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TFT Best Augments to Pick for Set 7: Dragonlands

The Best Augments in Set 7

Set 7: Dragonlands is coming with the return of the Augment system. A lot of the older augments are staying over, but there are definitely some new Augments to highlight.

If you haven’t already, we have two previous articles on Set 6 and Set 6.5 talking about the best augments and when to pick them.

While not all of the augments carried over, the thought process is still valuable.

Lastly, if you need a list of all the augments in Set 7, check out our Augments Page.

Trait Augments

As usual, there are plenty of trait augments to choose from at each tier. We have the usual, Hearts, Crests, and Crowns for many traits.

Depending on the meta, these augments may be very weak or very powerful.

TFT Mage Heart Evoker Crest TFT TFT Guardian Crown

One thing to note is that Crowns are slightly different now. Instead of granting two Emblems, they will grant usually one Emblem, an item, and a champion.

Trait Buffing Augments

Most traits will have a Tier 2 augment that greatly buffs up their power. Getting these augments when playing the correct team comp will result in a huge power spike.

Here are some examples of powerful trait buffing augments.

TFT Scorch TFT Tiamat TFT Party Time!

Getting the right augment for your team will be large upgrade for the team. Getting one of these early on and also building a team comp around it can be a strong strategy as well.

Economy Augments

As usual, we have our fair share of Economic augments. These can be a double-edged sword. Building a strong economy is always good, but in the late game, you may lose out to someone who has more combat augments.

This is the trade off you take when going for a gold augment. You want to convert your economy and gold into the most powerful team to beat out other players with more combat augments.

TFT Windfall TFT Party Favors TFT Rich get Richer

These augments test your knowledge on how to build the best end game team comps. If you are not strong enough, you will lose to combat augments.

Most Powerful Augments

In this section, I’ll go into more augments that don’t fit into the above categories. These augments are also extremely powerful, but they require you to adjust your game plan.

Think Fast

TFT Think Fast

This augment is extremely powerful if you are fast at rolling. This augment is more ideal later in the game when you have more gold to spend and potentially 3-star a 4-cost carry or even a 3-cost carry.

Taking this as your first augment can also give you a potential 3-star 1-cost unit, but that may not be powerful enough.

Cruel Pact

TFT Cruel Pact

This augment is extremely powerful but comes with a huge drawback. With this augment, you can instantly level up to 7 on the first round. This lets you easily win streak and build a powerful board. The drawback is that you will be low health if you do this. Even still, you should be able to win streak easily with this.

However, you won’t be able to reach level 9 with this augment, as you don’t have enough health to do so. Hitting level 8 also requires you to either wait or drop really low. Even still, getting a free 10 win streak off hitting level 7 should let you build a strong top 4 board.

Dragon Horde and Dragon Alliance

TFT Dragon Horde Dragon Alliance

These augments allow you to run more than one Dragon on your team. This augment is powerful if the Dragons are powerful enough to carry by themselves. Even at level 9, you will only be able to fit in 4 Dragons and one extra unit. You will need a FoN in order to put in 5 Dragons.

Even still, under the right circumstances, these augments can potentially be very powerful.

Pandora’s Bench

TFT Pandora's Bench

Pandora’s Bench is potentially one of the most broken augments this set. You simply need to put three units on your bench in order to get free rerolls every turn.

This basically means that you now have a shop of 8 units instead of 5. Not only that, but you can control what cost you want to reroll on your bench, which makes this even better than just a shop of 8 units.

With this augment, you should be able to easily 3-star units of your choice. It may take some time, but the payoff is huge.

Wrap Up

That sums up just about all the new augments you need to know about. We didn’t cover every single trait augment or trait buffing augment, but there are plenty for each trait.

In games, you should have a general idea of what you want to pick, and if it’s early, you can build your team around your augments as well.

There are some powerful augments that will be good on any team, and some augments will be powerful on specific teams. As you navigate your game, you can decide between these two factors to build the best team possible.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our Release Page to check out all of the new information for Set 7