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Marvel Snap: Mobius Decks and Synergies

How to Play Mobius M. Mobius in Marvel Snap

Welcome to another installment in our series where we cover new card releases and how to use them.

Mobius is one of the most interesting additions to the game in a long time. The hype is quite high for Mobius. He may become a 2-cost staple, or the meta may evolve to a point where he’s only seen some of the time. Either way, on release, expect to see him everywhere.

While he doesn’t necessarily enable new archetypes in Marvel Snap, he will likely change the meta quite a bit. It’s more about what decks can play around Mobius, rather than what decks Mobius enables.

Let’s get right into the guide.

Mobius M. Mobius Effect

Marvel Snap Mobius

Ongoing: Your Costs can’t be increased. Your opponent’s Costs can’t be reduced.

Mobius Synergy

Mobius is weird to evaluate. Usually, I will go over cards that synergize well with the the new release. However, in the case of Mobius, it’s more useful to go over what cards he stops from the opponent.

Mobius is incredibly powerful at protecting your own deck, while also stopping your opponent from reducing card costs. So for now, instead of going over synergies, I’ll briefly cover examples of cards he hates out of the meta.

Sera / Zabu / Loki

Marvel Snap Sera

Ever since Loki came out, Sera and Zabu weren’t really seen much in the meta. Loki simply fulfilled the cost reducing archetype in a much more proactive and efficient engine. With Mobius released, these decks are even less likely to show up in the meta.

While Mobius can help counter Loki decks, it won’t really hate him out of the meta. Collector Loki will still do very powerful things, and if they copy your own Mobius on turn 4, they can still play it on turn 5 to further reduce their costs.

Mister Negative

Marvel Snap Mister Negative

Mister Negative is quite a fun deck, but hasn’t really been at the top of the meta in a long while. With Mobius out, you can basically say goodbye to Mister Negative.

While your Negative cards can still be decent (like a 5/5 Iron Man or 3/3 Mystique), it will severely hurt the deck’s potential. As such, Negative decks will likely take a back seat until Mobius falls off (if that even happens).


Marvel Snap Wave

Wave is another popular card that sees play in a variety of decks. She can be used to stop Bounce or Swarm decks from playing a lot of cards on turn 6. She can also be used to cheat out a 6-cost card early in the game. If you play a 4-cost Hulk on turn 6, you can use that extra 2 Energy for Sunspot to soak up.

Unfortunately for Wave, both of these effects are stopped by Mobius. Wave was a very common tech card to use when the meta is filled with swarming decks like when Bounce or Sera Monkey was popular. With Mobius in the meta now, those decks will have much more free reign to make a comeback.

Other Affected Cards

I won’t cover every single card that’s affected by Mobius. I mainly covered the most important ones above. Here’s a quick list of other cards that will be disrupted by Mobius.

  • She-Hulk
  • Swarm
  • Beast
  • Death
  • Stature
  • Iceman
  • Quinjet
  • Ravonna Renslayer
  • Miles Morales

Unaffected Decks

I’ll quickly give a rundown of some deck examples that don’t care about Mobius’ effect. There certainly are more decks that don’t care about Mobius, but here’s a quick rundown off the top of my head.

  • Shuri Sauron / Shuri Nimrod
  • Galactus (except Wave)
  • Hela
  • Cerebro
  • Move Midrange (except Miles Morales/Wave)
  • Patriot Brood
  • Lockjaw

Mobius Decks

For this section, I’ll be mainly going over some decks that synergize with Mobius.

Keep in mind that these decks are all first impressions, so things can definitely change rapidly. As new discoveries are made with Mobius, I will be updating our Full Tier List, rather than update this article.

As previously mentioned, Mobius doesn’t necessarily point you toward a certain deck. You mainly want to play a deck that isn’t countered by Mobius. At which point, you can use Mobius as a tech card against other decks.

For example, you can throw Mobius into your Lockjaw list. This will make it so Wave doesn’t hit you on turn 6 when you want to drop a Wasp in the Lockjaw lane. The same can be said for Patriot, Hela, Cerebro 3, Shuri, etc. However, if everyone else is playing Mobius, you can just play a deck that doesn’t care about Mobius, save 3000 tokens, and call it a day.

That being said, there’s one main deck I’m excited to include Mobius into, and I’ll go ahead and share that below.

Miracle Monkey

Marvel Snap Miracle Monkey


First of all, let me say I don’t love the name of the deck, but it’s what I’m working with now. This deck was inspired by a list shared by Glenn Jones (Second Dinner developer). The list only differs by a card or two, because the main engine works so well.

The original issue with this deck was that Wave could sometimes hard counter your deck. While you can definitely play around Wave in Conquest by playing out cards on turn 5, it still isn’t a guarantee you’ll win.

With Mobius in the deck, you don’t have to worry about virtually any tech card. Wave won’t stop you from playing out your hand, you usually don’t have priority to avoid Shang-Chi, Luke Cage stops Shadow King, and the list goes on.

Furthermore, Elsa Bloodstone, the October Season Pass card, looks like a great fit for this deck. (Although idk what to cut, the list is quite tight)

I’ve been having a blast playing this deck both in ladder and Conquest (sitting around 3k Infinite), and it’s a good time. Just be wary of junk decks or bad locations cause those will ruin your fun.

Other Mobius Deck Archetypes

I don’t have too much experience in other deck archetypes with Mobius, so I’ll list off some ideas that you can run with.

  • Ongoing Mobius w/ Jean Gray, Spectrum, etc
  • Cerebro 3
  • Doom Wave (if you Mobius and Wave, you can play a 6-cost reduced to 4 and another 2 drop)
  • Sera Control (just hope they don’t have Mobius or you can Rogue/Enchantress it)
  • Kitty Shuri (Can potentially overtake Shuri Sauron as the preferred deck as you are less vulnerable to Wave now)

Mobius Counters

Everyone seems to be on the same page about the two “counter” cards for Mobius. I say counter loosely because it isn’t really a perfect counter.


Marvel Snap Rogue

As with any Ongoing card, Rogue and Enchantress can technically counter them. If you’re playing a Sera or Zabu deck, you can Rogue/Enchantress the enemy Mobius to get your cost reduction back.

HOWEVER, what do you do if they just play Mobius on turn 5? Or you don’t draw into Rogue/Enchantress, or you draw into them but they don’t play Mobius. These cards can help “counter” Mobius, but it just makes your deck less effective in the overall meta.

You can also argue that forcing a Rogue or Enchantress to be played is beneficial for the Mobius player. You’re spending 3 or 4 Energy for a tech card, which have lower Power stats for it’s cost, simply to enact your deck’s main gameplan. You’re neither disrupting your opponent nor being proactive in this situation. (In the dream case you can Rogue/Ench their Mobius on turn 4 and Wave them on turn 5)

I personally don’t think Rogue/Enchantress are a huge deal to Mobius. Will you successfully win some games off it? Yes. But I wouldn’t call them hard counters or anything. They’re simply options if you’re a die hard Sera player or something to that effect.


Overall, Mobius is a very interesting addition to the game. I can’t think of a recent card that invalidates so many different deck archetypes or cards. This card will definitely usher in a new meta for Marvel Snap, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Cost Reduction has been one of the most powerful effects in Marvel Snap for a long time. With Mobius in the game, maybe we’ll see more decks go back to simpler synergy based game plans. I just hope there’s some solution for decks like Negative or She-Hulk to be playable in the future.

Hope this guide helped you out a bit, good luck in your games, and snap away!

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Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!