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Marvel Snap Valentine’s Event: Power Couple Decks

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Marvel Snap Valentine’s Day Decks

Marvel Snap has done something new with their latest update, adding a new keyword, “Power Couple” with their latest Valentine’s Day Event. Instead of usual balance patches, this patch brings an “Imbalance Patch,” granting a temporary buff to certain pairs of cards to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Character couples from Marvel Snap will now have bonuses when played together. This event is currently live and will run until February 20th (10 AM PST).

It’s very possible that some of these changes will affect our Tier List, but for now, here’s a look into every Power Couple and some decks for each.

How it Works: Power Couple

“Power Couple” is a new temporary keyword that will appear on certain cards. This keyword will grant a Power buff to the complimentary card when played. Here’s an example:

  • Daredevil: +2 Power Couple: She-Hulk
  • She-Hulk: +2 Power Couple: Daredevil

In this example, the Power Couple is Daredevil and She-Hulk. When you play Daredevil, She-Hulk will gain +2 Power regardless of where she is. Similarly, if you play She-Hulk, Daredevil will then gain +2 Power.

This effect will also work if you have copies of a card. If you play Moon Girl to have two copies of She-Hulk in hand, Daredevil will grant +2 Power to both She-Hulks. However, playing both She-Hulks will not grant Daredevil +4 Power, only +2. The Power Couple keyword will only trigger the first time you play the card.

Marvel Snap Power Couples Ranked

Here’s a list of all of the Power Couples and my impression on how good they will be. Use the Sidebar to jump to each Power Couple for some deck ideas.

  • S – Vision & Scarlet Witch: +1 Power
  • S – She-Hulk & Daredevil: +2 Power
  • A – Captain America & Agent 13: +2 Power
  • A – Invisible Woman & Mr. Fantastic: +2 Power
  • A – Gambit & Rogue: +2 Power
  • B – Miles Morales & Ghost-Spider: +1 Power
  • B – Angela & Sera: +1 Power
  • B – Black Panther & Nakia: +1 Power
  • B – Iron Man & Rescue: +1 Power
  • B – Star-Lord & Gamora: +1 Power

S – Vision & Scarlet Witch: +1 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Vision Scarlet Witch

Of all the Power Couples, Vision and Scarlet Witch is one of my favorites in terms of meta. Vision sees play in any Lockjaw deck, and Scarlet Witch is a strong tech card that can easily replace a card like Jeff or other 2-Costs.

While most players prefer Quake over Scarlet Witch, having +2 Power when playing both is nothing to scoff at. Compared to other Power Couples, these two are very easy to slot into some decks.

Thanos Lockjaw Deck Power Couple (Vision & Scarlet Witch)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Thanos Deck

This first deck is a simple inclusion of Scarlet Witch. We simply took Jeff out of the standard Thanos Lockjaw list and replaced him with Scarlet Witch. Overall, I do think Jeff is the better card, as if he comes out of Lockjaw, you can still move him to another location.

However, Scarlet Witch does provide some flexibility early to get rid of unfavorable locations. She can also be played on turn 6 if you play Wave on turn 5, allowing you to play something like Blob/Magneto + Scarlet Witch.

Janejaw Deck Power Couple (Vision & Scarlet Witch)

Marvel Snap Power Couple JaneJaw Deck

This second deck achieves the same thing, except in the Thor Lockjaw version. This deck definitely fits Scarlet Witch better than the Thanos version, as you’re still putting high Power in other locations with Thor and Beta Ray Bill.

S – She-Hulk & Daredevil: +2 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple She-Hulk Daredevil

The other Power Couple I think deserves the S-tier is She-Hulk and Daredevil. She-Hulk already sees play in SheNaut decks, and adding Daredevil to that deck does not require much downside. You will lose consistency if you replace a card like Jeff, but Daredevil can have upside as well.

Assuming you’re able to play both, you’ll end up with an additional 4 Power on the board, which is an incredible buff. You won’t always be able to play both cards in every game, but it’s still noticeable.

SheNaut Deck Power Couple (She-Hulk & Daredevil)

Marvel Snap Power Couple SheNaut Deck

This next deck is another meta deck with an easy substitution. Decks will often run Shocker instead of Daredevil, as he evolves with High Evolutionary and can discount one of your cards.

However, I wouldn’t consider Daredevil much of a downgrade. You can learn key information on turn 5, possibly letting you allocate your cards in better spots. Even still, Daredevil isn’t particularly amazing in this deck, as you largely want to just play Leech regardless of what your opponent does.

She-Hulk Moon Girl Deck Power Couple (She-Hulk & Daredevil)

Marvel Snap Power Couple She-Hulk Moon Girl Deck

This next deck looks to accomplish a similar thing to the High Evo list, but instead looks to play Moon Girl and the Zabu engine instead. This gives the deck some wiggle room to be reactive, while also having a strong main game plan.

You’re also able to potentially get a total of +6 Power through the Power couple if you are able to Moon Girl your She-Hulk and play both.

A – Captain America & Agent 13: +2 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Captain America Agent 13

This Power Couple is the one I believe to be the most unassuming. Captain America doesn’t see play in the current meta, but Agent 13 does see some play in either Devil Dinosaur or Loki decks.

Captain America can sometimes be a 3/5, which isn’t amazing, but once again, having +4 from playing both provides a ton of value. In a perfect world where you have 4 cards with Captain America and +2 from Power Couple, he results in a 3/8 which is Gladiator levels of Power.

This combo isn’t an easy replacement into meta decks, but for players with smaller collections, this Power Couple is a strong one.

Loki Dino Deck Power Couple (Captain America & Agent 13)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Loki Deck

This deck looks to make use of Agent 13 and Captain America to get extra Power on the board. Maria Hill is generally preferred to Agent 13, but the upside potential is there.

With a lot of low-cost cards, Captain America can easily become 3/5 Power, and goes up to 3/7 with Agent 13. Similarly, Agent 13 being a 1/4 with Captain America is quite powerful.

The rest of the deck is a standard Loki list with things like Snowguard, Quinjet, etc. You can also look to make this deck entirely based around Devil Dinosaur if you don’t have Loki.

A – Invisible Woman & Mr. Fantastic: +2 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic

Once again, we have another strong combination with +2 Power Couple. Mister Fantastic is already 3/6, and Invisible Woman has niche but strong uses.

The go to synergy would be to add these two into a Surfer deck to run things like Killmonger behind Invisible Woman. Another potential combo with Invisible Woman is Absorbing Man + Doctor Doom.

This is simply another strong combination of two value cards that can easily slot into decks. Before getting into decks with this Power Couple, let’s talk about the next Couple.

A – Gambit & Rogue: +2 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Gambit Rogue

Up next, we have Gambit and Rogue. While Gambit doesn’t really see play outside of Discard decks, he can definitely see play in Surfer decks along with the Invisible Woman/Mister Fantastic Couple above. Rogue is a strong tech card that depends on the meta, so she is already a strong addition to many decks.

Overall, the +2 from this Couple is a valuable buff to Power. It can be difficult to fit all of these cards in a deck, so be sure to fiddle with things until it’s at a point you think is strong enough.

Surfer Deck Power Couple (Invisible Woman & Mister Fantastic + Gambit + Rogue)

Marvel Snap Surfer Power Couple Deck

Here we have a Surfer list that doesn’t look to play too much into the power buffing effects or Brood. Instead, we have cards that synergize with Invisible Woman like Killmonger, Gambit (somewhat), and Absorbing Man.

Doctor Doom into Absorbing Man (behind Invisible Woman) is a big 30 Power swing on the final turn that can be an option instead of playing multiple 3-Cost cards.

You can also look to play Surfer behind Invisible Woman, or double up on Surfer’s effect with Absorbing Man.

B – Miles Morales & Ghost-Spider: +1 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Miles Morales Ghost-Spider

Up next, we have Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider. Ghost-Spider does see some niche play in Move decks or Phoenix Force decks, but Miles Morales has become less popular in recent months.

Even still, a dedicated Move deck can make good use of the extra Power. This Power Couple isn’t particularly amazing, but it’s definitely not bad.

Move Deck Power Couple (Miles Morales & Ghost-Spider)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Move Deck

This deck is a somewhat Standard Move list. The deck can definitely put good Power on the board, but there isn’t too much room for tech cards. Heimdall can be played around, but you can definitely still surprise some opponents between Heimdall and Magneto.

B – Angela & Sera: +1 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Angela Sera

Let’s move onto the B tier couples. These couples I find to be ok, but not amazing. They can definitely function in a deck, but I think they just have more weaknesses compared to other decks or strategies.

Angela and Sera used to go hand in hand in Sera tech decks. However, with the past nerf to Angela, she simply doesn’t gain enough Power to be worth running. With a full location of 4 cards, Angela will only reach 2/5, and that already forces you to play 4 cards in one location. Furthermore, drawing Angela late reduces her value a lot.

Sera is arguably one of the best decks in the game right now, but those decks don’t run Angela. They instead opt to run simpler high-stat cards like Maximus and Gladiator.

Sera Monkey Deck Power Couple (Angela & Sera)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Sera Deck

If you really want to play Angela and Sera, you can play a blast from the past with Sera Hit-Monkey. The Power of this deck is much less than what it was in the past, but it can definitely still win games.

B – Black Panther & Nakia: +1 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Black Panther Nakia

Up next we have another synergy with Black Panther and Nakia. Unfortunately, in the current meta, these two cards aren’t generally played together. You’ll see Nakia in Surfer decks with the likes of Sebastian Shaw, Brood, Absorbing Man, but not Black Panther.

Similarly, Black Panther is largely used in combination with Arnim Zola to quadruple his Power. That combination is simply more efficient and consistent than trying to use multiple smaller buffs on Black Panther.

Because of this, I don’t see this Power Couple seeing much play unfortunately.

Black Panther Control Deck Power Couple (Black Panther + Nakia)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Control Deck

This deck leans into playing a bunch of the buffing cards like Okoye, Forge, Nakia, and America to buff up Black Panther. On turn 6, you can then Arnim Zola to have two big Black Panthers in two lanes.

However, that strategy is very susceptible to Shang-Chi, so we also have Control tools like Storm in the deck. Grand Master can also let you do some tricky things by moving Black Panther or doubling up on Shang-Chi.

B – Iron Man & Rescue: +1 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Iron Man Rescue

Moving on, let’s talk about Iron man and Rescue. Iron Man has often been splashed into decks as a strong turn 5 play to overpower one location, leading to another strong turn 6 to close the game.

He also has a strong role in Tribunal decks that look to scale Power up extremely high with things like Onslaught and Mystique. Unfortunately, Rescue doesn’t really make sense in these Tribunal decks as a 1 or 2 increase in Power doesn’t really affect a combo that multiplies Power in the hundreds.

On the other hand, Rescue sees virtually no play in the meta. A 4/9 is quite competitive in terms of Power, but she forces you to play a card into her location on turn 5, severely limiting your options. Compared to other cards like Sentry, Cull Obsidian, or even Crossbones, Rescue has seen virtually no play for a long time now.

Because of this, I don’t see this Power Couple doing much in the coming meta. If you play Rescue on turn 4 and Iron Man on turn 5, you are able to put 22 Power into one location, but that’s still a very heavy investment into only one location.

Tribunal Deck Power Couple (Iron Man & Rescue)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Tribunal Deck

This deck is simply a standard Tribunal list that shoves Rescue in. For this list, I replaced Iron Lad (you can also replace Ms. Marvel). While this deck likely still functions and can do well, I don’t see a reason that Rescue should take a spot over Ms. Marvel, Jubilee, or Iron Lad.

If you’re missing Iron Lad or Ms. Marvel, you’re likely better off playing a card like Cosmo than Rescue. Regardless, if you simply want to play with the new Power Couple, you definitely can and can still do well. I just wouldn’t consider it ideal.

B – Star-Lord & Gamora: +1 Power

Marvel Snap Power Couple Star-Lord Gamora

Lastly, we have the Guardians of the Galaxy Couple, Star-Lord and Gamora. If we’re talking about the meta, these two cards see very little play. There are some niche decks that run things like Alioth, Daredevil, Nebula, or Storm to pair with the Guardian cards.

Overall, I find it difficult to expect this couple to see play. There are niche Guardian decks that can take you to Infinite, but in the larger meta game, I don’t envision this deck seeing major play.

Guardian Deck Power Couple (Star-Lord & Gamora)

Marvel Snap Power Couple Guardian Deck

This Guardians list is very similar to the many other Control lists floating around. Daredevil synergizes with both Professor X and Gamora, and Storm can also help you lock down a location. Alioth can be an easy game winner if you have priority, Shang-Chi can help blow up big enemy cards, and Nebula also synergizes with Storm/Professor X.

The rest of the deck simply fills up on Guardian cards to gain bonus Power if you can predict where your opponent will play. Nebula and Storm can help you do this, with Daredevil guaranteeing it on turn  5.

Closing Words

All in all, the new Valentine’s Day update is looking to be a fun time to play Marvel Snap. The new Power Couples will incentivize players to try new things, allowing for a more varied play experience. We covered just a deck or two for each couple, but there are plenty more things to try out.

This can also be an exciting time for newer players, as a lot of the Series 1, 2, and 3 cards are getting some love with the Power Couples.

Hope this guide helped you out a bit, good luck in your games, and snap away!

Be sure to check out our Tier Lists for our current rankings on Marvel Snap decks and cards.

Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!