TFT Best Hextech Augments to Pick in Set 6.5: Neon Nights

TFT Best Hextech Augments to Pick in Set 6.5: Neon Nights

Best Hextech Augments in Set 6.5

TFT’s mid-set update is coming very soon, and with it, over 80 new Hextech Augments will be added to the game.

If you haven’t checked out our guide on how to pick Hextech Augments in Set 6, go read that first as the information there is still relevant.

Since that article covers a basic guide to picking Augments, this article will mainly be going over the new Augments to look out for.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Universal Trait Augments

Most of the Tier 1 Augments are slight variations of things we’ve seen so far, but three new Tier 1 Augments stand out from the others.

TFT Free Healthcare Augment

TFT Hextech Armory Augment

TFT Study the Blade Augment

These three Augments affect your entire board and essentially give them a trait bonus. For example, having Study the Blade will give all of your units the Challenger trait bonus as if they were Challengers.

This makes team comp building very interesting as you want to balance giving your team more Challengers for the bonus, but if you run too many Challengers, you aren’t getting as much value from the Augment.

The same goes for the other two which give Hextech and Chemtech trait bonuses.

Overpowered? Or Underpowered?

TFT Recombobulator Augment

This Augment instantly stood out as something that is potentially extremely overpowered. You won’t be finding this Augment on 1-3, but you can find it from 3-3 and onward.

By using this Augment, you can potentially get 5-cost units extremely easily, but you won’t be able to keep a synergistic board for a few rounds.

This Augment is something you should pick if you have a board of many upgraded units. Having a free upgrade can potentially be very good if you can flexibly transition into a new team comp easily.

Scouting is Free

TFT Future Sight I Augment

TFT Future Sight II Augment

These two Augments are extremely strong, but you have to be very proactive about scouting to make full use of it. If you know who you will fight next, you have an extremely huge advantage by being able to position accordingly.

One more tip to know is that players who know you have this Augment will be watching what boards you look at. If you hop on an enemy’s board, they can assume that you will be fighting them next.

Use this to your advantage to be a little tricky. Scout enemy boards that you won’t fight to psych out enemies. Try to keep your actual opponent concealed so they don’t know for sure who you will be fighting.

One last note is that this Augment can also be a detriment to you. If you are not the type of player that can get advantages through positioning, you may be better off picking an Augment that allows you to upgrade your board instead.

CC is Overrated

TFT Verdant Veil Augment

In my opinion, CC immunity is one of the best effects you can have for your team. You don’t need to build any Quicksilvers, and you can position your board however you want without fear of disruption.

Enemy units like Blitzcrank, Galio, Alistar, Braum, etc are all rendered useless for the first 10 seconds.

This Augment can be extremely powerful for your team, especially if you have melee carries like Challengers or Strikers.

The Better Woodland

TFT Woodland Trinket Augment

Woodland Trinket, in my opinion, is stronger than Woodland Charm for two main reasons.

  1. Woodland Trinket is also very good at early game win streaking. Having two extra units in the early game is a huge dps increase, and will do a lot of work if you have a decent frontline.
  2. It’s a Tier 2 Augment. Using your Tier 3 Augment on Woodland Charm can be good, but it’s more likely to fall off compared to other Tier 3 Augments. Since Woodland Trinket is a Tier 2 Augment, it won’t get outscaled as hard as other Tier 2 Augments once the late game comes.

Who Needs Mercenary?

TFT The Golden Egg Augment

This Augment is definitely the most popular Tier 3 Augment so far. This will only appear on your last Augment pick, and will give you a cash out the mirrors high loss streak Mercenary cash outs.

You’ll get tons of gold, potentially Neeko’s Help, Thief’s Gloves, Tactician Crowns, etc.

The payout is absolutely huge, assuming you can stay alive for the egg to hatch.

With this Augment, the most important thing is to stay alive. Once the egg hatches, you’ll get so many resources that you should be able to come back from any state.

Wrap up

For now, that’s all for this article. There are tons of new Augments that you can check out on our Hextech Augments Page, but for now, these are the stand out Augments.

There are plenty of other effects that are more universal, but these ones have stood out so far to the some of the most powerful.

Before the game launches on Patch 12.4, there may be some changes to these Augments or their numbers, so make sure to stay up to date with any changes on our website.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our Release Page to check out all of the new information for Set 6.5