Palworld Breeding Guide: Basics, Best Pals to Breed For, and More

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How to Get the Most From Breeding in Palworld

Understanding Palworld breeding really opens up the game to depth and customization. At player Level 19, you can unlock a new technology to build a Pal “Breeding Farm” and it is with this amazing structure that new pals can be created.

More importantly, Pal Passive Skills can be manipulated and bred down and combined, or removed, depending on luck so that a perfect Pal can be created to your liking!

The Basics of Palworld Breeding

The Breeding Farm takes the following resources to build: 100 Wood, 20 Stone, 50 Fiber.

breeding farm

It also requires that you make Cake! See our Palworld Cake guide here.

cake recipe

Depending on what type of Pal you want and how you want to use the Breeding Farm, there are so many ways to go about it.

You can stick to breeding just one type of Pal with its male and female counterparts in order to breed in or breed out specific Passives, but if you want to experiment, try breeding various combinations of different Pals. If you do, this will usually yield an entirely different Pal!

The options are pretty limitless and it all comes down to what your goal is. Do you just need a certain Pal that you haven’t captured yet? Do you have really good Passive Skills on two or more Pals that you want to combine into a superior version of that Pal? Are you just wanting to play around with the options and see what you get?

The Breeding Farm opens up a whole new part of Palworld that exists, other than capturing, defeating Bosses, Dungeoning, etc.

breeding farm in game

Once the decision is made, place both Pals into the Breeding Farm, assigning them, and make sure you have at least two cakes in the Breeding Farm box that can be accessed just to the right of the entrance of the farm.

breeding farm cake box

Placing cakes into this box will also protect the cakes you make, so they do not degrade or disappear.

stored cake in cake box

How to Use a Palworld Breeding Calculator

Choosing to experiment or using a Breeding Calculator in order to produce new Pals is up to you. There are plenty of Breeding Calculators but for our examples, we will use Palpedia.

With this specific Breeding Calculator you can pick Parent A and Parent B and see what the outcome will be. There is also a place to just choose which Pal you want to end up with and it will give you the corresponding pairs of parents which will make a certain Pal.

There is an additional section which is very helpful as well, where you can check off all Pals that you currently have and then choose what specific Pal you want to breed, and after running a calculation, the Palpedia Breeding tool will show you which Pals to breed and in which succession (in the shortest way) to get to the specific Pal desired.

palpedia calculator

Try it at

Note that if you want to catch each Pal blind, this list may offer some potential spoilers

1. Anubis

anubis recommendationAnubis has Handiwork 4 and can assist in building and crafting everything in seconds! He also has Mining 3 and Transporting 2, so working at your Ore camp will be a breeze for your Anubis. In addition to great Work Suitabilities, Anubis is the best Ground type Combat Pals around Palworld. (There are several Parent combinations to get an Anubis, including Bushi and Penking, Vanwyrm and Azurobe, etc.).

2. Fenglope

fenglope ascetic fallsBoasting an early saddle Level of 26, this will be your main ground mount, while Nitewing can deal with the skies. The best part of having this mount is that Fenglope’s speed and double jump feels like flying and it is incredibly fast! (Vixy & Cinnamoth are a great pair to create a Fenglope, or there is an Alpha Fenglope you can capture early on to the west of Ascetic Falls)

3. Faleris

Kindling 3 and Transporting 3 make Faleris a must-have at your base. Until you are able to find a Huge Dragon Egg or capture a Jormuntide Ignis on your own, Faleris will make smelting your ore a breeze and can help bring ore pieces to your storage chest faster.

4. Kitsun

Although it only has Kindling 2, Kitsun is a great addition to your Party as another ground mount since it has a unique ability to protect you from the effects of extreme heat or cold while riding it. It’s also easy to breed by using lower level Parent combinations.

The other great thing about Kitsun is that it can be used later as a very compatible Pal to breed with other Pals and is one of the Parents needed to breed the revered and combat-efficient flying mount – Shadowbeak.

5. Astegon

astegon in game

It may take you a while to get your hands on a Suzaku, but whether you find one in an egg (usually found in the huge desert island in the North East) or you manage to capture one, you can breed it with a Relaxaurus, in order to get the best mid level miner, with Mining 4.

Other than those Pals mentioned above, there is one more recommended – and that is – Shadowbeak.

Combine an Astegon and a Kitsun to create a Shadowbeak – the powerful Dark type flying mount and a favorite Combat Pal that will replace your Nitewing instantly.

How to Breed for Passive Pal Skills

The other way to use the Breeding Farm is to focus on what type Passive Skills for a certain Pal is desired.

This area of expertise requires a lot of experimenting and luck (and LOTS of cake)!

What combinations of Passive Skills should you put on certain Pals?

It is up to you, but ideally, defense and speed type on your mountable Pals, attack & defense on your party fighting Pals, and working speed on your base Pals.

Recommendations would be making your flying and ground mounts more tankier, giving them the Passives Skills like Burly Body, Swift, Runner and Nimble.

While a fighting Pal will more likely benefit from Ferocious, Musclehead, Burly Body and either Hooligan, Brave, or Hard Skin.

A perfect working / base Pal could really use Workaholic, Serious, Artisan, and Work Slave.pengullet splash

Eventually – you may encounter other more powerful Passive Skills like “Legendary” which has Attack +20%, Defense +20%, Movement Speed increases 15% – and this will be a great one to breed into future Pal descendants.

How to Efficiently Pass on Passive Skills

The easiest way to breed the Passive Skills you want onto a new generation of a certain Pal is to make sure the two Pals you are breeding only have two traits each.

This may take some time by selectively breeding other Pals of the same breed, with one of each trait desired into one single Pal.

Then use this Pal to breed with another Pal with another set of two desired traits in order to breed in the FOUR different traits that are desired onto the specific type of Pal that you want as a result of the breeding.

TABLE EXAMPLE: Breeding a Swift, Nimble, Runner, Burly Body Fenglope

Parent A Parent B Child

Vixy – Nimble

Vixy – Runner

Vixy – Runner, Nimble

Cinnamoth – Swift

Cinnamoth – Burly Body

Cinnamoth – Swift, Burly Body

Vixy – Runner, Nimble

Cinnamoth – Swift, Burly Body

Fenglope – Swift, Nimble, Runner, Burly Body

IN DEPTH EXAMPLE: Breeding a Swift, Nimble, Runner, Stronghold Strategist Fenglope

I did not have a Fenglope yet, so I used Palpedia Breeding Calculator to figure out what I needed to breed one.

I needed a Vixy and a Cinnamoth, which was great since I had a couple of those, but I was also thinking about Passive Skills.

female vixySo I took a Vixy with Runner and Stronghold Strategist, and bred it with another Vixy, with just Nimble.

male vixy

After a few clutch of eggs I eventually had a male Vixy with Runner, Nimble and Stronghold Strategist so that I could breed it with a female Cinnamoth that had just Swift.

female cinnamothAgain, after a few egg clutches, I finally hatched a highly desirable Fenglope with Runner – Movement Speed +20%, Nimble – +10% Movement Speed, Swift – +30% Movement speed, and Stronghold Strategist – +10% Player Defense.

bred fenglopeEventually I would like to remove Stronghold Strategist out of the Fenglope line that I have and replace it with Legendary for an additional Movement Speed bonus, but that may be far in the future since I just started my Breeding Pal hobby (lol). The other Passives that are going to be good to look out for are Burly Body or Hard Skin, so that in itself will be an upgrade!

In conclusion

Once you begin to utilize the Pal Breeding Farm, it will definitely take some patience, determination, and a little bit of Pal Passion (hehe) but it is worth it.

Having the ability to gain access to some more powerful Pals early on will help advance your experience and increase productivity in your Pal Party and at your Pal Bases.

Have fun with it and comment below if you found any new combinations or recommend any other traits for specific Pals!