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TFT Set 11 Reveal – Inkborn Fables: New Champions, Traits, and More

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Everything New in TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables

Welcome to our reveal article, where we cover everything new coming to TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables.

We’ll be covering everything coming to Set 11 such as new Champions, Traits, Mechanics, Augments, and more!

Keep in mind that the information for new champions are constantly being updated on the PBE. Our website will continually be updated, so make sure to check out the Champions Page to stay updated on any changes.

To see ALL the new changes, head to our all-in-one TFT page for Set 11.


Set 11: Inkborn Fables Release Date

TFT Set 11 is set to release on March 20th with Patch 14.6. In some regions, it will release on March 19th.

Moving backwards, PBE for Set 11 will release around Tuesday, March 5th. This has been the case for previous sets, but it’s never confirmed to release exactly two weeks before on Tuesday.

New and Returning Mechanics

Set Mechanic: Encounters

[Encounters Full Guide]

If you want to learn the full details on Encounters, you can use the link above to see our full guide.

Inkborn Fables is bringing a brand new Set Mechanic called Encounters. These Encounters will occur anywhere from 2-5 times per game, adding additional effects to the game.

These Encounters will also come at random points throughout the game. It can be before a PvP round, at the carousel, or at a PvP round that turns into a carousel.

Encounter effects also vary quite wildly, being completely transformative, or only affecting the game slightly. Here’s a few examples of some standout Encounters. Riot Games is not providing a list of potential Encounters, but as the PBE releases, we’ll be sure to start cataloguing the list of Encounters.


TFT Set 11 Encounter Lillia

If you encounter Lillia at the start of the game, the Augments will now be given at random points in the game. You might get all of your Augments during Stage 2, or maybe you won’t see any until Stage 4.

Kayn – Inescapable Doom

TFT Set 11 Encounter Kayn

Kayn is a very impactful Encounter. He will always appear at the start of the game and go away. However, at 5-4, he will return and kill players 1 by 1 in order of Health. This turns the game into an extreme, high tempo lobby.

Exalted Trait

While not entirely a game mechanic, the new Exalted trait is special enough that I put it in this section. The Exalted trait is a trait that will randomly populate each game.

This means that a random set of units will become Exalted on top of their usual traits every game. (Note that units with 3 inherent traits cannot become Exalted)

With the Exalted trait, you are granted a Soul Core. After every player combat, the Soul core stores 2XP, which you can sell to obtain.

This makes Exalted an interesting trait for Fast 9 strategies. However, it also provides a unique play experience every game as you’ll have a new set of Exalted units to play with.

Augments and Portals

[Full List of Augments]

Augments and Portals are also returning to TFT Set 11. It’s been noted by developers that these mechanics are evergreen, meaning we can expect these mechanics to be in the game for most future sets.

It’s possible that future sets might change this, but for now, we can expect Portals and Augments to become a TFT staple.

We’re going to be seeing a lot of new Augments introduced for Set 11, but many will be familiar. Since Set 10 had the Headliner mechanic, Augments such as Heart, Crest, and Crown were removed. For Set 11, these Trait +1 Augments will be coming back.

New Traits

With a new set comes a new roster of traits to go through. Here’s a rundown of all the traits as well as my first impressions on each.



TFT Set 11 Dragonlord

After 8 seconds of combat, the Dragon strikes the board, dealing true damage to enemies and granting all allies Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

  • (2) 5 Health% damage, 20%
  • (3) 10 Health% damage, 30%
  • (4) 15 Health% damage and Stuns for 1.5 seconds.
  • (5) 25 Health% damage, 40%

Champions: Janna 2, Diana 3, Lee Sin 4, Xayah/Rakan 5

First Impressions:

This effect is very reminiscent of Tempest from Set 7. However, with this variation, the Stun is locked behind a higher Trait tier. The true damage and Attack Speed are definitely nice, but I imagine Dragonlord will be strongest in comps that are able to fit in 4 units.

This is also more difficult to achieve since you will need to hit Xayah/Rakan to reach Dragonlord (4) without an Emblem.


TFT Set 11 Dryad

Dryads gain Ability Power and Health. Each enemy death grants additional Health.

  • (2) 10 AP ; 4 HP per enemy death
  • (4) 20 AP; 8 HP per enemy death
  • (6) 30 AP ; 12 HP per enemy death

Champions: Rek’Sai 1, Gnar 2, Kindred 2, Ornn 4, Azir 5

First Impressions:

Dryad is a fairly simple trait giving bonus stats with AP and Health. There is the bonus of additional Health per enemy death, which will permanently stack as the game goes on. This makes Dryad a strong comp if you commit early, as you’ll be able to build up stacks faster and sooner.


TFT Set 11 Fated

Hover and drop one Fated unit over another to form a pair and unlock a Fated Bonus. Your pair gains bonus HP.

  • (3) Pair gets the Fated Bonus.
  • (5) All Fated champions get 120% of the Fated Bonus
  • (7) All Fated champions get 250% of the Fated Bonus

Champions: Ahri 1, Yasuo 1, Kindred 2, Aphelios 3, Thresh 3, Syndra 4, Sett 5

Fated Bonus:

  • Ahri: 25 AP
  • Yasuo: 400 Shield at the start of combat
  • Kindred: 20% Attack Speed
  • Aphelios: 25 AD
  • Thresh: 25 Armor/MR
  • Syndra: 11% more damage
  • Sett: 15% Omnivamp

First Impressions:

Each unit in the Fated trait has a unique Fated Bonus that will activate when they are linked. However, at the higher tiers, all of your Fated units will be buffed by this Fated Bonus. This makes the buff quite interesting as depending on what units you have, you can create specific pairs of buffs for your team.

The Fated link can take a while to do, so be sure to do it before time runs low in the preparation phase.

3 Fated can be an easy way to buff up two of your units, with vertical Fated comps being able to spread that buff to all of your Fated units.


TFT Set 11 Fortune

When you lose a fight, gain Luck. Lose Luck when you win. Roll a die; in that many player combats, hold a Festival! At the Festival, you have the option to convert your Luck into rewards.

  • (3) The more fights in a row you lose, the more Luck you get.
  • (5) Heal 2 player health at the start of each player combat.
  • (7) Each Festival, roll a new die.

Champions: Kobuko 1, Teemo 2, Tristana 3, Zoe 3, Annie 4

First Impressions:

The lose streak trait is coming back with Fortune making a return. Fortune was a trait from Set 4, and it was definitely a fan favorite. This time around, the Fortune trait has a bit more RNG added to it.

With the Festival mechanic, you only are about to cash out on specific rounds. If you roll the dice and it hits a 6, you’ll need to survive 5 more rounds in order to reach the next Festival cash out.

This makes the trait much more risky, but it’ll be all the more exciting if you play the trait well.


TFT Set 11 Ghostly

Upon dealing or taking damage 7 times, Ghostly units send 2 spectres to haunt nearby enemies and heal 4.5% max Health every 2 seconds. Haunted enemies take bonus damage for each spectre on them, and pass spectres on death.

  • (2) 5% per spectre
  • (4) 11% per spectre
  • (6) 18% per spectre
  • (8) 36% per spectre

Champions: Caitlyn 1, Aatrox 2, Shen 2, Illaoi 3, Kayn 4, Morgana 4

First Impressions:

Ghostly is a new vertical trait with quite an interesting effect. Your Ghostly units will send out Spectres that increase the damage taken by enemies. This is quite powerful as it’s another layer of damage scaling outside of things like Crit, Shred/Sunder, etc.

It’s likely that Bonus Damage effects like Giant Slayer will stack additively with Ghostly, but it’s still quite good as there’s not too many sources of Bonus Damage in the game.

This is also a trait that doesn’t rely on a 5-cost unit in order to reach their cap, but the (8) trait will require two Emblems/Augments.


TFT Set 11 Heavenly

Heavenly champions grant a unique stat bonus to your team, increased by their star level and each Heavenly unit in play.
2-stars grant 50% more. 3-stars grant 90% more.

  • (2) 100% bonus
  • (3) 114% bonus
  • (4) 139% bonus
  • (5) 164% bonus
  • (6) 189% bonus
  • (7) 220% bonus

Champions: Kha’Zix 1, Malphite 1, Neeko 2, Qiyana 2, Soraka 3, Wukong 5

  • Kha’Zix: 10 Crit
  • Malphite: 8 Armor/Magic Resist
  • Neeko: 60 Health
  • Qiyana: 10 AD
  • Soraka: 10 AP
  • Wukong: 12 AS
  • Emblem: 3% Omnivamp

First Impressions:

Heavenly is the new reroll trait for Set 11, similar to previous traits like Punk, Supers, Moonlight, etc. Not only are many of the units low-cost, but they also provide extra bonuses if they’re higher star level.

For example, with Heavenly (2) active, your Kha’Zix 3 will grant 19 Crit to all of your Heavenly units. This will increase the higher tier of Heavenly you have as well.


TFT Set 11 Inkshadow

Gain unique Inkshadow items. Inkshadow champions gain bonus damage and damage reduction. Which Inkshadow items you get changes each game.

  • (3) 1 Item 5% bonus damage and damage reduction
  • (5) 2 Items 7% bonus damage and damage reduction
  • (7) 4 Items, 10% bonus damage and damage reduction

Champions: Jax 1, Aatrox 2, Senna 2, Volibear 3, Kai’Sa 4, Udyr 5

First Impressions:

Inkshadow is a new trait with another semi random effect. You’ll get bonus items from the trait, but the bonus item will be different every game. As time passes, players will definitely figure out which items are the best and play around that in their games.


TFT Set 11 Mythic

Mythic champions gain Health, Ability Power, and Attack Speed. After 4 player combats, they become Epic, increasing the bonus by 50%.

  • (3) +11 Health%, 10 AP
  • (5) +18 Health%, 15 AP
  • (7) +25 Health%, 20 AP
  • (10) Instantly become Epic. The bonus is increased by 200% instead.

Champions: Cho’Gath 1, Kog’Maw 1, Neeko 2, Bard 3, Tahm Kench 3, Lillia 4, Nautilus 4, Hwei 5

First Impressions:

Mythic is another trait that gives a variety of stats, but the % Health bonus is notable. Much like Bruiser, getting % Health synergizes well with items like Warmog’s Armor. Mythic champions also need some time to ramp up, becoming full power after 4 player combats.


TFT Set 11 Porcelain

After casting, Porcelain champions boil, gaining Attack Speed and taking less damage for 3 seconds.

  • (2) 30 AS%; 15% reduced damage
  • (4) 60 AS%; 20% reduced damage
  • (6) 100 AS%; 30% reduced damage

Champions: Lux 2, Amumu 3, Ashe 4, Lissandra 5

First Impressions:

Porcelain champions are a ramping trait similar to previous traits in the past. For these champions, having a form of mana generation will be strong to quickly ramp after casting their ability.

Mana generation and Attack Speed naturally synergize together, so this trait can be a strong one if the carries are strong.


TFT Set 11 Storyweaver

Storyweavers summon a Hero named Kayle and evolve her. Storyweavers gain max Health. Each Storyweaver star level increases Kayle’s Health and Ability Power. Kayle gets 20% bonus attack speed for each game Stage.

  • (3) Pick a supportive effect. 60 Health
  • (5) Pick a combat effect. 100 Health
  • (7) Pick a combat effect. 150 Health
  • (10) Ascend. 250 Health

Champions: Garen 1, Sivir 1, Riven 2, Zyra 2, Zoe 3, Galio 4, Irelia 5

First Impressions:

Storyweaver is our new “summon” trait, similar to Country in Set 10. As you assemble more Storyweavers, the summon will become stronger and stronger. This trait also has a lot of low-cost units, so a reroll comp with Storyweavers is definitely possible.

The trait is very similar to Kayle from Set 9, who was a reroll carry that got stronger as you got more levels. This is quite fitting as the summon from Storyweaver is a giant Kayle.


TFT Set 11 Umbral

The moon illuminates hexes, Shielding units placed in them at the start of combat. Umbral units in illuminated hexes execute low Health enemies.

  • (2) 250 ;Shield; 12% Health execute
  • (4) 500 ;Shield; 20% Health execute
  • (6) 750 ;Shield and illuminate the whole board
  • (8) Executed enemies have a 100% chance to drop loot; 25% Health execute

Champions: Darius 1, Yorick 2, Alune 3, Yone 3, Sylas 4, Sett 5

First Impressions:

For our last origin, Umbral is bringing back a similar effect to K/DA. With Umbral, hexes will light up on the board, granting bonuses to units placed on it. These traits can usually be quite strong and easy to position, but sometimes the positioning can be limiting.

From what we know, there are only two board variations for Umbral at the moment, but more can be added during PBE.


For the classes, my impressions will mostly be shorter as many of these effects are the same or similar to previous classes.


TFT Set 11 Altruist

Altruists heal the lowest Health ally for 15% of damage they deal. Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist.

  • (2) 10 Armor and Magic Resist
  • (3) 25 Armor and Magic Resist
  • (4) 40 Armor and Magic Resist

Champions: Riven 2, Soraka 3, Rakan 5

First Impressions:

Of the classes, Altruist definitely stands out. Altruists naturally have a “Hextech Gunblade” effect with their trait. Comps will Altruist will be similar to something like Karma comps from Set 9. You’ll likely have lots of healing and shielding to keep your team alive as you slowly whittle down the enemy.


TFT Set 11 Arcanist

Arcanists gain Ability Power and grant Ability Power to allies.

  • (2) 20 to all allies.
  • (4) 40 for Arcanists; 20 for others
  • (6) 80 ;or Arcanists; 40 ;or others
  • (8) 120 ;or Arcanists; 100 for others

Champions: Ahri 1, Lux 2, Neeko 2, Illaoi 3, Zoe 3, Syndra 4, Lissandra 5

First Impressions:

Arcanist is a similar AP trait to ones we’ve seen in the past. Nothing particularly new here.


TFT Set 11 Artist

The Artist paints the champion you place in a special bench slot. Get a 1-star copy of the champion placed there when the Artist’s work is complete. Rounds to Complete = Unit Cost (Decreases with Artist Star Level)

Champion: Hwei 5

First Impressions:

Artist is a unique trait specific to Hwei, who is coming to TFT for the first time. The Artist trait will allow you to copy a champion on your bench, which is honestly quite insane. It’ll still take some time to copy a champion with Artist, but this is a huge consistency upgrade for 3-cost reroll comps. It can also help you potentially go for 3-star 4-cost champions in the very late game.

If Hwei fits into your team comp and you find him early, he can definitely set you up for a powerful endgame board.


TFT Set 11 Behemoth

Behemoths gain increased Armor and Magic Resist. Whenever a Behemoth dies, the nearest Behemoth gains 50% more for 5 seconds.

  • (2) 30
  • (4) 45
  • (6) 80

Champions: Cho’Gath 1, Malphite 1, Shen 2, Yorick 2, Thresh 3, Ornn 4, Udyr 5

First Impressions:

Behemoth is still very similar to tank traits of the past, except they get tankier when a different Behemoth dies. I don’t expect a vertical Behemoth comp to be strong. The trait caps out at 6, so non-buildable Emblems won’t take this trait to extreme heights.


TFT Set 11 Bruiser

Your team gains 100 maximum Health. Bruisers gain additional maximum Health.

  • (2) 20%
  • (4) 40%
  • (6) 70%
  • (8) 85%; Every 4 seconds, Bruisers deal 6% max HP bonus physical damage on their next attack.

Champions: Kobuko 1, Rek’Sai 1, Aatrox 2, Riven 2, Tahm Kench 3, Galio 4, Sylas 4

First Impressions:

Bruisers seem to  have been in every set for the past few sets, so nothing new here. The 8 Bruiser trait is getting a small bonus, so there’s some potential for an 8 Bruiser comp.


TFT Set 11 Duelist

Duelists gain Attack Speed on each attack, stacking up to 12 times.

  • (2) 5 AS%
  • (4) 9 AS%
  • (6) 12 AS%; Duelists take 12% less damage

Champions: Darius 1, Yasuo 1, Qiyana 2, Tristana 3, Volibear 3, Lee Sin 4, Irelia 5

First Impressions:

Once again, Duelist is something we’ve seen before. Like Bruiser, though, the Duelist (6) trait is getting a bonus effect of damage reduction.


TFT Set 11 Exalted

Your team gains 5% bonus damage, plus more based on your level After combat, store 2 XP in a Soul Core. Sell the Core to claim the XP.

  • (3) 1% damage per level
  • (5) 3% damage per level

Each game a different set of units is Exalted.

First Impressions:

Exalted is one of the most interesting additions to the game. Each game, a different set of Champions will gain the Exalted trait. This means that almost every game will be unique if you plan on playing Exalted. There’s also potential to use Exalted units as a tool to generate XP. With this, you can potentially Fast 9 very quickly if you get Exalted (3) early.


TFT Set 11 Great

Every 3 casts, Wukong grows his weapon, modifying his Abilities.

Champion: Wukong 5

First Impressions:

Great is the Wukong specific trait, and this basically turns him into a scaling threat. His ability naturally has three parts, so every full cycle, he will get stronger. If he can survive the entire fight, he will become very strong by the end.


TFT Set 11 Invoker

Every 3 seconds, your units gain Mana.

  • (2) 5 to all
  • (4) Additional 15 to Invokers
  • (6) 15 to all, additional 15 to Invokers

Champions: Kog’Maw 1, Janna 2, Alune 3, Annie 4, Lillia 4, Azir 5

First Impressions:

Invoker is a trait we’ve seen before, so there’s nothing too much to comment about. Invoker units usually have a strong vertical comp like Duelists, but it will also depend on their balance numbers.


TFT Set 11 Lovers

Change which Lover takes the field depending on whether they are placed in the front or back 2 rows. When the fielded Lover casts, the other provides a bonus effect.

  • Front: Altruist Rakan
  • Back: Trickshot Xayah

Champions: Xayah/Rakan 5

First Impressions:

Lovers is another unique trait, this time for Xayah/Rakan. In Set 11, Xayah & Rakan will be one unit in the shop, and you’ll be able to play either unit depending on where you place them. This makes Xayah/Rakan more flexible for team building, but team comps will likely prefer to play one over the other.


TFT Set 11 Reaper

  • (2) Reapers’ Abilities can critically strike and they gain 20% Critical Strike Chance.
  • (4) Additionally, Reapers’ bleed enemies for 60% bonus true damage over 3 seconds.

Champions: Kha’Zix 1, Kindred 2, Yone 3, Kayn 4

First Impressions:

Reaper is a smaller trait and they’re reminiscent of old Assassin traits. Their abilities will critically strike, so you don’t need to build Infinity Edge/Jeweled Gauntlet.

Bleed effects in the past haven’t been very impressive, but depending on the final damage number, it can be impactful.


TFT Set 11 Sage

Combat start: Allies in the front 2 rows gain Omnivamp. Allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power.

  • (2) 11% ;Omnivamp, 15 AP
  • (3) 18% ;Omnivamp, 30 AP
  • (4) 30% ;Omnivamp, 45 AP
  • (5) 44% ;Omnivamp, 70 AP

Champions: Zyra 2, Diana 3, Morgana 4, Wukong 5

First Impressions:

Sage is another trait that actually quite unique. The trait buffs up all allies rather than just Sage units, so the trait can potentially be very flexible. Omnivamp for front row allies can also be quite strong if you have a melee carry but couldn’t build healing like Bloodthirster.


TFT Set 11 Sniper

Innate: Snipers gain 1 Attack Range. Snipers deal more damage to targets farther away.

  • (2) 7% damage per hex.
  • (4) 14% damage per hex.
  • (6) 30% damage per hex.

Champions: Caitlyn 1, Kog’Maw 1, Senna 2, Aphelios 3, Ashe 4

First Impressions:

Sniper is a returning trait, so I won’t comment further.

Spirit Walker

TFT Set 11 Spirit Walker

The first time the Spirit Walker drops below 50% Health, he unleashes the rage within, healing to full Health, gaining increased movement speed, and changing his Ability from Ram Slam to Tiger Strikes.

Champion: Udyr 5

First Impressions:

Spirit Walker is Udyr’s unique trait, giving him a full heal at 50% Health and buffs up his ability. However, this trait will only be as impactful as Udyr is.


TFT Set 11 Trickshot

Trickshots’ abilities ricochet. Each ricochet deals a percentage of the previous bounce’s damage.

  • (2) 1 ricochet; 40% of previous damage
  • (4) 2 ricochets; 50% of previous damage

The reduction also applies to Rakan’s healing.

Champions: Sivir 1, Teemo 2, Bard 3, Kai’Sa 4, Xayah 5

First Impressions:

Trickshot abilities will bounce between enemies, dealing less damage. This is definitely a trait to build into if one of your carries is a Trickshot.


TFT Set 11 Warden

Wardens gain Damage Reduction. For the first 10 seconds of combat, they gain an additional 12% Damage Reduction.

  • (2) 14% Damage Reduction
  • (4) 26% Damage Reduction
  • (6) 38% Damage Reduction

Champions: Garen 1, Jax 1, Gnar 2, Amumu 3, Illaoi 3, Nautilus 4, Sett 5

First Impressions:

Warden is another defensive trait that mirrors older defensive traits. Damage reduction can be quite powerful when stacked with Health and Armor/MR. Unfortunately, like Behemoth, there is no big (8) trait that can make for a rare but powerful vertical Warden comp.

New Champions: Abilities, Positioning, and First Impressions

Finally, let’s run through the entire roster of new champions. As with every set, many champions will be similar to previous, but there are usually some unique ones as well.

We’ll be giving basic positioning suggestions for every champion to get the ball rolling for you, but remember that positioning is incredibly contextual in TFT and to always adapt to the situation at hand.

The terminology we’ll be using in this article will be frontlinemidline, and backline.

TFT Positioning Key

1-Cost Champions

Ahri 1g Arcanist, Fated

TFT Set 11 Ahri

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Love Bomb

Deal magic damage to the current target and magic damage to adjacent enemies. Fated Bonus: Gain 25 AP

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

1-Cost AP champions can usually be hit or miss, but Ahri does deal AoE damage which is quite nice. However, I fully expect players to adapt and not place their frontline close to each other to avoid Ahri AoE.

Caitlyn 1g Ghostly, Sniper

TFT Set 11 Caitlyn

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Ace in the Hole

Fire a bullet towards the farthest enemy, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

We’ve seen this ability time and time again, and it’s a good one. If you don’t have a strong board and want to lose streak, Caitlyn is a very effective unit. Her ability can still defeat one enemy unit, reducing the HP you lose from a loss.

Cho’Gath 1g Behemoth, Mythic

TFT Set 11 Cho'Gath

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Eruption

Gain a Shield for 4 seconds and breathe a cone of fire, dealing magic damage, Burning, and Wounding enemies hit for 9 seconds.

Burn: Deal 1% of the target’s max Health as true damage every second
Wound: Reduce healing received by 50%

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Cho’Gath has quite a powerful kit. He gains a shield, deals damage, and applies debuffs to enemies. While Wound isn’t extremely impactful early game, the Burn can still get through tanky frontlines to help you win fights.

Darius 1g Duelist, Umbral

TFT Set 11 Darius

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Decimate

Deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. For the next 4 seconds, attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Darius has a fairly simple ability, where he spins his weapon and deals damage around him. What’s interesting is that Darius is a Duelist this time around. As such, he’ll ramp up Attack Speed, dealing more damage with his ability’s bonus magic damage.

Garen 1g Storyweaver, Warden

TFT Set 11 Garen

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Courage

Gain a Shield for 5 seconds. Garen’s next attack deals additional damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Garen is a very simple unit with an ability mixing damage and survivability. He can pair with Jax early for a simple Warden (2) frontline, or with Storyweavers to summon Kayle.

Jax 1g Inkshadow, Warden

TFT Set 11 Jax

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Counter Strike

Gain 60 Armor and Magic Resist for the next 2 seconds. Afterwards, deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. The current target takes magic damage and is Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Jax is another straightforward and effective tank. His ability does AoE damage while also stunning his target. Single target CC is pretty good for a 1-cost unit, but he likely won’t stay in endgame comps unless he’s a reroll carry.

Kha’Zix 1g Heavenly, Reaper

TFT Set 11 Kha'Zix

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Leap!

Leap towards the lowest Health enemy within 3 hexes and deal physical damage.

Positioning: Midline

First Impressions:

Kha’Zix is returning as a 1-cost unit with an “Assassin-like” ability. By leaping, he can potentially jump toward the backline to potentially take down enemy carries. However, since he jumps to the lowest Health enemy, you’ll need someway to damage the backline in order to make him jump there.

Kobuko 1g Bruiser, Fortune

TFT Set 11 Kobuko

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Money Dance

Passive: When you gain interest, gain 15/20/25 permanent Health per gold collected. Gain 60/80/200 Health per Round in Hyper Roll

Active: Heal Health over 2 seconds. Kobuko’s next attack deals bonus magic damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Kobuko is a new Yordle coming to TFT, and his ability perfectly synergizes with the Fortune trait. With Fortune, you want to be lose streaking to build up Luck. As you do so, you’ll naturally gain interest Gold, buffing up Kobuko’s Health.

Kog’Maw 1g Invoker, Mythic, Sniper

TFT Set 11 Kog'Maw

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Raining Artillery

Deal magic damage to the lowest Health enemy within range. Every 2 casts, gain +1 Attack Range.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Kog’Maw is the first 1-cost unit with three traits, giving him solid potential to be a reroll carry. His ability is also very unique, granting him bonus range the more he casts. This is further buffed up by his Invoker trait granting him mana, and his Sniper trait granting him damage based on the distance to his target.

Malphite 1g Behemoth, Heavenly

TFT Set 11 Malphite

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Topaz Skin

For 8 seconds, gain Armor and attacks deal magic damage to enemies in a cone.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

As with many tank units, there’s nothing too special about Malphite’s ability. He gains some extra Armor and deals a little bit of AoE. However, considering he’s Heavenly, he can definitely deal a good amount of damage once he is 3-stars.

Rek’Sai 1g Bruiser, Dryad

TFT Set 11 Rek'Sai

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Uproot

Gain 50 Armor and Magic Resist for 5 seconds. Stun nearby enemies for 1 second and deal magic damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

CC on low-cost units is quite impactful, and Rek’Sai does just that. Not only that, but Rek’Sai’s stun appears to be AoE, which only makes her better.

Sivir 1g Storyweaver, Trickshot

TFT Set 11 Sivir

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: On the Hunt

Gain 80/80/85% Attack Damage and grant Attack Speed to self and adjacent allies for 5 seconds.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Sivir is a 1-cost unit Storyweaver, meaning she’ll pair easily with Garen early on. Her ability is basically Zeke’s Herald along with some extra Attack Damage. Storyweaver can likely be played as an early game reroll comp due to having two 1-cost units pairing very easily and the trait also benefits from higher Star tiers.

Yasuo 1g Duelist, Fated

TFT Set 11 Yasuo

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Steel Tempest

Passive: Attacks while Shielded deal bonus magic damage. Active: Gain a Shield for 5 seconds and deal magic damage to the current target.

Fated Bonus: Gain 400 Shield at the start of combat.

Positioning: Midline

First Impressions:

Yasuo is another Duelist, pairing nicely with Darius early on. However, his ability also grants him bonus damage when he’s shielded. His Fated Bonus also grants a shield when he’s part of a link, so that all works together.

2-Cost Champions

Aatrox 2g Bruiser, Ghostly, Inkshadow

TFT Set 11 Aatrox

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Phantom Blade

20% Shred the current target for 4 seconds and deal magic damage to them. Heal Health.

Shred: Reduce Magic Resist

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Aatrox is another natural 3-trait unit, but his ability makes him seem more like a support than a carry. The shred effect will be good for AP comps. Ghostly and Inkshadow both have AP carries in their roster, so Aatrox is likely a strong unit to include in those comps.

Gnar 2g Dryad, Warden

TFT Set 11 Gnar

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Boulder Toss

Passive: Gain Attack Damage upon attacking or getting hit, up to 50 times. Active: Fling a boulder at the current target, dealing physical damage to targets in a line.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Gnar has a similar passive ability similar to Titan’s Resolve, except it only grants AD. As the fight progresses, Gnar can reach his max stacks and deal solid damage with his attacks and Ability.

Janna 2g Dragonlord, Invoker

TFT Set 11 Janna

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Heavenly Winds

Grant a Shield to Janna and the lowest Health ally for 4 seconds. Then, deal magic damage to the 2 nearest enemies.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Janna is another fairly simply unit that deals damage while also providing some shielding. Nothing too special here.

Kindred 2g Dryad, Fated, Reaper

TFT Set 11 Kindred

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Flourish of Arrows

Dash away from the current target and deal magic damage to them and magic damage to the nearest enemy.

Fated Bonus: Gain 20% Attack Speed.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Kindred is another three trait unit, making them likely to be a strong flex unit. The Reaper trait allows their ability to crit, so no need to build Jeweled Gauntlet. Overall, Kindred looks to be a solid unit that scales with AP and Attack Speed.

Lux 2g Arcanist, Porcelain

TFT Set 11 Lux

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Bunny Binding

Throw a spirit bunny towards the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies along the way, reduced by 30% each time it hits an enemy. The first 2 enemies hit are Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Lux is another low-cost AP unit with a Stun in her kit. This time around, her stun varies greatly depending on her positioning. You can do some tricky things to position her to snipe the enemy carry with her ability. Even still, for most games, I expect players to simply put her in the corner.

Neeko 2g Arcanist, Heavenly, Mythic

TFT Set 11 Neeko

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Hop Blossom

Hop into the air, reducing damage taken by 25/25/34% and Healing Health over 2 seconds. After, slam down and deal magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Neeko is one of the few AP tanks in the game, so she will be a strong frontline for AP comps. While she can be a reroll target for Heavenly comps, she will likely also be a strong tank in the midgame for Arcanist comps.

Qiyana 2g Duelist, Heavenly

TFT Set 11 Qiyana

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Supreme Display of Talent

For 4 seconds, attacks deal bonus physical damage to the target and physical damage to enemies behind them. Qiyana will dash to find the best angle.

Positioning: Midline

First Impressions:

Qiyana is our 4th Heavenly unit, and she is another melee AD carry similar to Kha’Zix. Kha’Zix will likely be an easier carry to build around since he is 1-cost, but it will depend on how strong they are numbers wise. Qiyana lets you build more into the Duelist trait, which can be an option if Duelist flexing is stronger than building for Reaper with Kha’Zix.

Riven 2g Altruist, Bruiser, Storyweaver

TFT Set 11 Riven

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Broken Wings

Deal physical damage to the current target. Every 3rd cast, also deal physical damage to adjacent enemies and heal Health.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Riven is another Storyweaver unit, so finding 3 early will be strong to summon Kayle. While Riven and Garen don’t share defensive traits (Bruiser and Warden), there is a 4-cost Storyweaver + Bruiser with Galio. Because of this, the Storyweaver comp will likely build more toward Bruiser than Warden.

Senna 2g Inkshadow, Sniper

TFT Set 11 Senna

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Absolution

Fire a laser 2 Hexes beyond the current target, dealing physical damage to enemies hit. Grant 20/25/30% Attack Damage to Senna and allies to the left and right for 4 seconds.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Senna is a Sniper unit with a supportive ability. It’s unlikely that she will be the main carry of the team due to her kit, but you never know. She will likely be used in the mid game to buff up your main Sniper carry or to build toward an Inkshadow comp.

Shen 2g Behemoth, Ghostly

TFT Set 11 Shen

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Spirit’s Refuge

For 4 seconds, reduce damage taken by Shen and for adjacent allies. Shen’s next 3 attacks deal bonus true damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Shen is an early game tank that helps buff up the survivability of nearby units. Because of this, you will want to position Shen in the middle of other units, allowing his ability to buff up as many allies as possible.

Teemo 2g Fortune, Trickshot

TFT Set 11 Teemo

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Dim-Sum Delivery

Throw a spoiled dumpling at the nearest non-poisoned enemy, poisoning them, dealing magic damage over 10 seconds.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Teemo is a Fortune trait unit, meaning he will pair alongside Kobuko and Tristana for an early Fortune (3). None of these units synergize together outside of Fortune, but 3/5 units are AP based. This means Teemo can likely be a strong item holder or potential reroll carry for Fortune comps.

Yorick 2g Behemoth, Umbral

TFT Set 11 Yorick

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Dark Despoil

Sap power from the 2 nearest enemies, gaining 300/360/420 max Health and dealing magic damage to them over 3 seconds.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Yorick’s ability is a fairly simple frontline ability. He gains some Health and deals some damage. Even though the ability says “Sap,” it doesn’t appear that Yorick actually steals HP from his enemies, so that is something to keep in mind.

Zyra 2g Sage, Storyweaver

TFT Set 11 Zyra

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Paper Thorns

Summon 2 Vine Lashers that attack the nearest enemy 3 times. Their attacks deal magic damage and Wound their targets for 6 seconds.

Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

So far, Zyra sticks out a little bit compared to the other Storyweaver units. She deals magic damage and her Sage trait grants Ability Power to backline units. So far, the Storyweaver trait seems to point toward AD, making Zyra stick out a little bit. Even so, the AP bonus from Sage is still beneficial for any unit, and it also grants Omnivamp to frontline units which is solid as well.

3-Cost Champions

Alune 3g Invoker, Umbral

TFT Set 11 Alune

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Lunar Barrage

Rain meteors through the row with the most total enemy Health. Meteors deal magic damage split between all enemies hit. Deal magic damage to the current target. All enemies hit are 20% Shredded for 6 seconds. Grant 40% Attack Speed split amongst allies in Alune’s row for 5 seconds.

Shred: Reduce Magic Resist

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Alune has a multipart ability, dealing damage, shredding enemies, and buffing up allies. With Alune, you will want to place her in the same row with your other carries, buffing their Attack Speed.

Amumu 3g Porcelain, Warden

TFT Set 11 Amumu

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Herbal Tea-rs

Over the next 3 seconds, heal Health and cry on adjacent units. Tears heal allies for Health and deal magic damage to enemies.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Similar to Shen, Amumu is a unit you will want to place toward the middle of your units. This will maximize the healing you get while also hopefully hitting multiple enemies.

Aphelios 3g Fated, Sniper

TFT Set 11 Aphelios

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Duskwave

20% Sunder the nearest 3 enemies for 7 seconds. Then fire 3 shots at them, dealing physical damage each.

Fated Bonus: Gain 25%

Sunder: Reduce Armor

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

As expected, Aphelios has a very similar ability to Alune. While they don’t synergize with traits, they have matching abilities. For Aphelios, he will Sunder nearby enemies, making him a strong support unit for AD comps. Placing Aphelios close to your carry will be important to ensure he Sunders the target they are attacking.

Bard 3g Mythic, Trickshot

TFT Set 11 Bard

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Meep Meep!

For the next few seconds, attacks instead throw 2 Meeps, each dealing physical damage and magic damage.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Bard is an interesting carry because his ability deals both Physical and magic damage. We don’t have exact details on whether AP scales both values or only the magic damage, but it’s still interesting nonetheless. His Trickshot trait also allows his ability to deal AoE/splash damage, making him a potential reroll carry.

Diana 3g Dragonlord, Sage

TFT Set 11 Diana

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Purification Rites

Heal Health and create a 1-hex sacred zone around Diana for 4 seconds, taking 20% reduced damage from enemies outside the zone. While the zone is up, Diana’s attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Diana is an interesting unit because neither of her traits particularly buff her up. The Sage trait will grant her Omnivamp, but her Dragonlord trait doesn’t provide any stats. It’s possible that Diana can be a reroll carry, but that will depend on her base stats and ability damage.

If she’s not a carry, she can potentially be a solid mid game tank/damage hybrid for team comps that want Dragonlord/Sage.

Illaoi 3g Arcanist, Ghostly, Warden

TFT Set 11 Illaoi

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Prophet of Spirits

Gain a Shield and summon a tentacle near the current target for 4 seconds. The tentacle slams every second, dealing magic damage in a line and healing Illaoi.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Illaoi is a dedicated tank for AP comps, being both an Arcanist and Warden. Her Ghostly trait also lets you flex between Arcanist and Ghostly comps, or mix them together.

Soraka 3g Altruist, Heavenly

TFT Set 11 Soraka

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Divine Judgement

Passive: Each time your team loses 20% of their total Health, gain 10 Ability Power for the rest of combat.

Active: Mana Reave the largest group of enemies within range. Deal magic damage to the center enemy and magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Mana Reave: Increase max Mana by 20% until the next cast

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Soraka is the only 3-cost Heavenly unit, and she likely will go in the comp just to buff up your other Heavenly units. Her Altruist trait is a bit awkward to include, as you need to either run Riven or Rakan. Riven doesn’t synergize with the Heavenly units, which makes it a little awkward, but it’s still possible to run together.

Mana Reave in general is also quite a powerful ability, so her utility is quite impressive for any comp that can utilize her traits well.

Tahm Kench 3g Bruiser, Mythic

TFT Set 11 TahmKench

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Tongue Lash

Gain a Shield for 6 seconds and deal magic damage to the current target. If Tahm Kench has more Health than them, deal increased magic damage instead. Otherwise, gain more Shield.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Tahm Kench is returning with a similar ability to Nunu of past sets. Like other tanks, he gains some survivability and deals damage, but he will also deal more damage if he has more Health than his target. In the past Nunu would deal True Damage, so it’s unclear whether Tahm Kench will be a potential main carry, but, if his numbers are large enough, it can still work.

Thresh 3g Behemoth, Fated

TFT Set 11 Thresh

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Guided Passage

Grant a Shield to Thresh and the lowest Health ally for 4 seconds and deal magic damage to enemies adjacent to both. Thresh shares 30/30/34% of his Armor and Magic Resist with the shielded ally for 6 seconds.

Fated Bonus: Gain 20 Armor and Magic Resist.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Thresh has a somewhat similar ability to Lee Sin from Set 8. Lee Sin with his Hero Augment was broken, and Thresh very likely won’t be able to be abused the same way. Overall, he is a solid frontline support tank that helps make another ally tankier.

Tristana 3g Duelist, Fortune

TFT Set 11 Tristana

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Firecracker Frenzy

Gain 40/40/44% Attack Damage for 6 seconds. Jump on the lowest Health enemy within range and deal physical damage to adjacent enemies, before bouncing to a safe location.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Overall, it would appear that Tristana is a main carry option for the Fortune trait. However, Tristana is the only Fortune unit that scales with AD, while the others are all AP. This is quite the departure from previous “economy” traits that usually focused on AD carries.

Volibear 3g Duelist, Inkshadow

TFT Set 11 Volibear

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Ink Smash

Empower the next three attacks. The first two heal for 280/330/380 Health and deal bonus magic damage. The final attack deals magic damage and Stuns the target for 1 second.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Volibear’s ability is quite solid, providing extra damage and healing. With the Duelist trait buffing his attack speed, he can sustain himself, deal more damage, and stun his target.

Yone 3g Reaper, Umbral

TFT Set 11 Yone

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Fate Sealed

Dash in spirit form to the furthest enemy within (x) Hexes for 3 seconds, dealing physical damage and Wounding enemies along the way for 5 seconds. While in spirit form, gain a Shield and 80% Attack Speed. Afterwards, Yone returns to his starting position. Each cast this combat increases his dash range by 1 Hex.

Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%

Positioning: Frontline/Midline

First Impressions:

Yone is a 3-cost champion with backline access through his ability. As the fight progresses, he will be able to dash to enemy backline units to assassinate them. However, you will need a decent frontline in order to stall long enough for Yone to do his job.

You don’t want Yone to take damage early in the fight, but you also want him toward the front so he’s in range to dash to the enemy backline.

Zoe 3g Arcanist, Fortune, Storyweaver

TFT Set 11 Zoe

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Calculated!

Passive: Kills increase the number of ricochets by 1 for the rest of combat.

Active: Fire a missile dealing magic damage to the current target. The missile ricochets to the farthest unit within 2 hexes, dealing magic damage.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Zoe looks to be a strong contender for the main carry of Fortune comps. Her ability has natural scaling as the fight progresses, and the rest of the comp has other AP units like Teemo and Annie.

4-Cost Champions

Annie 4g Fortune, Invoker

TFT Set 11 Annie

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Get ’em, Tibbers!

Passive: Heal Health when damaging a Burning enemy.

Active: On first cast, hop on Tibbers, gaining max Health and Stunning enemies within 2 hexes for 1.5 seconds. Deal magic damage, Burn, and Wound enemies within 2 hexes for 8 seconds.

Burn: Deal 1% of the target’s max Health as true damage every second
Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Annie is the final unit for the Fortune trait, and she’s a tank that does everything. She heals, Burns/Wounds enemies, and Stuns. She really is the whole package.

Invoker is also an easy trait to splash in the comp with (2) to provide 5 mana to the entire team. This is yet another reason that Fortune comps will likely play into AP rather than AD.

Ashe 4g Porcelain, Sniper

TFT Set 11 Ashe

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Rain of Shards

Passive: Start with 15 arrows. Gain 1/1/3 every 3 attacks.

Active: Fire a volley split between the current target and the 3 closest enemies within range, dealing physical damage per arrow.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Ashe is a fairly straightforward backline AD DPS unit. Her ability deals more damage the more she attacks, so stacking Attack Speed can be quite good. Her Porcelain trait also gives more Attack Speed when she casts, so it’s possible that a combination of Mana generation and Attack Speed can be good. It’s also possible that strong damage scaling items are better.

Galio 4g Bruiser, Storyweaver

TFT Set 11 Galio

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Savior’s Protection

Taunt enemies within 3 hexes and gain Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds. Galio is immobile and unstoppable during this time. After, deal magic damage to all enemies in range and grant a Shield to allies in range for 4 seconds.

Taunt: enemies that are able and in range must attack the taunter.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Galio is going to be the main tank for the Storyweaver comp, synergizing with Riven to give Bruiser (2). This is one of the few class overlaps within the trait.

His ability is also pretty good, but nothing crazy. Taunt is semi useful, as he gains additional Armor/MR while taunting. But overall, he mainly is just a tank with an ability that focuses on that.

Kai’Sa 4g Inkshadow, Trickshot

TFT Set 11 Kaisa

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Inkstorm

Fire 20 waves at the current target over 2 seconds, each dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit. If an enemy is hit by 10 waves, they take increased damage per wave.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Kai’Sa is another AD DPS similar to Ashe. They both have strong abilities that deal damage. However, while Ashe wants to prioritize Attack Speed, Kai’Sa doesn’t necessarily need to. Her Trickshot trait allows her ability to ricochet, giving her solid splash damage as well.

Kayn 4g Ghostly, Reaper

TFT Set 11 Kayn

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Shadow Assassin

On first cast, transform, dealing  physical damage to nearby enemies. While transformed, gain 30% Critical Strike Chance and critical attacks damage adjacent enemies. If the spin only hits one enemy, the damage is increased by 50%.

Subsequent casts deal physical damage to units in a line through the target instead.

Positioning: Midline

First Impressions:

Kayn is the main AD carry of the Ghostly trait, and he’s a melee carry. Unlike other melee carries that also have defensive capabilities, Kayn’s ability is focused purely on damage.

His ability gives him more Crit and Damage, while his Reaper trait also grants his ability the ability to Crit. Even the Ghostly trait helps him deal more damage as well.

With some Lifesteal and damage, Kayn looks like he can demolish enemy teams.

Lee Sin 4g Dragonlord, Duelist

TFT Set 11 Lee Sin

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Dragon’s Dance

Kick the target’s spirit out of their body, dealing physical damage, 30% Mana Reaving them, and Stunning them. Enemies hit by the spirit take physical damage. Gain a Shield for 3 seconds.

Mana Reave: Increase max Mana until the next cast

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Lee Sin has an ability that can deal AoE damage if he’s positioned well. However, fights don’t always play out how you expect, so you can’t rely on it too much. However, if your opponent clumps their board, Lee Sin will likely gain a lot of value from his ability.

Overall, Mana Reave, damage, and stun is quite good for one ability.

Lillia 4g Invoker, Mythic

TFT Set 11 Lillia

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Eep!

Hurl an orb towards the current target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and adjacent enemies. It continues rolling as a smaller orb, dealing magic damage to enemies it hits.

Every third cast launches a mega orb at her target that deals magic damage and splits into 3 smaller orbs that roll towards the farthest enemies.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Lillia has an AoE magic damage ability, making her a potential AP carry for Invoker comps. Her Mythic trait also buffs her up further, so pairing her with someone like Tahm Kench can also be good.

Morgana 4g Ghostly, Sage

TFT Set 11 Morgana

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: The Tempest’s Torment

Create an expanding blizzard at the largest clump of enemies within range that deals [v1] () magic damage over 3 seconds and Chills for 1 second.

Chill: Reduce Attack Speed by 10%

Positioning: Midline

First Impressions:

Morgana is another Ghostly 4-cost unit that will pair greatly with Kayn. She can hold AP items while Kayn holds AD items, making itemization easy.

Her Sage trait also synergizes very well with Kayn. Sage will grant her AP if she’s in the back two rows, while Kayn will gain Omnivamp in the front two rows.

If you enjoy playing simply 4-cost carry comps, Ghostly seems to be quite good and easy to build.

Nautilus 4g Mythic, Warden

TFT Set 11 Nautilus

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Depth Charge

Send 3 shockwaves towards the most enemies in a line, dealing magic damage and Stunning all enemies hit for 1.8/2/8 seconds.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Nautilus is a simple 4-cost tank with a strong CC ability. As usual, comps that want to utilize the Warden or Mythic trait will definitely want to include Nautilus for a strong tank and utility.

Ornn 4g Behemoth, Dryad

TFT Set 11 Ornn

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Forge of the Forest

Gain a shield for 4 seconds. Channel and forge upstoppably over 2 seconds, dealing magic damage to adjacent enemies over the duration. After, toss an ephemeral Completed item to the nearest ally.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Ornn is an interesting tank because he doesn’t provide any CC for the team. Instead, after he casts his ability, he will grant an item to a nearby ally.

These items can be quite good and buff up your team, but if Ornn dies before finishing his cast, he will be quite bad. Because of this, if you can’t upgrade Ornn to 2 stars, he may not be able to provide much value to the team in the late game.

Sylas 4g Bruiser, Umbral

TFT Set 11 Sylas

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Unchain The Demon

Dash around the target and slam, dealing magic damage and healing. Swipe after, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Sylas is a Bruiser that also appears to have carry potential. His ability focuses on dealing damage and healing, which are trademarks of a melee carry unit.

It’s possible that Sylas will be good in a vertical Bruiser comp as the main carry. There is also potential for this to work in a hybrid comp with Bruisers and Umbral.

Syndra 4g Arcanist, Fated

TFT Set 11 Syndra

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Phantom Butterflies

Passive: Start combat with 7 butterflies and gain one every 2 casts or on ally death.

Active: Throw all butterflies at the current target, dealing magic damage for each butterfly.

Fated Bonus: Deal 11% more damage.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Syndra is looking to be the classic AP carry of the set. She has an ability that focuses purely on damage, and her Arcanist trait further buffs up her damage. Her ability will scale the more she casts in a fight, so having a strong frontline or good mana generation will help her start one shotting units.

Single target AP carries can sometimes be difficult to play with, though. She can cast on a low health enemy or her first cast might not take down a tank. Even still, with a board of Arcanists, everyone will be dealing damage, with Syndra there to help burst down tanky units.

5-Cost Champions

Azir 5g Dryad, Invoker

TFT Set 11 Azir

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Blight

Azir fires a beam through the current target, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. Spawn a Guardian adjacent to the first enemy hit. The Guardian does not move or attack.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Azir is quite interesting as he spawns Guardian which act almost like training dummies. His Invoker trait doesn’t pigeonhole him into any specific team, so I expect him to be a strong champion for Fast 9 comps.

Hwei 5g Artist, Mythic

TFT Set 11 Hwei

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: A Brush with Fate

Create an expanding paint pool around the most units that heals allies within every second for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, it explodes, healing allies within and dealing magic damage to enemies.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Overall, Hwei’s ability isn’t too much to write home about. It’s a fairly simple healing and damage ability, but his power comes with his Artist trait. If you get him early, you will be able to copy a unit on your bench, allowing you to easily upgrade units.

While Hwei might not be good in every comp, if you’re playing a Mythic comp, he slots in easily while also granting you additional copies of units over time.

Irelia 5g Duelist, Storyweaver

TFT Set 11 Irelia

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Blade Dance

Passive: Attacks send blades that dart between enemies, dealing physical damage and 30% Sunder for 5 seconds. Cast every 8 attacks.

Active: Command the blades to swiftly strike the three lowest Health enemies, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit effects.

Irelia converts 25% of bonus Attack Speed into faster blade movement, and 50% into Attack Damage.

Sunder: Reduce Armor

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Irelia is coming back with a flashy attack animation. Instead of being melee like before, Irelia is now a ranged carry, with her blades flying around the board.

Attack Speed is still good as if she was a regular ranged carry. Since her blades flow from target to target, Attack Speed will speed them up rather than make her “attack” faster.

Her attacks also naturally Sunder, meaning you can focus on Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Bonus Damage.

Lissandra 5g Arcanist, Porcelain

TFT Set 11 Lissandra

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Let ’em Brew

Steep the current target in a teapot, Stunning and dealing magic damage over 3/3/15 seconds. If they die, Lissandra turns them into a loot orb. Otherwise, Lissandra throws the teapot at the largest group of enemies, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. (Rewards are doubled in Hyper Roll)

If the target is the last enemy remaining, kill them instantly.

Positioning: Backline

First Impressions:

Lissandra is a powerful 5-cost purely because she can grant bonus loot. Even if you’re not building into Porcelain or Arcanist, she can allow you to gain bonus loot if you find her early.

If you are playing an Arcanist comp, finding her early will be huge to helping you reach your power ceiling in the late game with extra loot.

Sett 5g Fated, Umbral, Warden

TFT Set 11 Sett

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Light and Shadow

Passive: At the start of combat, squat adjacent units in the same row. Permanently gain 1% Attack Damage for each 1000 Health squatted. Gains are doubled in Hyper Roll

Active: Slam the current target forward, Stunning them and dealing physical damage. Deal damage plus 10/15/1000% of the target’s maximum health as physical damage to enemies within 2.5 hexes.

Fated Bonus: Gain 15% Omnivamp.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Sett is once again another 5-cost unit that benefits the earlier you find him. He will gain permanent Attack Damage at the start of each fight, after squatting his adjacent allies. Because of this, you will want to position him between your two highest Health units.

His ability is quite powerful, dealing a lot of damage if Sett slams a high Health target. Try to position him in front of the enemies highest Health tank.

Udyr 5g Behemoth, Inkshadow, Spirit Walker


[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Ram Slam / Tiger Strikes

Ram Slam: Gain a Shield for 3 seconds and charge through the current target, briefly knocking up any enemies he hits. Grab the nearest enemy and slam them into the ground, dealing magic damage to them and adjacent enemies.

Tiger Strikes: Gain 80/80/500% Attack Speed and empower Udyr’s attacks for the next 6/6/30 seconds to strike 4/4/20 additional times dealing bonus magic damage.

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Udyr is a very multi-faceted unit. His Behemoth trait makes him tanky, and his Unique Spirit Walker trait empowers him further after dropping below 50% Health. His Inkshadow trait also further increases the comps he can go in.

Overall, he provides a solid amount of damage and frontline good frontline.

WuKong 5g Great, Heavenly, Sage

TFT Set 11 Wukong

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Legendary Prowess

Cycle through the following abilities:

  • Throw staff out, dealing physical damage to the current target and Stunning them for 1.5/1.5/8 seconds.
  • Spin, dealing physical damage to enemies within 1-hex range.
  • Dash to hit the most enemies in a 3-hex line, then slam down staff dealing physical damage to enemies hit.”

Positioning: Frontline

First Impressions:

Wukong is another 5-cost melee carry, Fdealing lots of damage with his 3-part ability. However, I don’t expect level 9 boards or “Bill Gates” comps to run him. With the Heavenly trait, Wukong will gain a ton of extra stats, so he likely will be balanced around that team comp rather than as a flex 5-cost.

Xayah & Rakan 5g Dragonlord, Lovers, Trickshot/Altruist

TFT Set 11 Xayah Rakan

[Link to Champion Page]

Ability: Dynamic Duo

Xayah fires feathers at the nearest enemies, dealing physical damage. Rakan dashes towards the largest clump of units, deals magic damage to and debuffs them, and gains a shield for each enemy hit.

Positioning: Frontline/Backline

First Impressions:

Xayah and Rakan are introducing a new type of unit to the game. They will appear in the shop as one unit, and depending on where you place them, they will change between Xayah or Rakan. This makes things quite interesting, but I also don’t particularly like that you can’t do finnicky things like put Xayah in the frontline or Rakan in the backline.

Even still, this unit is very unique as it can flex into more situations. Xayah will be a strong Trickshot carry, while Rakan is a strong utility unit with Altruist.

The Dragonlord trait is interesting, as there’s no overlap between the classes of the units, but Xayah or Rakan will likely find a way to flex into other traits in said Dragonlord comp.

Closing Words

This wraps up all of the new Traits and Champions for TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables. While nothing is absolutely game breaking, the new Exalted units and Encounters will definitely spice up every game you play.

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