Palword Ore Guide: Base Locations, How to Automate, and More

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How to Get More Ore and Ingots in Palworld

If you’re reading this Palworld ore guide, there’s a good chance you’re struggling to produce enough ingots to get all the Technology you’re unlocking.

Don’t feel too bad because it’s a common problem many players face as they begin to transition from the early to mid game.

By the time you finish this guide, you’ll understand how to automate your ore production and help you progress much faster.

Why You Need a Ton of Ore in Palworld

Ore is one of the most important Palworld resources, virtually from when you unlock the Primitive Furnace (at level 10) until you unlock the Improved Furnace (at level 34).

Throughout this time, you’ll need as many Ingots as you can get and every Ingot requires 2x Ore to create.

ingot recipe

Ingot contributes to creating supplies that you make repeatedly during this phase of the game and onward, including but not limited to:

ore related technology tree

  • Creating and repairing your Metal Spear, Axe, and Pickaxe

nail recipe

  • Nails
    • Necessary for many recipes like Workbenches and Assembly Lines

pal sphere costs

  • Pal Spheres
    • Mega Spheres
    • Giga Spheres
    • Hyper Spheres

coarse ammo recipe

  • Ammunition
    • Coarse Ammo
    • Handgun Ammo

If you don’t follow this guide, you’ll constantly be running out of ore and it will severely reduce the pace of your game.

It’s usually the phase that beginner players start to think that the game becomes a grind. Thankfully, you can make your ore production an afterthought with the rest of our guide!

Palworld Ore Base Locations and Tips

The main thing that makes ore problematic compared to Wood and Stone, is that ore doesn’t have a dedicated building like the Stone Pit or Logging Site. Because of this, having an optimally located base is crucial.

Since you unlock the ability to build a second base at base level 10 (which can be done at a player level minimum of 14), we recommend building your second base near ore ASAP.

Here are three examples of good ore bases:

Near Chillet Boss and the Fort Ruins (Coordinates: 156, -394)

First up is a location that is near Chillet, the first boss you will likely encounter. Its closest waypoint is the Fort Ruins.

chillet base location with arrow

If you’re looking to establish an ore base as fast as you can, this is a good choice due to its proximity to the starting spawn area, the first Syndicate tower, and other early-game zones.

base location near chillet

Due to it being on high ground, it is very defensible, but it is a bit cramped so it can be difficult to build around or use large pals.

Near Kingpaca Boss and the Desolate Church (Coordinates: 67, -402)

Our second example is right behind the Desolate Church to the east of the first Syndicate tower and north of the Small Settlement. It’s also just north of the Kingpaca boss.

church base location

If you want to start catching mid-game pals, this offers a good central location in comparison to our previous recommendation which is closer to low-level areas.

There are a ton of ore nodes and plenty of space for larger pals to navigate around as long as you space your base properly.

Note that it can be trickier to defend because it isn’t on high ground, you have entryways on all sides, and it can be weird building walls around structures like the church.

desolate church ore baseSo you might need to invest a bit more resources into defenses, but overall, this base will provide a ton of ore and is a crowd favorite in the Palworld community.

Near Relaxaurus Lux the Sealed Realm of the Thundergod (Coordinates: 256, -361)

Our last example of a great ore base is slightly west of the Relaxaurus Lux boss fight.

mountain grove base location

This one combines the best of both worlds from our first two examples as it is on top of a mountain, making it easy to defend, while also having a lot of flat ground to make seamless for big pals to operate.
mountain grove base

Be prepared for a long flight or hike up, but the journey to the top is worth it. If you haven’t moved your first base from the starting area, this is a great place to relocate to.

If you’re transitioning from the high-level 20s to the low-level 30s, all you have to do is head west to start finding pals of levels 30-40s.

General Ore Base Note

Once you get two ore bases up and running you should have enough to basically automate your process.

At base level 15, you can set up your third base, preferably closer to somewhere that has consistent Sulfur.

Or, you can keep your 3rd Palbox in your pocket to have easy access to a waypoint at any time – especially handy if you’re planning to explore the map.

Ore Mining Pals

Something that isn’t easily understood, especially by new players, is that ore can only be mined by pals with at least level 2 Mining.

If you’re following the natural flow of the map, the earliest level 2 Miners you’ll find will likely be Pals like Tombat and Penking.

Tombat can be found at night not too far from the initial starting area, but as a Dark type, you’ll need to search for them at night.

tombat locations map

Tombat will not only help you get ore with level 2 Mining, but also has level 2 in Transporting and Gathering. This makes Tombat one of the best early game pals to get in general.

tombat in game

The other level 2 miner that’s easy to get early on is Penking since it’s another early boss battle, not too far from Chillet.

penking paldeck

Just head north of the first Rayne Syndicate tower until you find the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings.

penking boss location

In addition to level 2 Mining, Penking is also level 2 in Transporting, Watering, Cooling, and Handiwork.

Since it’s a boss (which makes it large) it does have the downside of potentially getting stuck in your base, so make sure to try to keep your base properly spaced if you’re tight on space.

As you progress, whether with eggs or exploration, you can also employ the use of pals like Dumud and Mammorest.

Further down the line, look to upgrade to level 3 Miners like Digtoise and Reptyro.

Efficiency Tips and Tricks

In addition to having the right base location and mining pals, there are some other useful things to optimize your ore production.

Place Feedboxes Near Mining Locations

If you only have one Feed Box for your entire base, you’re severely limiting the efficiency of your pals.

We recommend putting a Feed Box close to your mining area to keep them close rather than having to walk to eat.

feedbox placed close to ore

This will help your pals quickly satiate their hunger and get back to work. You can do this trick for any crucial resources you need!

Use Better Food

Although you can easily make enough berries to keep your pals well-fed, we recommend eventually upgrading the quality of the food in your Feed Box.

This will increase the amount of time between their meals and can even provide additional benefits based on the food.

For example, if you have trouble maintaining the sanity of your pals or want to push the limits of their work with the Monitoring Stand, you can feed your pals Pancakes.

pancake recipe

Pancakes improves your pals’ sanity to keep them and you happy with their work output.

Control Mining Priority

We credit this next Palworld ore tip to u/AceITP from the Palworld subreddit.

If you have a Stone Pit in your ore base, you might have trouble getting your level 2 miners to prioritize ore.

elevated stone pits

The Palworld devs will likely eventually involve mechanics to set priorities for pals, but until then build your Stone Pits elevated with stairs.

This will allow you to delete the stairs at times when you want them to focus on ore. When you want to mix Stone back into the supplies, just add the stairs back.

Build More Furnaces and Upgrade Your Kindlers

Rather than putting a stack of 100 ore into one furnace, consider having multiple furnaces producing stacks of ore at once to get ingots faster.

Be sure to also upgrade to higher level Kindlers like you are with your Miners.

bushi kindling

Some good options around the time you are getting your ore bases up are Bushi and Arsox (check out our cake guide for more info).