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Mobalytics Discord Community Content Spotlight #1

Hey all! At the end of January we opened submissions for our Discord community to submit their own League of Legends content for us to include in a spotlight blog post. We’ve highlighted some submissions we thought were stand out pieces, and we hope you guys enjoy them as much as we did. – Katelynne Visser, the Mobalytics Community Troll Batrider


Rafizz is an Honorable Community member within our server and he created an everything-you-need-to-know guide for all you beginners here in Season 8. It has accumulated 13k views since December of last year and has received an overall positive response, including from us! Rafizz’s video is almost 30 minutes long, but there is a chapter selection in the video description. Check it out and maybe you’ll learn something new!

Professor RimFrost

If you didn’t understand Evelynn before, you certainly will now! Professor Rimfrost is a Diamond player and is a small Youtuber with 4.1k subscribers, but don’t let that fool you, he certainly deserves more. He’s blessed us all with a well thought out and quality Evelynn guide for Season 8 that’s managed to gain 14.5k views since January. The video is 13 minutes long but there are timestamps in the video description.

Peyton Daily

Peyton Daily is another small Youtuber who focuses on more entertaining content (hey, we’re down for that!). Peyton shows us all how to carry in this well-done video, which also turns out to be his very first attempt on a montage! We think he did great, what about you guys?


Special Mentions

We received several more submissions from some of our other community members that we liked and still wanted to include in our spotlight, check them out below!

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to show off your work in our next Spotlight, or if you want to talk to any of our community contributors,  join our Mobalytics Discord.