • Bandle Cafeteria Gain a Spatula on 2-1. At shopping start, units equipped with a Spatula, emblem, or Tactician’s Crown feed a Poro Snax to their closest ally, granting them 7 permanent health. Units will feed one Snax per item they have equipped.
  • Yordle Pordles On the 1st and 5th round each stage, get a free high-tier unit. The unit’s tier increases with game time.


  • House Lightshield Gain a powerful Crown of Demacia on 2-1. If the wearer dies, you instantly lose the fight.
  • Petricite Forest All units are 15% larger and have 150 bonus health.


  • Hearth-Home On 4-5, gain a consumable Masterwork Upgrade that lets you upgrade one equipped item into its radiant version.
  • Ornn’s Forge Randomly on either 2-5 or 3-5, gain an ornn anvil.


  • The Dreaming Pool At the start of each stage, gain a champ that really fits your team!
  • God-Willow’s Grove A spot on your bench becomes the grove. The unit in it contributes their traits as though they were in your army.
  • Placidium Library Gain a consumable on 3-5 that when you place it on a unit opens an armory with an emblem of each of their traits.


  • Noxkraya Each time you take an augment, a random arena hex appears. Units on an arena hex gain an item that they can use.
  • Immortal Bastion On 2-1, gain a placeable battle flag that grants 20% attack speed and a 10% max health shield to units that start combat adjacent to it.


  • Jayce’s Workshop All augments offered this game will be prismatic.
  • The University The first augment round will be a prismatic augment.
  • Stillwater Hold No augments will be offered this game.

Shadow Isles

  • Thresh’s Sanctum When ANY champion dies, collect their soul. Every 40 souls you collect, gain loot!
  • Yorick’s Graveyard Every time a player dies, all players open an armory containing 4 of the eliminated players’ completed items.
  • Warlord’s Palace The 4-7 NPC round is replaced by an armory of treasure that can be rerolled infinitely for 2 gold per reroll.


  • Shifting Sands If you don’t have an item remover on your bench at the start of each round, get one.
  • Shuriman Bazaar Component carousels have 2 components on them instead of 1.


  • The Summit Starting at stage 2, gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator at the start of each stage. On stage 5 and beyond, gain a Champion Duplicator instead.
  • Targon Prime When you reach 40 HP, gain a blessing from the Targonian gods.
  • Marus Omegnum On 2-5 and 4-5, gain a tactician’s crown.


  • Unstable Rift Gain an unstable completed item that pops off and transforms into a random item every round.
  • The Lavender Sea Starting on 2-1, after every carousel and PvE round, a void symbiote infects a new board hex. The hex grants 20% damage reduction if it’s in the first two rows or 20% increased damage if it’s in the back two rows.
  • The Rupture Travel to a random location that is not currently shown.


  • The Sump There is no interest this game. Instead, starting on 2-1, gain 3 gold every round.
  • Glasc Industries Every time you build a completed item, gain 3 gold.
  • Ecliptic Vaults Every time you select an augment, gain 4 gold per augment you have.


That wraps up our quick guide on the new Region Portal mechanic in TFT Set 9. This mechanic, along with the others like Legends and Augments will be sure to spice up your games. The replay value of this set will be off the charts with everything to learn and explore.

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