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Best Budget Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (Series 3 Only)

Best Marvel Snap Decks (Series 3 Only)

Collector’s Tokens are the hardest resource to acquire for most players.

The way the system is built, you get more value out of your tokens if you buy Series 3 cards from the shop. This is because the sooner you complete Series 3, the more tokens you get from the collection track.

While cards like Thanos, Kang, and Galactus are all very good cards to buy, filling out a collection of Series 3 cards can be more fun as you get to play more things rather than save up for an eternity.

While Series 3 only decks usually aren’t the best decks in the meta, a lot of them can perform very well, being Tier 3 or even Tier 2 on our full Tier List.

Let’s cover all of the best Series 3 only decks that you can play.

Table of Contents

  • Patriot – S
  • Deathwave – S
  • Lockjaw Discard – S
  • Lockjaw Thor – S
  • Sera Control – S
  • Electro Ramp – S
  • Dino – S
  • Good Cards – S
  • Moon Magik – A
  • Cerebro 2 – A
  • Zoo – A
  • Junk – A
  • Ongoing Destroyer – A
  • Negative – B
  • Bounce – B
  • Movement – B
  • Wong On Reveal – B
  • Hela – B
  • Agatha – C

Marvel Snap Series 3 Deck Tier List


For most tier lists, I will try to avoid being too predictive or showing personal opinions/tech options I may choose to run.

Furthermore, the order within the tiers are somewhat ordered, but also shouldn’t be looked into too heavily. As we refine the list, we’ll try our best to order within tiers.

Credits to marvelsnapzone for their deck builder and images sourced from their website.

Lastly, this tier list doesn’t go too much into variations of archetypes. There are lots of variations that attack the meta well, this is just an overarching look at the common Series 3 decks.

Patriot – S

Marvel Snap Patriot Deck

Patriot Decklist

  • 1-cost: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight
  • 2-cost: Shocker
  • 3-cost: Mystique, Patriot, Brood, Debrii, Cyclops
  • 4-cost: The Thing
  • 5-cost: Blue Marvel
  • 6-cost: Onslaught, Ultron


Patriot is, without a doubt, the most common series 3 only deck you will see. The deck is very simple and effective. While it does have it’s counters, the deck can still climb with great consistency due to its consistent gameplan.

There isn’t too much variety in the deck, but the deck is very accessible early in Series 3 once you get Patriot. Having more Series 3 cards like Ultron, Mystique, Debrii, and Brood will help, but some of them are replaceable.

Deathwave – S

Marvel Snap Deathwave Deck

Deathwave Decklist

  • 1-cost: Squirrel Girl, Iceman, Yondu
  • 2-cost: Bucky Barnes, Carnage
  • 3-cost: Killmonger, Wave, Deathlok
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi
  • 5-cost: Aero
  • 6-cost: She-Hulk, Death


Deathwave is not a super common deck anymore, but the deck is still quite good. Playing Wave on 5 will disrupt other decks that want to play multiple cards, and you can slam down a Death + Aero or a Death + Shang-Chi to close the game.

Deathwave will do best when there is less Armor and Cosmo in the meta, so look to play this deck in those situations.

Lockjaw Discard – S

Marvel Snap Lockjaw Discard Deck

Lockjaw Discard Decklist

  • 1-cost: Sunspot
  • 2-cost: Morbius, Wolverine, Swarm, Colleen Wing
  • 3-cost: Lockjaw, Lady Sif, Sword Master
  • 4-cost: Dracula
  • 5-cost: M.O.D.O.K.
  • 6-cost: Apocalypse, America Chavez


Discard was revitalized a little bit with the Modok season pass, but the deck was prevalent many seasons ago. If you don’t have Modok, you can still run Hell Cow and find decent success with this deck.

While the deck may not be consistent, it can still output a ton of points on all 3 lanes, making it a solid option for decks without too many Series 3 cards.

Lockjaw Thor – S

Marvel Snap Lockjaw Thor Deck

Lockjaw Thor Decklist

  • 1-cost: Wasp, Sunspot
  • 2-cost:
  • 3-cost: Lockjaw, Thor
  • 4-cost: Jubilee
  • 5-cost: Leech, Vision, Jane Foster
  • 6-cost: Doctor Doom, America Chavez, Magneto, The Infinaut


Thor based Lockjaw decks have also been around for a long time, but the addition of Leech really brought this deck up a level. You will need a good amount of Series 3 cards for this deck, but it’s a solid option with a decent amount of flexible cards.

Sera Control – S

Marvel Snap Sera Control Deck

Sera Control Decklist

  • 1-cost: Nova
  • 2-cost: Angela, Armor, Sentinel, Mysterio, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Bishop, Cosmo, Killmonger
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Enchantress
  • 5-cost: Sera
  • 6-cost:


Sera control is another deck that doesn’t require too many Series 3 cards. Mysterio is an optional card, so Sera is the only real necessity. The deck does get better the more you adapt it to the current metagame. However, at it’s base, the deck is very flexible and can win a lot of games if you can counter opponents with your tech cards.

Electro Ramp – S

Marvel Snap Electro Ramp Deck

Electro Ramp Decklist

  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Ebony Maw
  • 2-cost:
  • 3-cost: Electro, Wave
  • 4-cost: Jubilee
  • 5-cost: Leech, Sandman, Aero
  • 6-cost: Doctor Doom, Odin, America Chavez, Magneto


Electro Ramp is on the uptick ever since the Sandman change. You will need to retreat a good amount if you don’t find your ramp cards (Electro/Wave), but when you get Electro on 3, you can do very powerful things.

Dino – S

Marvel Snap Dino Deck

Dino Decklist

  • 1-cost: Iceman, Quinjet
  • 2-cost: Armor, Sentinel, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Mister Fantastic, Cosmo
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Moon Girl, White Queen
  • 5-cost: Devil Dinosaur, Aero
  • 6-cost:


Dino is simply one of the best cards at every stage in the game. The card is powerful from Series 1 all the way to the end of collection track. There are also a lot of good cards that synergize with Dino that are available in every Series. This makes Dino one of the best cards to play throughout the game.

Good Cards – S

Marvel Snap Good Cards Deck

Good Cards Decklist

  • 1-cost: Iceman
  • 2-cost: Scorpion, Armor, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Mister Fantastic, Maximus
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, White Queen
  • 5-cost: Devil Dinosaur, Leech, Aero
  • 6-cost: Magneto


Good Cards and Dino often go hand in hand because the decks can become quite similar. For the most part, Good Cards focuses less on Dino synergy (Sentinel/Moon Girl) and more on the best cards for their energy cost. If you can get ahead early in the game, a Leech can shut down your opponent, or a timely Magneto/Aero on Turn 6 can also win the game.

Moon Magik – A

Marvel Snap Moon Magik Deck

Moon Magik Decklist

  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Iceman, Titania
  • 2-cost: Scorpion, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Mister Fantastic, Cosmo
  • 4-cost: Moon Girl
  • 5-cost: Magik
  • 6-cost: She-Hulk, The Infinaut


This deck looks to extend the game to turn 7 with Magik, and use a combination of She-Hulk and The Infinaut to slam a bunch of points down. If you can Moon Girl the She-Hulk, you’re looking at 40 points on Turn 7 (potentially 45 if you have Titania). Since you’re skipping on Turn 6, you’re less vulnerable to Shang-Chi as you likely won’t have initiative, and Sunspot can soak up that 6 energy for a nice point bonus.

Cerebro 2 – A

Marvel Snap Cerebro 2 Deck

Cerebro 2 Decklist

  • 1-cost: Iceman, Nightcrawler
  • 2-cost: Daredevil, Goose, Mister Sinister, Scorpion
  • 3-cost: Cerebro, Mystique, Brood, Mister  Fantastic, Storm
  • 4-cost:
  • 5-cost: Blue Marvel
  • 6-cost:


Cerebro is somewhat another flavor of Patriot, although a bit less flexible. This is due to many locations ruining the Cerebro synergy. Any location that lowers or buffs power will ruin the Cerebro buff, so Storm is an important inclusion to fix locations.

Overall, Cerebro 2 can be fairly consistent, but just falls a bit behind a deck like Patriot.

Zoo – A

Marvel Snap Zoo Deck

Zoo Decklist

  • 1-cost: Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl, Sunspot, Iceman, Nightcrawler
  • 2-cost: Angela, Armor
  • 3-cost: Bishop, Cosmo
  • 4-cost: Ka-Zar
  • 5-cost: Blue Marvel
  • 6-cost: Ultron


Zoo is arguably the best deck in Series 1, and in Series 3, the deck can still do quite well. Killmonger will always be an issue, but Killmonger becomes less rampant in Series 3 than in Series 2. Like Patriot, the deck  just looks to swarm the board and compete in all 3 lanes. Like other decks in this tier, it can be consistent, but lacks any counter potential and also has it’s own weaknesses (like Killmonger and Enchantress).

Junk – A

Marvel Snap Junk Deck

Junk Decklist

  • 1-cost: The Hood, Korg
  • 2-cost: Black Widow, Luke Cage, Carnage, Hazmat, Viper
  • 3-cost: Green Goblin, Debrii, Polaris
  • 4-cost:
  • 5-cost: Spider-Woman, Doctor Octopus
  • 6-cost:


Junk is a deck that was popularized by Ben Brode. The deck simply looks to use all of the cards that fill up your opponent’s board. This can be very detrimental to decks that need board space, or it can help them if they’re playing Patriot and buff their rocks.

The deck does see some innovation, and can be a strong anti-meta pick, but overall, the deck isn’t quite as consistent or as powerful as the options above.

Ongoing Destroyer – A

Marvel Snap Ongoing Destroyer Deck

Ongoing Destroyer Decklist

  • 1-cost: Ant-Man
  • 2-cost: Armor, Colossus, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Mister Fantastic, Captain America, Cosmo
  • 4-cost: Warpath
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, Professor X
  • 6-cost: Spectrum, Destroyer


Ongoing Destroyer is a deck that is extremely accessible. Destroyer is the only Series 3 card in the deck, and it is perfectly viable with only Destroyer. It follows a simple game plan of win a lane with Armor/Professor X, and use Destroyer to win another lane. However, as stronger cards are in Series 3+, it becomes difficult for Destroyer to win a lane on his own. Even still, the deck is accessible, and fairly  powerful.

Negative – B

Marvel Snap Negative Deck

Negative Decklist

  • 1-cost: Sunspot
  • 2-cost: Psylocke, Scorpion
  • 3-cost: Ironheart, Mystique, Wolfsbane
  • 4-cost: Mister Negative, Jubilee, Wong
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, White Tiger, Blue Marvel
  • 6-cost:


Unfortunately, Negative is one of the worst performing decks in the game. Even at higher collection levels with stronger cards. However, the deck does have a lot of potential in surprising opponents. This makes Negative a good deck at winning 8 cubes, but you may find yourself losing more cubes than gaining.

The Negative strategy with only Series 3 cards is much weaker than with Series 4 cards, but overall, the deck still can do okay.

Bounce – B

Marvel Snap Bounce Deck

Bounce Decklist

  • 1-cost: Iceman, Korg, Nightcrawler
  • 2-cost: Angela, The Collector, Beast, Falcon
  • 3-cost: Bishop
  • 4-cost: Moon Girl, White Queen
  • 5-cost: Devil Dinosaur
  • 6-cost: She-Hulk


Bounce is an archetype that utilizes Beast and Falcon to replay your 1-cost cards. This, when paired with Bishop and Angela, can make them grow into extremely high numbers. Even still, the deck relies heavily on two things. One, you need to find Angela and Bishop early, and two, you need to find Beast/Falcon after playing Bishop/Angela. When you do that, you can be very strong, but otherwise, the deck does falter a bit.

Movement – B

Marvel Snap Movement Deck

Movement Decklist

  • 1-cost: Human Torch, Iron Fist
  • 2-cost: Dagger, Kraven
  • 3-cost: Doctor Strange, Vulture, Polaris
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Miles Morales
  • 5-cost: Aero, Vision
  • 6-cost: Heimdall


Movement is a deck near and dear to me. It was the first deck I used to hit Infinite when I was in early Series 3. While the deck does have a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve, it lacks consistency. It also can be quite difficult to play. While many players will say that Movement is a high skill ceiling deck (which it is), you can also have high success with the decks above, and have an easier time doing it.

Wong On Reveal – B

Marvel Snap Wong On Reveal Deck

Wong On Reveal Decklist

  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Iceman
  • 2-cost: Scorpion
  • 3-cost: Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Storm, Thor
  • 4-cost: Jubilee
  • 5-cost: White Tiger
  • 6-cost: Doctor Doom, Odin, The Infinaut


On Reveal decks are quite strong, and can do very powerful things. Filling up the board with Tigers can win games, and help you access hard to reach locations. However, Wong makes your plays extremely telegraphed, and there are plenty of ways to stop Wong. Cosmo, Magneto, Aero, and many other cards can stop Wong right in his tracks.

Overall, the deck is decent, and when you combo off, you put a lot of points on the board, but the deck is quite fragile.

Hela – B

Marvel Snap Hela Deck

Hela Decklist

  • 1-cost:
  • 2-cost: Morbius, Invisible Woman
  • 3-cost: Lady Sif, Sword Master
  • 4-cost: Dracula, Ghost Rider, Hell Cow
  • 5-cost:
  • 6-cost: Hela, Hulk, Giganto, The Infinaut, Death


Honestly, Hela is a bit of a meme deck. You hide behind Invisible Woman, and on the last turn, you discard your hand and put a ton of points on the board. However, like other decks in this tier, it’s very telegraphed and fragile.

Modok also helps this deck a bit, but overall, the deck isn’t amazing.

Agatha – C

Marvel Snap Agatha Deck

Agatha Decklist

  • 1-cost:
  • 2-cost: Domino
  • 3-cost: Wave, Lady Sif
  • 4-cost: Jubilee, Ghost Rider, Shang-Chi, Enchantress
  • 5-cost: Taskmaster, Captain Marvel, Aero
  • 6-cost: America Chavez, Agatha Harkness


Last up, we have Agatha. Agatha decks are definitely in a tier of it’s own. You can play Wave and Lady Sif to try and dump Agatha on turn 4, allowing you to play on turns 5 and 6, but when you don’t draw them, you have a very rough game.

Your opponent can also check your hand size to see if you’re playing Agatha early and snap on you.

The deck is amusing to play, and it can be nice to have Agatha autopilot, but the deck is definitely in a meme tier of it’s own.


That wraps up just about all of the Series 3 only archetypes, and what the best decks are without including Series 4 or 5 cards. I also chose not to include Battle Pass cards, but those cards can improve or make new archetypes. (For example Zabu in Negative decks).

If you’re early in Series 3, you should simply purchase the cards you want to enjoy. This can be a card that goes in a lot of deck, like Aero, or a card that lets you play a new Archetype, like Mister Negative.

You can save up for powerful Series 4 and 5 cards, or you can look to complete your Series 3 collection faster, both are fine. Just enjoy the game however you see fit, because at the end of the day, it’s still a game.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our other resources for Marvel Snap. These can help you wherever you are in the Collection Track.

Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!