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TFT Set 10 Guide: How to Play True Damage

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How to Play True Damage

Welcome to another in the series of our How to Play TFT trait guides.

The True Damage group released all the way back in 2019, and with Set 10, they’re making their way to the convergence. As the name suggests, True Damage is about… true damage.

Let’s get right into the guide.

If you’re new to Set 10 and want to check out all the information, check out out Set 10 Reveal Page!

How True Damage Works

As expected, the True Damage units will deal true damage. However, each champion also has a specific bonus that activates when they hold an item. This can be great for powering up your board early, but you likely will still stack items on your strongest units toward the late game.

True Damage Trait Bonus

TFT Set 10 True Damage 14.1

Deal bonus true damage. True Damage champions holding an item gain a unique Bling Bonus for their Ability.

  • (2) 11% damage
  • (4) 20% damage
  • (6) 30% damage
  • (9) 99% damage

True Damage Synergy

Here’s a list of all the traits that the True Damage units branch into:

  • Superfan
  • Guardian
  • Edgelord
  • Rapidfire
  • Spellweaver
  • Sentinel
  • Executioner
  • Crowd Diver

As you can see, there isn’t a lot of overlap between the traits. Because of this, True Damage will likely be a trait that is splashed in to buff up your main carries.

There are definitely other units that can blend with the True Damage roster well, but in terms of a vertical comp, it’s unlikely to see play unless the numbers are insane.

True Damage Champions

Let’s briefly go over each Champion in the True Damage trait and what you can do with them.

Kennen – True Damage + Superfan + Guardian

TFT Set 10 Kennen 14.1

[Link to Champion Page]

Kennen is the first True Damage unit and he is a great pickup. He has 3 traits which is already good, but he also allows you to flex between playing True Damage and K/DA. Akali (4) can be played in both comps, and Kennen is also a great fit into both comps.

The Superfan and Guardian trait synergize perfectly with K/DA, so I expect Kennen to be a contested unit. (Unless True Damage and K/DA as a whole are weak)

Yasuo – True Damage + Edgelord

TFT Set 10 Yasuo 14.1

[Link to Champion Page]

Yasuo is the other 1-cost True Damage unit, but don’t be deceived, his ability can let him carry. Yasuo’s ability permanently grants him AD if his ability lands the killing blow. His Bling Bonus also synergizes with this as it makes his ability execute.

Yasuo will likely be a 1-cost reroll carry. The Headliner mechanic in the game can also lead to higher variance when it comes to reroll comps. Keep a lookout for Yasuo Headliners, but also make sure 3 other players aren’t forcing it as well.

Senna – True Damage + Rapidfire

TFT Set 10 Senna 14.1

[Link to Champion Page]

Senna is the 2-cost unit of the trait, and she branches into the Rapidfire trait. While the other Rapidfire units don’t really synergize with True Damage, you can easily splash one into the comp as you only need one extra unit to activate the (2) bonus.

Senna also provides a lot of flexibility for True Damage comps. If you find a Headliner Senna with extra copies, you can run Senna as your carry. Or, you can simply use her as an item holder and transition into Akali or Ahri carry.

Ekko – True Damage + Spellweaver + Sentinel

TFT Set 10 Ekko 14.1

[Link to Champion Page]

Ekko is True Damage’s 3-cost unit, and he provides some much needed frontline to the trait. His ability is a mix of damage and shielding, and his traits are also a mix of damage and survivability.

Another thing to note is that like Kennen, Ekko also can be very flexible between K/DA and True Damage. Spellweaver and Sentinel are both traits that are present in K/DA comps, making him a strong pick to flex between the two traits.

Akali – True Damage + Breakout + Executioner

TFT Set 10 Akali True Damage 14.1

[Link to Champion Page]

Akali is the only 4-cost True Damage unit and will be the main carry for the trait. Getting the True Damage (6) bonus provides a ton of damage, so Akali can easily be a main carry.

Furthermore, Akali’s Breakout trait let’s her flex between True Damage and K/DA as well. Depending on which trait has more units on board, Akali will change between being True Damage or K/DA. We also see Akali see play in Pentakill comps, making her a flexible carry in three different comps.

Qiyana – True Damage + Crowd Diver

TFT Set 10 Qiyana 14.1

[Link to Champion Page]

Qiyana is the last True Damage unit, and her ability has the potential to grant item components. This can be extremely powerful if you find her early with some luck.

Her Crowd Diver trait doesn’t pair with other True Damage units, but a complementary unit would definitely be Yone. He is a 3-cost Crowd Diver + Edgelord, and the Edgelord trait can pair together with Yasuo. Qiyana can be a strong way to power up Yasuo reroll in the late game, or she can be a secondary carry in an Akali based comp.

True Damage Best Augments

For this section, I’ll be covering some Augments that particularly synergize with the trait. Lots of Augments are universal, like economy based Augments or item Augments, but I’ll try to cover particular synergies to look out for.

I won’t be able to cover every single Augment, just some notable ones. You can check out the full list of Augments here.

True Damage Augment – Blinged Out

TFT Blinged Out

The True Damage specific Augment is basically a “Cybernetic” Augment. You’ll gain a bonus on a champion as long as they’re holding an item.

This works in tandem with the trait as True Damage units will gain a Bling Bonus when they hold an item.

Cybernetic Bulk / Leech

The Cybernetic Augments are another form of Augment that provide buffs as long as a champion holds an item. These effects are great to provide extra power to the team.

Just make sure to not overcommit to spreading out your items and get good items on your strongest units.

True Damage Team Comps

Team comps are very fickle, but we’ll try to keep this section updated with the best team comps you can play around.

If you want an updated look at team comps, be sure to check out our Tier List.

True Damage Comp

TFT Set 10 True Damage Team Comp 14.1

[Link to Team Comp Guide]

This first comp looks to activate the True Damage (6) bonus to fill out a strong board. The comp also has a lot of flexibility with how it can be played. For a simple baseline, you can look to either carry with Senna or Akali depending on context.

Furthermore, the True Damage unit core can flex into a lot of different things. You can transition into K/DA with Ahri or even Pentakill with Akali as a main carry. I go more in depth into these comps in their respective guides.

True Damage Yasuo Comp

TFT Set 10 Yasuo Team Comp Patch 13.24b

[Link to Team Comp Guide]

This comp is a reroll comp that looks to use Yasuo as the main carry. You aren’t looking to 3-star multiple units, but you simply prioritize Yasuo. For this comp, it’s important that you’re able to snowball early. If you can get 2-3 items and find Yasuo 3 quickly, you can let his ability snowball throughout the game.

As you catch up in levels, you can then add in more True Damage units and other units like Pentakill. This comp is mainly a consideration if you have a strong opener with lots of Yasuo copies and AD items. While you can force the comp, if you fall behind it’s going to be difficult to catch up and stabilize.


Overall, True Damage is a trait that is very dependent on the strength of the carry units. At the current moment, True Damage (6) provides a very powerful bonus, but the main strength of the trait lies in the flexible units.

Kennen, Ekko, and Akali all can find their way into multiple other comps, allowing you to play for strongest board while keeping your late game options open.

We hope you enjoyed this guide, and hopefully it helps you climb some ranks. Good luck and have fun!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our meta team comps page, or head to our Team Builder to try and come up with your own comps.